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  • Subsector C: Taapvaia (D. Burden)

  • Subsector D: Tansa (D. Burden)

  • Subsector F: Rure (L. Piper)

  • Subsector I: Balech (L. Piper)

  • Subsector J: Sallounn (L. Piper)

  • Subsector M: Vipach (L. Piper)

  • Subsector N: Laeth (L. Piper)

    Subsector C: Taapvaia (D. Burden)

    HIWG Publication Number:   3406                  Release Date:   901022
    From:     David Burden
              Gushemege Sector Analyst
              47 Middle St
              Surrey RH3 7JT
    To:       Kevin Parry, HIWG UK
              Clayton Bush, Quadrant 1 Editor
              J Duncan Law-Green, Vland Domain Editor
    Subject:  Taapvaia Subsector Summary
         A   map  and  basic  system  information  for  Taapvaia
         ( Gushemege C ) is presented. Information is dated 1116.
         Taapvaia subsector ( subsector C of Gushemege ) lies within  the
    Lancian Cultural Region.  It was the least affected Lancian subsector
    during  the Vilani Pacification Campaign,  and as a result retains  a
    strong Lancian identity.  Oroth remains a radioactive wasteland  from
    the  ravages  of  the  Campaign,  although  a  terraforming  team  is
    currently  in  residence.  Ranant  and Mestitela  were  resettled  by
    Makhidkarun after the Campaign.
         The  corporate world of Trama rebelled against Imperial rule  in
    980,  in  an  attempt to free itself from  Imperial  restrictions  on
    psionic  research.  The world was brought back into line by  blockade
    and Makhidkarun now oversees the operations of Trama Oy.
         Irkhi  and  Painntu are partners in a  powerful  trade  alliance
    that  dominates industrial and agricultural trade within the  Painntu
    cluster. A new class A orbital starport is being built at Painntu.
         Penelasse orbits a close binary,  the larger component of  which
    features  an  extraordinary  degree  of  chromospheric  and  starspot
    activity.  IISS  maintains  a network of solar observatories  in  the
    system, and conducts chromospheric probe research here.
    Name          Loc  UWP    Bases Classification Zn Data Al Stars
    Roy           1801 A130755-F  N Na Po De           203 Im M0 V
    Moseesi       1810 E21087C-8    Na                 400 Im M1 V
    Trama         1905 B7B0510-E    Ni De              603 Im G0 II
    Ranant        2007 C251888-B    Po                 902 Im G1 V
    Sypny         2008 C552684-A    Ni Po              904 Im M9 V M7 VI
    Mishiin       2105 E332753-9    Na Po              103 Im G4 V M2 D
    Ivto          2106 B425410-B  N Ni                 504 Im M1 V M7 D
    K'ketopan     2107 D232465-A    Ni Po              724 Im M4 V
    Hilcaa        2108 E54089B-4    Po De              322 Im M2 VI M3 D
    Brice         2110 B8A9762-C  N Fl                 400 Im M2 V
    Mestitela     2202 B55589C-8  S                    203 Im K2 V M5 D
    Uurkhi        2205 E221667-9    Na Ni Po           212 Im A3 V
    Painntu       2206 D547658-7  S Ag Ni              701 Im M3 V
    Irkhi         2207 C678977-C    Hi In              222 Im K2 V
    Sehnaihal     2210 C658833-6  S                    713 Im M4 V
    Kiind         2303 D868554-A  S Ag Ni              512 Im G0 V M6 D
    Sharenga      2305 A68499B-F    Hi Cp              602 Im K3 V M4 D
    Mulanje       2306 E797410-9    C7 Ni              124 Im K1 V
    Penelasse     2307 C221585-C  S Ni Po              400 Im M1 V M4 D
    Choma         2308 E340546-6    Ni Po De           401 Im G3 V
    Oroth         2309 B672300-D    Lo Ni              101 Im M8 V
    Viskka        2310 A794524-D    Ag Ni              500 Im M1 V M1 D
    Hannbrous     2404 D759635-4    Ni                 320 Im F3 V M5 D
    Ellus         2406 A73A8CF-C    Wa                 203 Im M4 V
    Cirsel        2408 A538411-F    Ni                 923 Im M3 V
    Admalaknii    2410 C88A455-B    Ni Wa              204 Im K0 V M9 D
         Taapvaia subsector contains 26 worlds with a total population  of
    13 billion.  The highest population level is 9, at Irkhi and Sharenga.
    The  average tech level is 10,  and the highest tech level is  15,  at
    Roy, Sharenga, and Cirsel. All worlds are members of the Imperium.
                K            ----------------              T
                h                   |                      a
                i                   |                      n
                i                                          s
                r            Map of Subsector              a
                      T A A P V A I A   S u b s e c t o r
                          Subsector C of Gushemege

    Subsector D: Tansa (D. Burden)

