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This is the Internet Contact Page, from which you can find out how to get in touch with BeRKA and other traveller fans over the internet.

Social Networking:

At Facebook there is a Zhodani Base fan-page. Currently (Jan 31, 2022) there are 982 Members. There is also a group called Traveller-RPG with 8948 members. There are also some groups and pages by producers of Traveller products. You can also find Marc Miller on Facebook!

At LinkedIn there is a Traveller RPG group that isn’t very active.

At MeWe, you there is a Traveller RPG group with 66 members. There is also a Zhodani Base group with 84 members.
There are a number of other Traveller and CE groups at MeWe as well.

There is a Traveller group at Reddit.


The Traveller Mailinglist (TML) is an excellent mailing list where You can get lots of good ideas from old traveller players, referees and game designers. Before joining, read the TML FAQ. Even if you don’t want to join the TML, read the FAQ. It will be useful in contact with other Traveller fans on the internet.


Current TML Archives

Old TML Archives (2007-2014)  (WaybackMachine)

Oldest TML Archives (1987-2002) (WaybackMachine)

Use BeRKA’s e-mail for private messages to BeRKA.


Forums or Web-Boards are places to post questions, comments and ideas where everyone (or in some cases only logged in members) can see and answer them.

The Coti Discussion Forums is the largest one. This web board has more than 4000 members.

The Mongoose Forums has a Traveller section for the Mongoose version of the game.

The SJG Forums has a Traveller section for the GURPS version of the game.

The SFRPG forum is for used by those who don’t like the moderators of the other Traveller Forums (or have been banned). There are usually some really good discussions here (started by EDG) about exoplanets.

The Cepheus Engine Forum is for all versions of the Cepheus Engine rules.


Garblag Games has some videos of actual play.

Page121 post reviews of old (and new) Traveller products.

Seth Skorkowsky post reviews and gaming tips about Traveller.


SAFCOcast is a really interesting Traveller podcast.

Space Jerks has a Traveller Podcast.

Yahoo E-Groups:

OTEATPE-groups are like Web-Boards with some extra features, like sharing files, and getting e-mail.

Galactic is about the mapping program with the same name.

Traveller TNE is about the TNE (The New Era) version of Traveller.

Traveller T20 is about the D20 version of Traveller.

Traveller Downport is for general Traveller discussions using any rule set.

OTEATP was a PBEM Traveller game using the Yahoo Groups.


There are different types of chats. One of the oldest types is IRC (Internet Relay Chat). IRC uses a network of many servers that are connected together. To connect to an IRC network You can use an IRC-client. Traveller fans from all the world has been using IRC since the 90s.

More info about #traveller @ Undernet.

In the Mozilla Thunderbird mail-client there is also a chat-client that can be used. Select your nick and an Undernet server (e.g. and join #traveller.

Some older chat-logs are saved by the internet archive.



A few important links can be found in the links to the left. <-

TML LandgrabI wish the old TML Landgrab worked better. It was a really cool idea.

The old web-rings for Traveller doesn’t really work very well anymore.

The Traveller Webring
The Traveller ring


If Your Friendly Local Gaming Store (FLGS) doesn’t have what You want, then You can probably find it on the internet.

At Ebay You can search for Traveller stuff in the Sci-Fi roleplaying section. (Buying from Ebay might be insecure…)

At DriveThruRPG you can buy both pdf and print versions of both new and old Traveller products.


Use(less)net is also known as News or NNTP. This is a very old discussion system. In many news groups there are too much spam now, but some news groups are better. There are no pure Traveller news groups (that I know of), but there are some RPG groups that can be useful. (WARNING! Do not post your e-mail address to a news group if You don’t like spam!) Google has archived a lot of the usenet and google has a good search function. It can be interesting to search for old posts about Traveller. In the three groups listed below you can find some posts about Traveller. at Google or at your own NNTP server. at Google or at your own NNTP server. at Google or at your own NNTP server.

BeRKA stopped wasting his time with use(less)net many years ago.

The ZAT-Page for internet Contact!

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