Traveller Memes

I have made a few Traveller memes in the past. A new facebook group about Traveller memes started recently. There I posted one of my memes and John Watts (from GKG) posted another of my memes.

Both of these memes were about Cepheus Engine.


I made the one above for a post about Cepheus Engine.

cepheus vs. mongoose

The one above was made just for fun. Mongoose had changed the license agreement for the small publishers. Almost all of them started using Cepheus Engine instead.

Just for fun I created a few new Traveller memes for the Traveller meme group. I want to share some of them here at the Zhodani Base as well.


It is called Traveller with double L. Batman thinks that this is very important.


No, landing on Sabmiqys would be quite problematic. Their meson guns and TL-17 weapons will complicate things…

empress wave

The Empress Wave is a weird thing that changes the OTU. There are a lot of strange implications due to the wave. Since it is possible to outrun it, there would be refugees doing just that. Since the Zhodani have made core expeditions, they have known about the wave for a long time.


So what is it? I am happy to say that is a bit of both for me and that I can use maths if I want to.

Virus and Wave

This one is about the ideas used to restart Traveller. I found both ideas rather annoying. The Signal GK adventure was great, but the Virus life form from that adventure and how it later was used to restart Traveller was just weird. Then a galactic psionic wave was used to restart everything again.

This could have been done in so may other ways that would have been more believable. A citizens revolt (a real one, not led by another aristocrat) is one that could have worked.


Research Station Gamma was a good adventure where the PCs met some chirpers and then travelled in a TL-5 submarine. The robots that they met later were a bit silly.


The last one is about what you may think when you zoom in at Traveller Maps.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day 2019

LBB 317Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! We have some Irish themed gaming ideas for you. There are two free pdf files to download.

First some adventure ideas that can be used in the OTU. Irish themed pirates in the Neutral Zone between the (evil) Imperium and the Zhodani Consulate.

Then we want to remind you of the adventures in Eire Subsector that we have posted here before. Eire subsector is set in an ATU.

Both of these pdfs should be seen as a work in progress. If you have any ideas that you want me to add just contact me and we will add them in the version we present next Saint Patrick’s Day.

JTAS kickstarter from Mongoose

JTAS from Mongoose. This looks really good. There will be lots of stuff from the original JTAS from GDW that will be updated. There will also be some new stuff.

Mongoose has delivered some really nice kickstarters in the past. The only thing that worries me is Brexit.

There is a 112 page free preview that can be downloaded now.

One interesting thing in the preview is the Miniphants. In the Mongoose Sword World module they were not described as in the old JTAS #16. But in the preview, the Miniphants have not been changed from the original. That is a good thing. This means that Mongoose is de-canonizing their own (or parts of their own) problematic Sword World module. 🙂

The Baltic Loop

For a game in the not too distant future or maybe for the 2300AD. The Baltic Loop is a vactrain that can travel at supersonic speeds.

Baltic Loop
The distance between the stations are only 2-3 minutes. The train runs in both directions. 4 trains runs in each direction. This means that a new train arrives at the station every 9 minutes.

Adventure hooks:

The Island Games is held on Gotland, Ă…land and Saaremaa. The participants from many other island arrive by air in Helsinki or Stockholm. Now the PCs must help one confused team to go to the correct island using the Baltic loop.

The Baltic Loop is closed down one day to try to set a speed record (and beat the Californian HyperLoop). Agents from the Californian HyperLoop tries to sabotage the record attempt. The PCs must help with the record attempt and stop the Californian agents.

Courland has just become an independent nation. The Latvian flag has to be replaced on every sign at the loop. Latvian agents are trying to sabotage this. Polish agents turn the Courland flags upside down to make them look like the Polish flag. The PCs must stop the Latvian  and Polish agents.

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