    Tansa Subsector Summary
    HD 3412 Date: 910804
    -- by David Burden
    This document presents a brief look at Tansa subsector. It is a companion
    of HD3406, "Taapvaia Subsector Summary" and will eventually form part of
    the  Gushemege Sector Supplement. The information presented is dated
       Tansa Subsector ( Subsector D of Gushemege ) lies at the heart of the
    Lancian Cultural Region. The Lancian Culture permeates almost every world
    of the Subsector. The Lancian homeworld of Kukhun lies here. Other centres
    of Lancian culture are at Raoh and Shiramuunir. Tansa was badly effected by
    the Vilani Pacification Campaign and the worlds of Kyla and Miha still bare
    the scars of that bloody war. Following the Campaign Makhidkarun resettled
    many worlds in the Subsector that had been Lancian power-bases; worlds such
    as Beheld, Lishan and Sinish Giken.
       The S'mrii culture of Dagudashaag settled three worlds of the Subsector:
    Miz*rskua'mr, Urssursfa', and Chzaar, and the S'mrii can be found on many
    others. The S'mrii's immediate influence extends out to Ivahllo and
    Bearnagh. The S'mrii and Kukhunen found themselves allies from earliest
    times in a joint struggle against Vilani oppression over 4000 years ago.
    This alliance was forged again between the S'mrii and the Lancians after the
    Long Night in the struggle against Imperial expansion which resulted in the
    Pacification Campaigns. The greatest fruit of co-operation between the two
    races has however been in the fields of cybertechnology and nanotechnology. The
     S'mrii are the inventors and the Lancian's the designers and marketeers.
       Trading centres around the agricultural worlds of the Beheld cluster and
    the industrial worlds of Shiramuunir and Lishan. The Gushemege Main and the
    Oulpath both run through the subsector, radiating from Kukhun to Shiramuunir
    in the former case, and to Muidmu in the latter.
       The desert world of Ka Maz carries Red Zone status due to the long
    lasting effects of a water bonding agent released during the Pacification
    Campaign. The agent, known as Khiizud, turned all the free water on the
    planet into crystals.  The remaining inhabitants of the planet survive
    mostly in underground settlements and travel the surface in stillsuits. Yta
    Akat also carries the Red caveat. Yta Akat is the homeworld of the Lumu, one
    of the few minor races that has evolved in a corrosive atmosphere.
       Sahee and Jonosva are examples of Lancian worlds where local conditions
    have effected Lancian art and way of life. Jonosva's methane/ammonia
    hydrosphere and its towering  ice mountains have inspired a unique style in
    Lancian architecture. Towering crystal structures are the order of the day,
    contrasted to the dark of the insiduous flows. On the waterworld of Sahee
    Lancian aquaculture is at its finest. Surface and under-water floating
    habitats are a miracle of design. The world-ocean also permeates the
    thinking of the Sahee, whose society is more uniform and flowing than on
    many other Lancian worlds.
       The scout base on Llaet was established in 837 to study the Oniinn. The
    Oniinn are one of the largest creatures ever discovered, being many
    kilometres across. They resemble giant turtles, floating in the shallows of
    Llaet's seas. For many centuries they were not even recognised as animals.
    Llaet is now the focus of much xenobiological research into "macro-life".
       Tansa Subsector contains 46 worlds with a total population of 60
    billion. The highest population is 45 billion at Shiramuunir; the highest
    tech level is F at Shiramuunir, Luuen, Lishan, Muidmu, and Miha. The
    average tech level is 9.

    Subsector F: Rure (L. Piper)

