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Flag in Exile, by David Weber

Flag in Exile is the third book by David Weber about Honor Harrington that I have read.

After reading two previous books, everything becomes quite predictable. Honor is still an expert in everything, and a tactical genius, and her ‘cat bleeks and Honor talks with a cool soprano voice and everybody else frowns.

I liked the first book about Honor Harrington that I read; On Basilisk Station.
The second book; Field of Dishonor was interesting, but more soap-opera, than space opera. This third book, became predictable and boring.

In Traveller terms Manticore is a gov-C world. It always make me think of the Sex-Pistols song “God save the Queen“. Grayson is a gov-D world. I would say that the type-B government of Haven seems a lot nicer than the planets that Honor fights for…

But Honor always wins, and she is so smart and she has always the right skills, because she has grown up at a Hi-G world. She is so good at everything that she wins duels over sportsmen when the sportsmen can use a weapon of their choice. (Just as likely as I would beat Tiger Woods in golf.)

The reason that I started reading these books was because there was so much talk about Honor Harrington at the TML. I wanted to know what this was, and if I had missed something. Now I know. I will not read any more Honor Harrington books! 🙁