Nothing Here Is As It Seems

Patron: Scavenger, Agent
Required Skills: none
Required Equipment: J-2 Starship

Players’ Information:
The group while on Wutubole (Pieplow/0819) are contacted by a salvage company to deliver a hold of supplies to Belt Maginum (Anika/1218) for Cr 200,000. The J-2 route takes them through the Zhodani Consulate. They are advised to skim gas giants and use water in the absence of gas to avoid contact with the Zhodani officials as much as possible.

Milky Way
Milky Way, seen from the Foreven Sector : Picture from wikimedia. Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.

Referee’s Information:
1. The captain and/or any ex-Scouts in the group are advised this is a cover. They need drop a load of probes in each system. These probes will check each system for a lost Scout Cruiser that misjumped and vanished some months previously. They are stored in the cargo and another ship will collect the telemetry some months in the future.

2. As above but in Clamp (Anika/1317) system the players arrive on the very edge of the system and sensors show dead a ship nearby. A large blocky ship of Hiver origin. The cargo bay is open and an exploration team will find 3 low berths smashed into a corner by open hatch as well as some yellow painted metal parts similar to open frame cargo haulers used on space stations and belter ops. The Hiver crew are dead throughout the ship. There are two dead humans aboard in vacc suits one has standard helmet, the other a Zhodani clamshell on deck near them. The non-Zhodani corpse has a dead chronometer indicating date is 1199 Imperial. Dated articles in their staterooms are about a year old.

3. As above but one low berth is on battery power. If opened safely a young lady named Mei Ling is recovered. She was a steward on a large passenger/freighter liner en route from the far Imperium to the Consulate via Fessor. She states the ship was jacked by a large group of men who gassed the passengers and packed them into the low berths they had in cargo bay of liner. After being forced to assist she was put in a berth too. The men were mixed race humans.

4. As above, when the ship lands to water they are contacted by Miriya a deep cover agent of the IISS and Hiver expert from the Rim. She is the only survivor of the liners’ passengers who were lost in the crash of the cargo sled. She was rescued by a Traveller who witnessed the landing in the hills. She is an expert Gunner and will request working passage. She keeps her IISS ID secret.

5. As above. On arrival in Belt Maginum they deliver the cargo and are paid by the contracted factor there. He advises that Miriya and Mei Lings’ ship left some days ago and picked up cargo and no passengers as was booked full, rare coming from the Consulate. There is an archeologist and a Universal Exports agent needing passage to Fessor at double rates.

6. As above, on arrival at Fessor the missing starship is in port. Mei Ling and Miriya would find no familiar crew and a look at passenger/crew list would tell both are still aboard. The crew and most passengers tend to be tall and swarthy.

Referee’s notes:
The Hiver ship were just used by the Zhodani to move the passengers into storage. But a misjump (temporal) accident destroyed the Hiver ship, the instant aging is why two human corpses appear aged. The crew were taken to a camp for holding. The hijackers were plain pirates. The liner is being used to infiltrate agents into the Imperium.

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