        HIWG Document #:  HD3415  revision 1               Date: 17-11-1992
        From:     Leighton Piper
                  11 Skeffington Rd.
                  LANCS, PR1 5UP.
        To:       David Burden, Gushemege Sector Analyst
                  J. Duncan Law-Green, Vland Domain Editor
                  Kevin Parry, HIWG UK
                  Clayton R. Bush, Quadrant 1 Editor
        Subject : Rure subsector
        Abstract: Basic system information on Rure subsector (Gushemege F)
        This subsector holds the sector capital  Usdiki (1015) and was moved to
        its  present site  following an  abortive rebellion  against Paulo I in
        760.  Usdiki  also  holds  the  centre  (not  astrographically)  of the
        Rurevayn sub-culture although not officially recognised as being within
        the Rurevayn boundaries (and  usually associated with the Archipelago).
        The  original  name  of  Usdiki  was  Rure,  hence  the subsector name.
        Following a popular uprising in 421  (riding on the back of the Ilelish
        Revolt  in  Truax  and  Laeth  in  420)  the  name  was changed and the
        administrative  capital switched  to Munnarn  (1013) in  an attempt  to
        dilute  the Rurevaynese  will. This  earlier short-lived  rebellion had
        followed several previous attempts at  gaining independence for a large
        cluster  of   solomani-colonised  worlds  bordering  F,   G,  J  and  K
        subsectors. Usdiki  is the home  of the subsector  Duke as well  as the
        Vacational fief of the Emperor Strephon.
        The  population  of  Munnarn  is  almost  exclusively composed of civil
        servants  and   naval  personnel  -  the   naval  base  was  originally
        established   to   enforce   Imperial   rule   at   the   time  of  the
        pro-independence  uprisings in  Rure. The  current naval  presence (the
        8184th  cruiser  squadron  of  the  231st  Penetration  Fleet)  is  now
        concerned  with  dissauding  Ilelish  encroachments  into  the  core of
        Gushemege as  well as forestalling any  further unilateral declarations
        of independence by the Rurevaynese worlds.
        In  recent times,  the systems  of Rurevayn  and of  Rure subsector  in
        particular have  taken a leading  role in the  development of cyberware
        and the biotech  industries. Much of the original  base technology came
        from  Lancia, which  has had  close economic  and industrial  ties with
        Rurevayn. Unfortunately the subsector government has failed to halt the
        growth  of an  extensive black  market in  cyberware systems. There has
        been an alarming spread of this sensitive and controversial technology.
        Divkar  (1518)  is  the  home   of  the  Traypih,  a  semi-intelligent,
        squid-like race of amphibians. They are  found in the shallow and warm,
        lagoon-like equatorial seas of the world. The Traypih are currently the
        subject of an extensive survey by a resident scout team.
        The system  of Lanaas (1414)  has seen recent  conflict associated with
        the Rebellion.  Remnants of an  Ilelish squadron apparently  mis-jumped
        into the system.  Elements of the local defense  fleets intercepted the
        squadron,  destroying  one  vessel  and  capturing  another  before the
        Ilelish ships could refuel, regroup  and jump out-system. Their fate is
        Name          Hex  UWP        B Remarks        Z  PBG Al Stell.Data
        Gakhamesh     0912 C683623-A    Ni                100 Im M7III
        Chulesh       0914 C575666-6    Ag Ni          A  213 Im K4V M9D
        Drayrk        0920 B150578-C    Ni Po De          403 Im M4V M0D
        Munnarn       1013 A410553-F  N Ni Cp             802 Im M3V M5D
        USDIKI        1015 A6649EF-F    Hi Cs             813 Im K0V M8D
        Toraago       1018 D244412-A  S Ni                700 Im M0V M3D
        Lishuggi      1019 A565640-A  N Ag Ni Ri          814 Im M0V M2D
        Shir          1020 A100656-F    Na Ni Va          304 Im M4V
        Heffone       1118 B333578-C    D6 Ni Po          700 Im K5III
        Aintri        1119 B637653-D    Ni                914 Im M3V M6D
        Vlu'da'rin    1120 E504567-8    Ni Va Ic          604 Im M5D M2D M8D
        Ushamdidishar 1213 B8D06A9-C N  Ni De             625 Im M1III
        Chansingol    1319 B570697-9 N  Ni De             312 Im K3V
        Platon        1412 A83A468-G W  Ni Wa             820 Im M3V
        Lanaas        1414 B9A9453-F A  Ni Fl             904 Im K0V
        Guzrin        1417 C836275-7    Lo Ni             925 Im K8V
        Gagushilaag   1512 B471534-C    Ni                302 Im G1V
        Divkar        1518 D382566-6 S  Ni                114 Im M3V
        Higli         1519 C5618C7-8                      200 Im M3V M7D
        Mentule       1520 A651898-D    Po                103 Im K4II M1D
        Booce         1612 D899476-7 S  Ni                500 Im M2V
        Lendaarii     1613 E7A8475-5    Ni Fl             702 Im A4V
        Abir          1615 B445668-8 S  Ag Ni             503 Im F0V
        IMAPARLU      1616 B5569A7-A N  Hi                304 Im G1V
        Gabradio      1618 A610756-D    Na                135 Im M0V M7D
        Engellent     1619 C150853-D    Po De             121 Im K9VI
        Kerek         1620 B000651-C    Na Ni As          803 Im G5III M8D
        Highest Population  = 9, Kamurinmur (8.74  billion), and Imaparlu (3.24
        billiion);  Highest tech  level =  G, Platon;  Total population = 12.66

    Subsector I: Balech (L. Piper)

