Amber Zone

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Amber Zone is the Travellers’ Aid Society classification for a world which presents a need for caution in dealings and activity.

At this web-site Amber Zone is the adventure section.

The adventures of Starship Notorious:

Adventures in the Foreven Sector:

Nisse’s Adventures:

Halloween Adventure:

Patrons from The Zhodani Base 76 Patrons Writing Contest:

  1. The Hermit (by Matt)
  2. Universal Health Care (by Raz, winner 2009)
  3. Luck Handi (by Jeff)
  4. Drought (by Ewan Quibell, winner 2010)
  5. Zeroster (by Rat Traveller)
  6. Baby Boom (by Ewan Quibell)
  7. Funeral Escort (by Cheesy_Nacho)
  8. A day at the zoo (by Steven Cabral)
  9. The Builder (by Alegis Downport, winner 2011)
  10. Dark Energy (by Gray Pennell)
  11. Sparkly Hoozit (by Library Bob)
  12. Abella Conchita Aguliar Reyes (by crossmlk)
  13. Angry Tweeties (by Jim Vassilakos)
  14. Product Launch (by Chris Holden)
  15. Nothing Here Is As It Seems (by Steven Cabral)
  16. Custom Build (by Library Bob)
  17. Flight of Orphans (by Michael Brown)
  18. The Musician (by Friz)
  19. Tourist Trap (by Greg Videll, winner 2012)
  20. Lost Lamb (by Gordon Horne)
  21. Star Whispers (by Steve)
  22. Renovations (by Library Bob)
  23. Deadly Colours (by Randy)
  24. Edge of Catastrophe (by Norman Pavlov)
  25. Xboat Speculation! (by Gray Pennell)
  26. Annual Maintenance (by Todd Bradley)
  27. The Executor (by Friz, winner 2013)
  28. This Old Drone (by Jim Vassilakos)
  29. Diplomatic Service (by Library Bob)
  30. Prison Broken (by Library Bob)
  31. Chapel Bells Chime (by Library Bob)
  32. Hunting Party (by Library Bob)
  33. Immersion (by Michael Brown)
  34. Software Desperation (by grondak)
  35. The New Messiah (by Alegis Downport)
  36. Treading the Boards (by Michael Brown)
  37. Royal Return (by George Ebersole)
  38. Repair Schedule (by Library Bob)
  39. Those Pesky Kids (by Allan Carpenter)
  40. Idol Fancy (by arbitrary remora and dead scout seven)
  41. The Foreign Agent (by Lluís)
  42. Ferrero Rocher (by Marchand)
  43. Downward (by Library Bob)
  44. The Fringe (by )
  45. The Noble’s Bobble Head Doll (by Marcus Maximus)
  46. Scabs (by Marcus Maximus)
  47. Star Gypsies (by Jason E. McNully)
  48. Prisoner Exchange (by Marcus Maximus)
  49. The Bank Job (by Marcus Maximus)
  50. C.O.D. (by Greg Videll)
  51. The Thing in the Telescope (by Library Bob)
  52. A Mighty Fortress (by Marcus Maximus)
  53. The Oncoming Storm (by Library Bob, winner 2014)
  54. Game Time (by Sifu Blackirish)
  55. Boxing Day (by Marcus Maximus)
  56. Similitude (by Michael Brown)
  57. Elegance Never Forgotten (by Michael Brown)
  58. Salvage! (by Eric Bergmueller)
  59. The Venatorian Club (by Alegis Downport)
  60. The Tumult (by Michael Brown)
  61. The Exile (by Friz)
  62. The Aslan Mercenary Fleet (by Jim Vassilakos)
  63. Sir Robert Williams, Knight (by Flynn)
  64. Idol of the Space God (by Roland Volz)
  65. The Cousin (by Ron Smith)
  66. Madama Butterfly (by Aza)
  67. The Sylan Extraction (by Jim Vassilakos)
  68. Affluenza (by Marcus Maximus)
  69. Hearts and Minds (by Marcus Maximus)
  70. The Hidden Cache (by Marcus Maximus)
  71. Technical Support (by Alegis Downport)
  72. Hewitt’s Hog Rides Again (by KJ Potter)
  73. Hypercognitive (by Michael Brown, winner 2016)

Mercenary Ticket from The  76 Patrons Writing Contest:

  1. SuSAG vs. Slavers (by Jason E. McNully)

Amber Zones from the Amber Zone Contest:

  1. A Walk Through the Valley by Library Bob
  2. A Hostile Takeover by Library Bob
  3. The Spaces Between by Friz, winner 2014
  4. Littul Kittons by Drifter
  5. Undeniable by Jonathan Crocker
  6. Courier Down by Traveller John
  7. Papa Tango One-Niner by Eric Bergmueller
  8. Kellan’s Heroes by Eric Bergmueller
  9. Unit 10 from N… by Eric Bergmueller
  10. One Second to Midnight by Alegis Downport
  11. Honeymoon Cruise by Jonathan Crocker
  12. Sinking Ship by Library Bob
  13. Out of the Frying Pan by Marcus Maxiumus
  14. Welcome to the Grand Illusion! by Eric Bergmueller
  15. A Call to Arms! by Jason Weiser
  16. Lanthanum Hunt by Jim Vassilakos
  17. Rogue Planet by Marcus Maxiumus
  18. Judge Me Worthy by Friz, winner 2015
  19. Prisoner Exchange by Marcus Maxiumus
  20. Aid and Comfort by Library Bob
  21. Wardn Gambits by Meteoric Assault
  22. Theatre of Operations by Michael Brown
  23. Ice Cold on Alexandria by Alegis Downport
  24. Ashfall by Marcus Maxiumus
  25. Peril of the Lord Brisbane by Marcus Maxiumus
  26. Cold Snap Happy by Ade Stewart
  27. Send in the Clones by Marcus Maxiumus
  28. Saving Fluffy by Marcus Maxiumus
  29. The Outer Limits by Library Bob
  30. Big Dam Heroes by Ade Stewart
  31. Foster Welbrook by Friz
  32. Suitcase of Trouble by Steve Stein
  33. A Shot (and a beer) In the Dark by Mark Suszko, winner 2019
  34. Burn the Philadelphia! by Library Bob
  35. The Spoils of War by Alex Treacher
  36. Dr Aardmore I Presume by Library Bob
  37. Oceans Dirtside by Alegis Downport
  38. Research Double-Cross by Marcus Maxiumus
  39. Medivac! by Timothy Collinson
  40. Passage for Carlo by James
  41. Rue nee Curios by Timothy Collinson (and AI)

BeRKA’s Patrons:

  1. Extra Imperial Grav-Ball
  2. Sophonts Rights
  3. The Restaurant
  4. Deliver Medicine
  5. Environmentalist Demonstration
  6. The Kitten

Patrons at other sites:

  1. Distraught Father (at the 8:05 p.m. blog)
  2. Karin Dosert, Theft Victim (at the 8:05 p.m. blog)

From the Blog:

From the Galactic Database:

There even are more possible adventure situation described in the Galactic Database.

Some other sites with free adventures are:

Amber Zone

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