Universal Health Care

Patron: Doctor, Surgeon
Required Skills: none
Required Equipment: Starship

Players’ Information:
The group is contacted by Dr. Annalise Nassline, a young medical doctor affiliated with a large medical center on Pylkan (Foreven 2834). She and her assistant seek passage to several of the less populated worlds in the Urnian Subsector.  They need middle passage for themselves and are traveling with an eight dton sealed standard shipping container.  She explains that the container is a mobile operating theater, and diagnostic lab.  The pair are on a mission of mercy, treating sophants on worlds with inadequate medical infrastructure.

Operating Room

 Image from Department of Defense. Public Domain

Referee’s Information:
All of Dr. Nassline’s target systems are reachable by a starship with J2 capabilities, and most of them by a J1 ship.  As long as the group will be visiting a planet with an estimated population below ten million sophants that she hasn’t visited recently, she will want to book passage.  Only Lune (2537), Urnain (2833), Ipmokymg  (2838), Novoterre (3037), Lorapa (3134), and Shofrete (3232) are outside the scope of her charter.
The cargo container contains labs, operating room, and diagnostic lab.  Sealed tent like structures stored in the container serve as reception, triage, and waiting areas.  Several similar but smaller structures can be set up for quarantine.

She is well versed in standard tramp trader fees, but is not very price sensitive.  She will be more than willing to pay extra, especially if crew members offer to help set up and tear down the structures for her clinic.  She will want to stay on each world for five to ten days.

1. All is as represented.  Dr. Nassline is from a relatively well to do family in Nordicia, one of the major powers on Pylkah, and recently completed her residency.  She has used her family’s influence to obtain a grant and the use of a mobile emergency medical van to provide care to sophants in the subsector.  She expresses a hope to treat more than just battle wounds, and feels the practical experience she gains will help her world more when they finally resolve their differences.  Her mobile clinic is equipped at TL9.

2. Dr. Nassline fled from the Imperium after losing her medical license.  She faces charges from the ethics boards on several worlds to the trailing, and prison sentences on a few.  She has convinced herself that she can save nearly anyone and only takes the most challenging cases.  She cuts corners, telling herself it is necessary to reach the most people with her gift, but the result is that she kills as many as she saves.  Her clinic is equipped at GTL10 (TTL12).

3. As 2, except Dr. Nassline is an absolutely brilliant geneticist.  Her methods are cutting edge, and she seeks to improve the human race, to ‘take them to the next level.’  She is hoping to find a world in the subsector to quietly settle down, and experiment on the local population without Imperial meddling.  Her clinic is equipped at GTL 11 (TTL 14).

4. As 1, but her assistant is a Zhodani agent collecting information, and subtly introducing memes which will guide local communities towards Zhodani ideals in future generations.  Dr. Nassline is oblivious to this behavior.

5. As 4, except Dr. Nassline has been told the memes are pro-Nordicia messages which will draw subsector public support to help her country against Pyllos, which is seen as a puppet of the Imperium.

6. As 1, except the young Dr. Nassline has been identified as having psionic potential, and her assistant has orchestrated her leaving the planet so that she can be more easily manipulated to become a Zhodani agent.

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