        HIWG Document: # HD3421                           Date: 05-01-1993
        From: Leighton Piper
              11 Skeffington Rd.,
              LANCS, PR1 5UP.
        To:   David Burden, Gushemege Sector Analyst
              Clayton R. Bush, Quadrant 1 Editor
              J. Duncan Law-Green, Vland Domain Editor
              Kevin Parry, HIWG UK
        Subject: Balech subsector
        Abstract: Summary of systems of the subsector and basic data.
        This subsector  (I of Gushemege) is  under the harsh rule  of Duke Rall
        Talenn who  has used his position  to grab further power,  line his own
        pockets (and those of his friends) and subjugate the people. He is only
        tolerated by  the central Gushemege authorities  as he is control  of a
        very strategically  valuable region. The  subsector fleets protect  the
        spinward flanks of Gushemege from  the Federation of Ilelish and Aslani
        Ihatei. Open criticism or action to curb the Duke's excesses may be the
        excuse  he needs  set up  an independent  state (thereby  depriving the
        sector of valuable resources) potentially hostile, or worse still, side
        with  Dulinor.  Both  paths  would  leave  the  centre of Gushemege and
        vulnerable to attack.
        The  vapethi are  minor non-human  sophonts native  to Inapiirn (0723).
        They are  pleiomorphic, having a  variety of shapes  to suit the  local
        climate/environment, the company they are present with, status; this is
        also altered by the individuals' emotional  state. The basic shape is a
        rounded cylinder  with usually a  quartet of tentacle-like  appendages.
        The 'skin' is also an important  indicator of mood where the darker the
        shade the more intense and serious the individual's feelings.
        Orren  Station  (0623)  was  once  a  Sylean  Scout  Service monitoring
        station,  which was  established to  survey Verge  and the  edge of the
        Great Rift. The outpost was attacked in  241 by some of the first aslan
        ihatei to  enter Gushemege. The aslan  moved on but not  before killing
        all  those at  the station  and stripping  the site  of everything that
        could be carried away.
        Mehrai  (Y944000-0)  is  ravaged  by  sandstorms  (with  winds reaching
        200kph) across  most of the surface  - several vessels are  believed to
        have been lost when attempting to enter the vicious atmosphere. In 1106
        an independently-owned  long liner (the  "Barok") on a  trading mission
        into Verge sector reported maneouvre  drive failure on going into orbit
        around Mehrai. The ship's orbit began  to decay and the captain ordered
        the passengers  and crew to abandon  the vessel in the  liner's launch.
        The captain stayed aboard as the  launch moved off to Hanrii (0125) the
        satellite of Mehrai. The ship was lost to all sensors as it entered the
        atmosphere. The poor facilities at the class E starport and the savaged
        nature of  the planet meant that  anything other than a  cursory search
        could be undertaken.
        Much of the equatorial zone of  Armec (0527) is covered in native flora
        in a combined jungle/swamp habitat.  It is believed to potentially hold
        vast reserves of  petrochemicals and other useful organics.  But as yet
        no company has yet come up  with the substantial investment required to
        undertake  the necessary  exploratory  work.  The class-A  starport was
        built in expectation  of a rush to the world  to plunder its riches but
        as yet this  influx has failed to materialised. It  is also rumoured to
        be a safe haven for pirates which prowl the Verge-Gushemege border.
        Name          Hex  UWP       B Remarks      Zone Data   Stellar Data
        Hanrii        0125 E265568-6   Ag Ni             604 Im M4V
        Egurgadi      0126 A65A200-F   Lo Ni Wa          503 Im K1V
        Praodelf      0130 AAB687A-A   Fl                600 Im G4V M1V
        Daze          0222 C776311-B   Lo Ni             700 Im K7II
        Abalesk       0223 A433541-C N Ni Po             713 Im M0V
        Stroend       0227 C86A7A9-A   Wa                324 Im M2V
        Barren        0228 X652000-4   Lo Ni Po Ba   R   200 Im M4V M1D
        Foussough     0229 D653004-5 S Lo Ni Po          300 Im K0V M5D
        Estos         0230 A225653-D   Ni Cp             405 Im K2V M6D M1D
        Fay           0327 A540620-9 N Ni Po             322 Im M0V M7D
        Manuri        0328 B343462-D   Ni Po             902 Im M8III M8V
        Somit         0329 X55A300-3   Lo Ni Wa      R   200 Im M6V
        Rucciset      0422 B514554-B S Ni Ic             412 Im K0V
        Charlotte     0428 A265301-D N Lo Ni             700 Im K6V
        Kinurgii      0526 D200200-8   Lo Ni Va          622 Im K3V
        Armec         0527 A895311-D   Lo Ni             603 Im G3V M7D
        Prinargh      0529 B584100-E   Lo Ni             310 Im M8V M4D
        Burle's Point 0523 B662204-B S Lo Ni             902 Im K3V M2D
        Hartesh       0623 C657586-B   Ag Ni             305 Im M1III
        Thelkourd     0626 C2607AC-7   De                413 Im K4V M5D
        Guhnesh       0627 C757231-6   Lo Ni             300 Im M4V M2D
        Norton        0628 C571400-A   Ni                302 Im K3V M2V M1D
        Orren Station 0630 B5457A6-C   Ag                924 Im G4V M6D
        Younis        0722 B110500-C N Ni                904 Im K3V
        Inapiirn      0723 B542886-C   Po                110 Im G2V
        Tungohl       0725 B411200-E   Lo Ni Ic          314 Im M3V M4D
        PARALLEL      0727 E73A976-9   Hi Wa             314 Im M2V M5D
        Wenton        0728 C33357C-A   Ni Po             500 Im M2III
        Jousta        0729 B300532-D N Ni Va             422 Im M3V
        Nonescue      0824 D547326-9 S Lo Ni             205 Im M1V K1D
        Delaag        0826 B8B0895-B S De                713 Im M3V M5D
        Loniva        0827 D203212-8 S Lo Ni Va Ic       905 Im M4VI
        Query         0829 B645441-D   Ni                602 Im K2V
        Highest Population =  9, Parallel (3.56 billion); Highest  tech level =
        F, Egurgadi; Total Population = 5.24 billion.

