Social Standing

I believe that the proles should be 1-8, Intendants 9-A, and the nobles B+…

3 thoughts on “Social Standing”

  1. The rules are quite clear that the Intendants have soc-A.

    I can understand, and I agree with that there need to be some diversification of the Intendants. Some have better contacts and/or better psionic skills and could be considered to have a higher social standing. Maybe one could divide the social standing in another way…

    Maybe something like this:
    A’ Lowest ranking intendant.
    A” Mid ranking intendant.
    A”’ Highest ranking intendant.

    Another thought:
    The name ending for an Intendant is -iepr
    Maybe the higher ranking intendants could have -ieprav

  2. Okay … my subversion of the rules goes even further …. I don’t agree with the restriction on proles being denied junior officer status (01-03).. I mean in reality .. talent is what it is an worthy proles I think could rise and command at least companies… an example from the real world: in the french Foriegn legion … Foriegners ( read proles) could rise to the rank of Capt. give a high enough IQ and education.. ( almost verbatem from the legions own documents)…

    Don’t get me wrong I am a cannon hound at times… but given some thought … I think that .. ah who cares what I think 🙂 cheers

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