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I have made a few Traveller memes in the past. A new facebook group about Traveller memes started recently. There I posted one of my memes and John Watts (from GKG) posted another of my memes.

Both of these memes were about Cepheus Engine.


I made the one above for a post about Cepheus Engine.

cepheus vs. mongoose

The one above was made just for fun. Mongoose had changed the license agreement for the small publishers. Almost all of them started using Cepheus Engine instead.

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Just for fun I created a few new Traveller memes for the Traveller meme group. I want to share some of them here at the Zhodani Base as well.


It is called Traveller with double L. Batman thinks that this is very important.


No, landing on Sabmiqys would be quite problematic. Their meson guns and TL-17 weapons will complicate things…

empress wave

The Empress Wave is a weird thing that changes the OTU. There are a lot of strange implications due to the wave. Since it is possible to outrun it, there would be refugees doing just that. Since the Zhodani have made core expeditions, they have known about the wave for a long time.


So what is it? I am happy to say that is a bit of both for me and that I can use maths if I want to.

Virus and Wave

This one is about the ideas used to restart Traveller. I found both ideas rather annoying. The Signal GK adventure was great, but the Virus life form from that adventure and how it later was used to restart Traveller was just weird. Then a galactic psionic wave was used to restart everything again.

This could have been done in so may other ways that would have been more believable. A citizens revolt (a real one, not led by another aristocrat) is one that could have worked.


Research Station Gamma was a good adventure where the PCs met some chirpers and then travelled in a TL-5 submarine. The robots that they met later were a bit silly.


The last one is about what you may think when you zoom in at Traveller Maps.

3 thoughts on “Traveller Memes”

  1. I liked “new start / citizens revolt” but to be fair to the designers I suspect they may have avoided this option because they were worried it would spark “real world” political disagreement among their customer / fan base. (There was plenty of disagreement about Virus too but at least it didn’t drag folks into “real world” partisan politics.)

    (The “citizens revolt” idea has also been there, in the background, ever since the ~Ine Givar~. Would have been fairly easy for any ref to pick that up in her campaign.)

  2. The Ine Givar were cool, but not enough.

    One other thing that I thought of was the Hhkar. If it was just 10% that returned, and then a few went back with the secret of the jumpdrive, and then the Hhkar arrived en masse with modern ships. That would have been something…

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