    Subsector J: Sallounn (L. Piper)

        HIWG Document: #  HD3422                          Date: 05-01-1993
        From: Leighton Piper
              Gushemege Sector Developer
              11 Skeffington Road,
              Lancs., PR1 5UP.
        To:   David Burden, Gushemege Sector Ananlyst
              J. Duncan Law-Green, Vland Domain Editor.
              Clayton R. Bush, Quadrant 1 Editor.
              Kevin Parry, HIWG (UK).
        Abstract: Summary  of Sallounn subsector (J  of Gushemege) giving basic
        details of the systems.
        As part  of the Rurevayn  region, Sallounn has  many of the  social and
        cultural attributes of Rure. The  naturalist ambition is rife, disorder
        common and the darker technologies abundant.
        The Zilu system  is home to a small  colony of Droyne, no more  than an
        extended family,  and a scout  way station. The  scouts moved into  the
        system to ensure the security of the Droyne. The world offered the IISS
        an ideal  site for the  development of a  depot and finally  into a way
        station.  The scouts  applied for   and received  an amber  travel zone
        status to restrict access to the world and the scout base in particular
        as well as to the Droyne colony.
        The discovery  of vast undersea mineral  reserves fueled the industrial
        and population  expansion of Gigimu.  Huge grav submersibles  transport
        the ores from  the undersea dome-mones to the  primitive starport where
        the ore  is shippped out to  the industrial centres Private  and public
        investors have funded the development and construction of a large class
        B orbital facility to process the ores  but at the moment completion is
        not  expected til  1124-25. Building  has however  ground to  a halt as
        government funding and engineering/technicians are withdrawn to aid the
        production of new naval starships.
        Dueling  on Syrol  (1223) is  a legimate  and common  means of settling
        disputes and disagreements.  Often the 'victim' of an  insult or injury
        will seek  recompense via a  duel - those  ignorant of the  customs are
        usually not spared the formality, and many unfortunatelly many visitors
        on  Syrol have  perished for  minor transgressions.  Hence the  systems
        amber  status. All  the dueling  is encoded  in a  formal manner  which
        encompases a wide sub-culture of protocol, ettiquette and honour.
        In  1118  the  major  population  centres  on  Panisse  were  evacuated
        following the sabotage of a power station by a pro-Lucan faction on the
        world. The  fusion reaction was  destroyed setting off  a thermonuclaer
        explosion  which devastated  a 20   km diameter  zone around  the site,
        destroying  the starport.  A further  80 km  zone was  irradiated. More
        siginificantly  the explosion  triggered off  intense tectonic activity
        resulting in major earthquakes  and volcanic activity. This devasteated
        the seaboard cities of the Askam  continent forcing thr movement of the
        population inland. There has beeen few resources to rebuild and much of
        the coastal settlements lay in ruins. The cities are now only inhabited
        by ghosts, bandits, renegades and looters. The IISS have classified the
        world as a red zone.
        Name          Hex  UWP          Codes              Data   Stellar Data
        Obarr         0921 B53468A-B  N Ni                 204 Im M3 V
        Chang         0922 A775112-C    Lo Ni              703 Im K2 III
        GIGIMU        0923 EA9A941-B    Hi In Wa           902 Im M0 V M0 D
        Zilu          0924 B326353-B  W D1 Lo Ni        A  401 Im M4 V M6 D
        Tamesh        0925 B87A740-9    Wa                 202 Im M7 VI
        Igamaal       0926 B457669-C    Ag Ni              403 Im M4 V M6 D
        Saol          0927 E678457-A    Ni                 321 Im G5 D
        Ongelbal      0928 C692300-8    Lo Ni              313 Im M8 V
        Dehruu        0930 E442586-A    Ni Po              223 Im M2 VI
        Bragg         1021 C471344-A    Lo Ni              900 Im K9 III M9 D
        Lorris        1023 C120000-E    Lo Ni Po De Ba     615 Im K3 V
        Ienda         1025 C767469-B    Ni                 704 Im M2 V M8 D
        Fiaf          1026 E78A442-9    Ni Wa              500 Im M9 VI
        Taluu         1027 C200879-C  S Na Va              822 Im M0 V M9 D
        Justine       1029 C270679-A    Ni De              602 Im F2 V
        Panisse       1122 X436457-7    Ni              R  313 Im M4 V
        Rumulaar      1123 C88A203-8    Lo Ni Wa           401 Im M4 V
        Creca         1124 B524537-A  S Ni                 412 Im K2 V
        Hanseat       1125 A300532-C    Ni Va              300 Im K4 V
        Unuv          1127 C223689-9    Na Ni Po           102 Im M4 V M9 D
        Kaakaa        1128 C350553-C    Ni Po De           702 Im K4 V
        Intnalta      1129 B220457-G    Ni Po De           813 Im M7 IV M4 D
        Coernelf      1221 E410578-6    Ni                 802 Im M2 V
        Syrol         1223 B36366A-C  S Ni Ri           A  503 Im F0 IV
        Forgane       1225 A321341-E  A Lo Ni Po           824 Im M9 V
        Iest          1227 C33169D-B  S Na Ni Po           524 Dr M2 V
        Indurain      1228 E455553-8    Ag Ni              403 Im M4 V
        Lish          1321 C665300-9    Lo Ni              421 Im M0 V M5 D
        Berall        1322 B587345-B  S Lo Ni              404 Im G9 IV
        Vesuata       1328 A130477-D  N Ni Po De Cp        703 Im K4 V M9 D M9 D
        Yellsar       1422 C262888-7    Ri                 703 Im G2 V M8 D
        Fairbriar     1423 B411789-B  N Na Ic              704 Im M0 V
        Diro          1425 B000331-D  S Lo Ni As           103 Im G8 VI
        Tikav         1426 B263867-D  N Ri                 604 Im M1 V M2 D
        Xerxes        1430 B526543-E  N Ni                 600 Im M8 IV M7 D
        Yellsar       1422 C262888-7    Ri                 703 Im G2 V M8 D
        Fairbriar     1423 B411789-B  N Na Ic              704 Im M0 V
        Diro          1425 B000331-D  S Lo Ni As           103 Im G8 VI
        Tikav         1426 B263867-D  N Ri                 604 Im M1 V M2 D
        Xerxes        1430 B526543-E  N Ni                 600 Im M8 IV M7 D
        Haysher       1521 C7648BB-6                       203 Im G9 IV M0 V
        Cervantes     1522 B567664-7  N Ag Ni Ri           111 Im M4 D
        Colehco       1523 BAE7230-A  S Lo Ni Fl           623 Im M3 V M7 D
        Andonin       1525 C410225-D    Lo Ni              303 Im K9 V
        Griissound    1526 E362513-5    Ni                 512 Im M0 V
        Whiapluur     1528 B498536-9  N Ag Ni              413 Im G2 V M5 D
        Twahoy        1529 E441441-9    Ni Po              704 Im M1 V M1 D
        Hemster       1530 B420510-B  N Ni Po De           205 Im M0 III
        Blullaygh     1622 C648453-B  S Ni                 603 Im K1 V
        Fraynj        1623 C848523-B    Ag Ni              300 Im K3 IV
        Leraag        1624 C520455-9  S Ni Po De           203 Im M1 V M0 D
        Emur          1625 C264599-A    Ag Ni              314 Im G0 V
        Nuuhlam       1627 D400102-9  S Lo Ni Va           522 Im M3 V
        Pesuune       1629 C534544-A    Ni                 615 Im M1 V K1 D
        Highest tech level = G, Intnalta;  Highest population = 9, Gigimu (9.24
        billion); Total population = 13.77 billion.

