Judges Guild and Fryxgames

Judges Guild (known for their Dungeons & Dragons stuff) and Fryxgames (known for Terraforming Mars) have something in common. They are run by persons who post stuff on social media that should be unacceptable.

After hearing about this, I will not buy any games from any of these two companies.

First Judges Guild:

Bat in the Attic

Today I heard of this about Fryxgames:



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  1. There are 3 reasons why a bunch of comments posted here have been deleted.

    1, You may have been drunk, and would never have posted anything that stupid when sober. (Yes, I am that nice.)

    2, I cannot verify who you are. You may be using someone else’s name to discredit them.

    3, This server is placed in Sweden, and according to the law, I am responsible for comments on my site. Those comments may have been illegal.

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