Uniwar S by Irem

uniwars startWhen I was 15 years old and spent 3 weeks in Lancashire, there was an arcade game that I liked at the local pub. (That pub didn’t care that I wasn’t 16.)

The game was a lot like Galaxian but had another twist. I the later stages the attackers could drop “spies” that could then attack you from behind. I thought the game was called Alien Spy. Maybe the words “Alien Spy” was printed on the arcade cabinet.

I only found this game one other time. At Tumba-tältet (that was an indoor golf driving range) in Stockholm. Since then I have not seen it.[clear]

Uniwar S level 1Using my Google-fu powers with only that inaccurate name of the game as my only clue I finally found it. It is called Uniwar S. Using an emulator, I could also play it.

The first level is a lot like Galaxian except that all attackers look the same. If you know how to play Galaxian, the first level should be quite easy.

Each ship (called a Super Mosquito in the manual) is worth 20 points. I think you get the same when they are attacking (unlike Galaxian).[clear]

Uniwar S screen 2

When the first level is done, your ship is warped to land combat. (There is a dotted line under your ship.) In level 2 this serves no purpose. The red saucer ships (called a Hovering Attacker in the manual) are fast, but don’t drop many bombs.  They give you 30 points. Just try to avoid the attacking ones, and you should be fine.

The third level is when the game starts to get interesting and original. Here we meet the Demon Flies that gives you 40 points. They drop Spy Aliens that are worth 100 points. The Demon Flies can drop these at any time, but also drops one when they are hit. So, fire twice on each Demon Fly.[clear]

Uniwars S level-4In the fourth level you meet the Rolling Fire. You need to fire at them a lot to kill them. The manual says that “Only a direct hit in the lower part opening can destroy the Rolling Fire.”

The Rolling Fire also drops Spy Aliens. The Spy Aliens will try to kill you by firing an electronic spear through the dotted line. There will never be more than three Spy Aliens. When the Spy Alien has just fired you can safely move over it (if you hurry), In both level three and level four you can remove the Spy Aliens by killing a Killer King, that also will give you “Big points”. Be alert, when you have killed a Killer King, the Rolling Fire will quickly drop three new Spy Aliens.[clear]

Try it! What is your Hi-Score?


[one_half_last]Insert Coin – 5
One Player – 1
Two Players -2

Fire – Left Ctrl
Pause – P
Left – Left Arrow
Right -Right Arrow

Link to game where you can play it in full screen mode.[/one_half_last]

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