    Subsector M: Vipach (L. Piper)

        HIWG Document: #  HD3423                          Date: 21-05-1992
        From: Leighton Piper
              Gushemege Sector Developer
              11 Skeffington Road,
              Lancs, PR1 5UP
        To:   David Burden, Gushemege Sector Analyst.
              J. Duncan Law-Green, Vland Domain Editor.
              Clayton R. Bush, Quadrant 1 Editor.
              Kevin Parry,HIWG (UK).
        Absract: Outline of Vipach subsector (M of Gushemege), system stats and
        library data.
        No other region of Gushemege has  such a mixture of complex history and
        intractible mystery. Within the boundaries  of Vipach there is believed
        to be the homeworld of the Loeskalth - the aggressive and warlike human
        race  wiped-out  by  the  vilani  in  the  Consolidation Wars. With the
        conquest and eradication of the Loeaskalth, the record of their origin,
        their  identity  and  culture  have  been  lost.  Only fragments of the
        language remain. The best educated  guess as to the Loeskalth homeworld
        is Abaelou (0233), a medium-sized planet with a readioactive taint. The
        interesting  feature of  the taint  is that  the radioactive  signature
        matches that of  vilani nuclear weapons of the  Consolidation Wars era.
        The Abaelou  hypothesis is backed-up  by two other  pieces of evidence;
        the  discovery  of  ruined  human-styled  cities  by  the  IISS and the
        discovery  of a  huge asteroid  ship  in  the Aapu  system (0132).  The
        asteroid ship indicates an origin in the Abaelou system.
        The prescence of a large number of  scout bases and the Way station (at
        Wilson,  0740)  is  due  to  the  location  of  Vipach at the corner of
        Gushemege,  Reft, Ilelish  and Verge  sectors. They  service the  large
        volume of scout traffic moving between the Core and the Great Rift. The
        Vipach  scout bases  are also   involved in  the continuing  search for
        the positive identification of the Loeskalth homeworld.
        The world  of Vipach (0632) was  once the capital of  the subsector and
        still  today the  subsector name  identifies that  link. The  world was
        eclipsed  in importance  by Dikaash  in the  early years  of the  Third
        Imperium when Glirse LIC located some of the most valuable platinum and
        gold deposits in the subsector. Dikaash is still a centre of excellence
        in the production of  microelectronics, non-organic catalysts and space
        life-support systems.
        The subsector  is the most heavily  populated in Gushemege highlighting
        its  long  history  of  colonisation  (almost  from  the  first  vilani
        explorations  into the  sector) -  the total  population approaches 106
        billion.  The  majority  of  the  inhabitants  are  human but there are
        significant numbers of Ael Yael and Vapethi. The human population are a
        mix of  vilani, solomani, tapazmal, loeskalth  and others. The greatest
        concentration of life is on Sagal  (0337) and has been interdicted by a
        joint IISS-Imperial Navy commission  (in 1103) following the desruction
        of  the starport.  This was  a consequence  of an  uprising of  Ilelish
        militants. Although small, the trouble has been continuous since with a
        increase in intensity of the raids by the pro-Dulinor faction after the
        onset of the Rebellion. As of 1121 the world is nominally independent.
        Jaeyelya is the home of the Ael Yael and is reserved for the habitation
        of the  Ael Yael only  (bar residents of  the surface IISS  station and
        diplomats).  The world  does see  plenty of  other races either through
        trade or tourism.
        The importance of Homage as the bread-basket of Vipach is underlined by
        the  presence  of  the  naval  base.  Numerous  conflicts in orbit have
        focussed on the  control of the system, as the  holder of the world can
        starve the  surrounding region into  submission. Since the  outbreak of
