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At this site you can find information and stuff about Traveller and other cool sci-fi games. You can read about and have a look at the maps of the border sectors, Spinward Marches and Foreven Sector, between the two interstellar empires, The Third Imperium and the Zhodani Consulate. You can use generators to produce stuff for your games (or just for fun). You can find or generate maps for your games. You can find lots of adventure ideas.

The Zhodani Base is run by P-O “BeRKA” Bergstedt. Click here for contact information.

BeRKA has been playing Traveller since the early 80’s. BeRKA has been playing all different versions of traveller, but he prefers Classic Traveller. This website (The Zhodani Base) was started in 1994. Anyone can contribute to this website. Just send an e-mail to BeRKA.

Everything at the Zhodani Base is Copyright The Zhodani Base (unless otherwise stated). All your base are belong to us. All rights reserved.

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