5 thoughts on “The Zhodani vs. Impies”

  1. Yeah, well the Zhodani use their psionics to regularly read and alter their non-citizens’ minds! Plus, their “democracy,” if it can be called that, is only open to those who have psionic powers!

    At least in the Imperium any commoner could become a noble.

    Seriously, though, if I could I’d be a Zhodani, whether a Noble, Intendant or Prole.

  2. After some thought, most people seem to prefer the Consulate.

    It is really only the the criminals that are re-educated by the thought police, and in my opinion, that is a much more humane way of threating criminals than in the Imperium.

  3. Well, the consulate is a police state. And police states are great…as long as you’re the ones doing the “policing.”

    Seriously, the Consulate seems pretty flaky once the proles are cut off from their psionic minority rulers. They are so dependent upon them, the proles cannot seem to function without them.

    I know some of you have seroius issues with the “Empress Wave” concept. I guess the main reason why is it reminds everyone here how frail the Consulate way of life really can be.

  4. Yeah, I think the “Empress Wave” is quite silly. It also contradicts canon from classic traveller.

    If You want something that disrupts the stable state of known space, I would suggest a new and massive Hhkar invasion.

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