        the 'Rebellion' in  late-1116, the world has changed  hands three times
        between  pro-Lucan,   pro-Dulinor  and  lately,   pro-Strephon  forces.
        Currently the world is held by Strephon.
        Ounash is  claimed by a small  number of tribes descended  from asiatic
        nomads of the central region Asian continent of Terra. The peoples have
        rejected  technology living  much as  there ancestors  did 10,000 years
        ago.  Numerous  attempts  by  industrial  combines  to extract valuable
        organic resources locked under the dry  crust have been rebuffed by the
        'Council  of the  15 Tribes'.  Survey teams  which have  landed without
        permission by the council have been shown little mercy when caught.
        Name          Hex  UWP          Codes              Data   Stellar Data
        SIRIR         0131 X7969AA-6    Hi In           R  723 Im K3 V
        Aapu          0132 D260345-6    Lo Ni De           300 Im A1 III M2 D
        Maerol        0135 E200774-8    Na Va              102 Im K1 V
        Choltonrul    0136 A487452-D  S Ni                 224 Im M6 IV
        USHULU        0137 C7829DA-A    Hi                 700 Im M0 V M4 D
        Roolyz        0138 C333103-B    Lo Ni Po           222 Im G8 V M3 D M0 D
        Jootect       0140 B768145-C  N Lo Ni              600 Im M0 V M7 D
        Hentor        0231 D503540-5    Ni Va Ic           522 Im M3 VI K9 D
        Abaelou       0233 C695335-9  S Lo Ni              903 Im M7 V
        Gihmentahlish 0236 B8A5003-9    Lo Ni Fl           922 Im K7 V
        Strand        0237 C348383-8    Lo Ni              502 Im G4 V
        Ounash        0239 X120335-4    Lo Ni Po De     R  504 Im K9 V
        Blezon        0332 X472400-6    Ni              R  323 Im K2 V M8 D
        Vaelouf       0333 B537343-9    Lo Ni              211 Im M6 V
        Endran        0334 C515034-B    Lo Ni Ic           103 Im K3 IV M6 D
        Phoenaeg      0338 D560867-5  S D7 Ri De           313 Im G0 V M1 D
        SAGAL         0339 X887A9C-6    Hi              R  813 Im K1 IV M0 D
        Trichach      0432 C573489-8  S Ni                 204 Im M8 II M9 VI
        Cemloch       0433 B646002-9  S Lo Ni              405 Im M2 V
        Nemeet        0434 D2307CB-A  S Na Po De           704 Im M8 V
        Gwelbyph      0435 C42356A-8  S Ni Po              705 Im K3 V
        Flaslousk     0436 C5435A7-A    Ni Po              910 Im M5 II
        Jaeyelya      0437 B484655-4  S Ni                 702 Im K6 D
        Lem           0438 D532216-8  S Lo Ni Po           900 Im M9 V M1 D
        Dimkodrarn    0439 B453465-E  S Ni Po              303 Im G0 V
        Rake          0531 C325531-A    Ni                 302 Im K3 V M4 D
        Soel          0532 D8D578C-4  S Fl                 202 Im K0 V M1 D
        Imagalu       0536 B967852-8  A Ri                 904 Im M0 V
        Wols          0537 A764137-E    Lo Ni              200 Im M6 V M4 D
        Homage        0631 B59468C-8  N Ag Ni              512 Im M2 V
        Vipach        0632 C738447-B  S Ni                 410 Im K4 V M5 D
        Sern          0634 CAD6268-7    Lo Ni Fl           600 Im M0 V
        Asiilish      0639 A565400-F    Ni                 214 Im K3 V M4 D M4 D
        Chezpan       0640 B200777-B    Na Va              802 Im K4 V M2 D
        Th'dir        0732 B100464-E  S Ni Va              213 Im M4 V
        Dendaash      0733 A9C7331-B  N Lo Ni Fl           504 Im A6 V M6 D
        Zamashuug     0737 B585020-B    Lo Ni              300 Im M3 V K6 D
        DIKAASH       0738 B6279B8-F  A Hi In Cp           101 Im M4 V
        Wilson        0740 B10037A-B  W Lo Ni Va           100 Im M8 VI M4 D
        Tenraash      0831 B79A557-F    Ni Wa              102 Im G4 IV
        GINUPA        0839 C55999C-C  S Hi                 803 Im G0 V
        Teuterom      0840 B502412-D    Ni Va Ic           313 Im M2 V M4 D
        Highest tech level =  F, Asiilish, Dikaash,Tenraash; Highest population
        = A, Sagal (84 billion); Total population = 111 billion.

