Solomani Rim rotated

Solomani Rim rotated 90 degrees CW

Solomani Rim Sector rotated 90 degrees, so that it matches many other maps which has the coreward direction to the right.

Also added are:
The Local Interstellar Cloud and other nearby clouds. (blue)
The Strömberg Sphere for Sirius and 40 Eridani. (purple)
The Scorpius–Centaurus Association or the Sco OB2 in the lower right corner. (purple)

These Clouds can also be seen at the Galaxy Map site.
10 pc Map
6000 pc Map

Size: 45.8 MB
Version: 1.1
Published: February 9, 2021

Godstar Review

If Hostile is based on the movie Alien, Zozer Game’s Godstar has a lot in common with Frank Herbert’s novel Dune or Free League’s Coriolis game. Of course, it’s neither. There are no sandworms, spice or Icons granting magical powers. The planet Aurelia attracts pilgrims as it has a sentient star that can be consulted (for a large fee). It gives out practical and scientific knowledge, not the meaning of existence. Aurelia is also the centre of administration for the area of space around it. The game is about playing the various people and factions that live on Aurelia. You can include as much as you like about the influence of the Godstar, I thought it was not essential to involve it. Godstar’s a supplement, you need to have a copy of the Cepheus Engine rules (or one of the versions of Traveller) to make best use of the material. The nice thing about this is that even if you don’t want to play in this setting, it’s really good for things to use in other games.

Godstar Cover

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State of the Base

2020, that was a crazy year. I got Covid-19, but I was lucky and was sick for only three weeks.

What has happened at The Base in 2020? A lot of things (and some things that I hadn’t planned to do), but not as much as I had hoped!


The Zhodani Base now has reached over 960 fans at facebook.

I made two starship fonts:

The old Signal GK website (with Classic Character and Animal Generators) was reopened.

Cepheus Journal, a new fanzine was created by the Cepheus Journal Editorial Team with the help of lots of article submissions.

I made a Random Starship Generator.

Sophanet Frigate

Site Stats

The Zhodani Base has about 5200 proper visitors each month. That is a bit better than last year.

The 5 most popular posts on the blog were:

  1. Judges Guild and Fryxgames (new)
  2. Create Your own Hex maps (4)
  3. Spinward Marches upside down (1)
  4. Spherical Space Ships (5)
  5. What makes a subsector popular? (new)

The 5 most popular pages on the blog were:

  1. Generators (3)
  2. Free pdf-files (1)
  3. Random Subsector Generator (2)
  4. Maps and Data (4)
  5. Amber Zone (5)

The 5 most popular search words/phrases for finding the blog were:

  1. traveller rpg blog (1)
  2. zhodani base (2)
  3. traveller rpg pdf (4)
  4. traveller rpg (3)
  5. traveller game pdf (new)

To-do List

My to-do-list has not changed a lot since last year. But I did some other cool things for Traveller and CE in 2020 instead.

  • Run an Amber Zone contest this year. (Let’s do this again.)
  • Write reviews of Science Fiction books and Traveller Products. (I have a huge backlog.)
  • Repost some more stuff from the defunct Traveller Freeport website.
  • Post season 3 of the The adventures of Starship Notorious.
  • Publish the Cepheus Sector.
  • Change theme to make it look more like the Amber Zone website.
  • Do something when the number of facebook followers reaches 1000.
  • Publish Cepheus Störtebeker.
  • Work with Cepheus Journal.
  • Continue with CE generated sectors.

Pulp-O-Mizer State of the Base

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