The Restaurant

Patron: Chef, Patriot, Agent
Required Skills: none
Required Equipment: Starship

Players’ Information:
The group is contacted by an elegant gentleman that present himself as Gerhard von Böhlmark. He says that he is a chef that wants to set up a restaurant at Cipango. Gerhard says that he has distant relatives living there that is of German-Solomani origin, although most of the inhabitants are from a Nihon-Solomani origin. Gerhard wants his restaurant to reflect the origin of the inhabitants, who has now grown too used to the Zhodani cuisine. He wants his restaurant to have a German-Nihon fusion kitchen. (He shows the group his proposed menu that includes “Weisswurst mit Wasabi” and “Sushi mit Sauerkraut” etc… On the drink list there are drinks made of sake and rauchbier etc…)

Gerhard needs the groups help with transport of his equipment and 50 tons of frozen and/or conserved foods. At Cipango he also needs help with installing the equipment and also in recruiting some chefs and other staff that he will train, so that his restaurant can develop into a planet wide chain. Gerhard will pay standard cargo fees, and for the extra work he will pay the group an additional Cr. 100,000 bonus.


Image by Thomas S. Public Domain

Referee’s Information:
Cipango was first settled in 356 by a mix of pioneers, traders and farmers from the Imperium. In 423 Cipango and four other worlds in the subsector became members of the Imperium, and Cipango was made the subsector capital. In the second frontier war (615 to 620) Cipango was liberated by the Zhodani Consulate.

Gerhard has obtained a permission for himself to use a psionic helmet. He says that this is to be sure his trade secrets and recipes aren’t stolen.

1. All is as represented, except that the people of Cipango don’t seem to like his food. But Gerhard says that they will eventually get used to it.

2. As 1, but there is also some competition. The competitions doesn’t mix the German and Japanese food.

3. As 2, but the competition are using low quality replicas, and will try to steal Gerhards recipes and products.

4. As 1, except that Gerhard is an Imperial agent whose plan is to show the people of Cipango that they culturally belongs to the Imperium.

5. As 4, except that the restaurants will also serve as a thought shielded meeting place for the resistance.

6. As 1, except that Gerhard is actually a Zhodani agent, trying to show the population of Cipango how much better their new Zhodani culture is.

In all cases the referee should determine the flow of subsequent events.

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