The Builder

Required Sills: None
Required Equipment: Starship
Number of Players: 2-6

Players’ Information:
The party is approached by a gang of builders (numbering eight including the leader) who need transport whilst on Urnian/Ovdyo; they have won a contract to refurbish a nobles penthouse and party is asked to transport the gang of burly builders to Urnian/Udika, their materials and equipment to site. They have several tons of equipment (enough to fill the PC’s cargo hold to capacity), including tools, heavy plant gear, bricks and other materials.

If the party asks why they can’t use local construction materials, the lead builder replies that the noble has expensive tastes and specified particular materials for the construction. Examples can be presented to the party, eg. special internal bricks that display soothing, coloured patterns when illuminated.


Image from wikimediaPublic Domain.

Referee’s Information:
1. The job is as described and once the builders are on site, the party will be paid 25,000 Cr once their equipment and materials have been unloaded.

2. As described in 1, except that whilst unloading the equipment, one of the gang is injured. As this could delay the start of the job, the party is asked for additional help to set up the equipment. They are paid an additional bonus of 3000 Cr. The referee may judge for a roll against dexterity to ensure the PCs are not also injured, whilst helping to set up the unfamiliar equipment.

3. As described in 1, but the party is asked if they would like temporary jobs as labourers, as the deadline for completion of the job has been shortened by the noble. They will be paid 200 Cr per day each, players with appropriate electronics skills will get a slightly higher rate of an additional 50 Cr per day.

4. As described in 3, except that one member of the builders gang is an assassin and whilst working on the job, there is an attempt on the noble’s life. The party has the opportunity to stop the attempt and gain favour. The other builders are innocent and will help the party in the capture of the assassin. If the party is successful in their mission, the noble will reward the party with 50,000 Cr and arrangements to service and refuel their ship.

Assassin: UPP AA9987, ex-Scout, Dagger-1, Brawling-1, Rifle-2, Streetwise-1
Weapons - throwing dagger, auto rifle, mesh armour.

5. As described in 3, the builders are actually mercenaries hired to kill the noble. Rather than going in with an all out assault, their approach is to gain access to the site under the guise as builders, which gives them unhindered access to the building. The mercenaries also look at it as an opportunity to steal from the noble before killing him. The party notices something suspicious, or they discover the mercenaries’ plans just before the assassination takes effect.

6. As described in 3, but the builders reveal themselves as freedom fighters fighting against commercial operations which the noble is in charge of, on Udika. The freedom fighters capture the noble and the party is asked to transport them and the noble back to their base elsewhere on Udika, where the noble will be held to ransom. It will be sold to the party as a just cause, rather than a criminal act. It will be up to the PCs to decide on their course of action, accept the ‘builders’ story or attempt to rescue the noble and retain Imperial favour.

Builder NPC     UPP 988766     ex-Army
Jack-o-T -1, Dagger-1, Auto Pistol-1.
Weapons: dagger, auto pistol.

Builder Leader     UPP A88767     ex-Army
Vehicle-1, Leader-1, Blade-1, Auto Pistol-2, Shotgun-1, Tactics-1.
Weapons: blade, auto pistol, shotgun.

3 thoughts on “The Builder”


    Beautifully done, simple, easy to relate to, high potential for adventure with the right game master. I like it. Makes me want to get back into GM’ing with Traveller. Had so much fun 85-87 on the USS Eisenhower (CVN-69), here’s to hampton roads campaign headquarters crew aboard the IKE.

  2. It does look a bit low, but going from one low pop world to another may not attract a lot of passengers and/or cargo. Cr. 25.000 may not be a bad deal.

    More importantly, it is the adventure, not the payment that is interesting. The payment specified is in the “Referee’s Information” and that can always be modified to fit the current situation.

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