Deliver Medicine

Patron: Scientist, Doctor, Executive
Required Skills: none
Required Equipment: starship

Players’ Information:
The group is contacted by Roland von Skurken, an executive of the local SuSAG plant. He explains to the group that a terrible (but not deadly) disease has broken out at a nearby mining planet. His R&D team has just developed a cure and a vaccine, and now this needs to be delivered as soon as possible to the unlucky planet. Unfortunately, there are currently no SuSAG ship in the system, so he hopes the group can deliver this, and if possible also help to distribute the cure. The group will be paid Cr. 100,000 for this delivery of 5 tons of cargo, and an additional Cr. 10.000, if they can help distributing the drugs.


Image from CDC. Public Domain

Referee’s Information:
The real reason that SuSAG wants to stop the disease is that they have caused it, but so far only a few local SuSAG employees from von Skurkens R&D department knows that. That is also the reason that they don’t want SuSAG personnel to be connected in any way with distributing the cure.

1. All is as represented, except that at last minute, a medical doctor is boarding the ship. The doctor has come along to help the group deliver the medicine.

2. As 1, but the disease is actually deadly, and among the mining population a few people has already died. The doctor will tell the starport authority about the disease, (but not what caused it) and they will close down the starport until everyone is cured.

3. As 1, but when the ship arrives at the mining planet, they receive a message telling them that they are not allowed to land since the planet is quarantined. The doctor will try to convince the group to land anyway.

4. As 1, except that the disease was not caused by an accident. The miners has been used as guinea-pigs by the SuSAG R&D team.

5, As 4, except that the groups cargo doesn’t contain a cure. It contains a poison that will slowly kill the miners, so that they cannot tell anyone about how they were used. The doctor will try to convince the group that they also has been infected, and need to take the cure.

6. There is no disease. The SuSAG executive is actually helping his friend the mining director to shanghai the group as miners, and to steal their ship.

In all cases the referee should determine the flow of subsequent events.

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