    Subsector N: Laeth (L. Piper)

        HIWG Document: #  HD3424                          Date: 21-05-92
        From: Leighton Piper
              Gushemege Sector Developer
              11 Skeffington Road,
              Lancs., PR1 5UP.
        To:   David Burden, Gushemege Sector Analyst.
              J. Duncan Law-Green, Vland Domain Editor.
              Clayton R.Bush, Quadrant 1 Editor.
              Kevin Parry, HIWG(UK).
        Abstract: Outline of Laeth subsector (N of Gushemege), system stats and
        library data.
        Laeth is divide up into two  distinct cultural regions: the Ilelish Rim
        and the Heartland.  The Ilelish influence goes back  to the experiences
        of the  Long Night and has  retained much of the  character of Ilelish.
        Declaration  for  Dulinor  at  the  onset  of  the  Rebellion  was  not
        unexpected  but was  nevertheless regarded  with horror  by the  sector
        government.  The  'Heartland'  regions  of  Laeth  are  one of the most
        important  areas especially  as a  major food  producer/exporter and  a
        centre for many of the IISS activities.
        The subsector capital  of Sidur Ishki is an  important exporter of high
        tech  equipment, its  shipyards are   some of  the finest  producers in
        Gushemege. The majority  of the sector navy's vessels  at the high tech
        end are procurred  at the Nasiirka yards (now owned  by a consortium of
        local businesses).  This has led  to a number  of raids by  pro-Dulinor
        forces  in  1117  and  1118,  finally  falling  into  Ilelish  hands on
        214-1118.  However the  system wasn't  to stay  for long  under Ilelish
        control as Strephon's  navy managed to rest in back  in early 1119. Yet
        Dulinor's determination to win the system  bore friut at the end of the
        year when he managed to establish a forward fleet headquarters.
        Polygamy is named  after the curious custom on the  world of men having
        many concurrent  marriages. The practice  of taking many  wives follows
        the mysterious  outbreak of a  disease affecting the  nervous system of
        sexually mature  males. The male  population was decimated,  reduced by
        92%. In  order for the  population to survive  and grow the  government
        issued a  decree whereby each male  had to marry at  least three wives.
        Government financial bonuses were given to husbands for extra wives and
        lots of  children. Although the  population has now  reached the levels
        just prior to when the disease  struck the law requiring many wives for
        men has  never been repealed,  thus it is  still common for  the men on
        Polygamy to be married to several women. The higher the social position
        the  more wives  a man  is expected  to have.  Wives are  allowed to be
        married to more than man. There has recently been strong protests about
        the practice of polygamy on the  world by members of the fundamnetalist
        missionaries  of Shagaelo.  These missionaries  have clashed  violently
        with locals on a number of occassions.
        Name          Hex  UWP          Codes              Data   Stellar Data
        Taalish       0933 E372573-5    Ni                 303 Im M2 V M4 D
        Eycoltou      0934 C887103-8    Lo Ni              701 Im M9 VI M8 D
        Lemantine     0935 B865255-A  S Lo Ni              400 Im G1 V M6 D
        Baalaansh     0936 C561689-7    Ni Ri              404 Im G4 V M5 D
        Gamaliss      0937 A372488-B  A Ni                 900 Im F3 V
        Swinedune     0940 E000545-8    Ni As              400 Im K3 V
        Nukyls        1033 B240610-A  N C2 Ni Po De        711 Im K2 V
        Maernon       1036 B678633-9  N Ag Ni              303 Im G0 III M3 D
        SHARIM        1038 A435967-F  A D5 Hi              100 Im M3 V
        He'alaan'drl  1039 D424566-6    Ni                 601 Im K0 V M8 D
        Kemshigesh    1133 D532544-A    Ni Po              613 Im A2 V M8 D
        Podero        1135 D265751-5    Ag Ri              513 Im M0 V
        Vin           1136 B543589-D  N Ni Po              703 Im K0 V
        Draerch       1137 B312651-D  N Na Ni Ic           800 Im M4 V M3 D M6 D
        Weaf          1139 A7A7724-A  S Fl                 102 Im K0 V
        Rellena       1140 E898210-6    Lo Ni              910 Im K2 V M6 D M0 D
        Find          1231 D675420-5    Ni                 323 Im M2 V
        Mercator      1233 C440431-8  S Ni Po De           503 Im G1 V
        SIDUR ISHKI   1234 A312999-F  N Hi Na In Ic Cp     120 Im M0 V M0 D
        Icon          1235 D434678-7    Ni                 715 Im K1 V
        SHIIKI        1236 B551997-B    Hi Po              810 Im G0 V
        Gumahler      1237 X655799-3    Ag              R  205 Im K1 V M6 D
        Zalanor       1239 E100653-B    Na Ni Va           724 Im M3 V G7 D
        Camal         1331 C321630-8    Na Ni Po           203 Im G9 IV M6 VI
        Wingate       1333 A877663-B    Ag Ni              300 Im F0 V
        Sidur Haski   1334 B786354-E    Lo Ni              220 Im M6 V
        Thon          1337 B745597-8  S Ag Ni              410 Im K4 V
        Depsorn       1340 C443366-C  S Lo Ni Po           903 Im F7 IV M3 D
        Arailiur      1431 C500137-B  S Lo Ni Va           100 Im G8 V M4 D
        Confex        1432 BAC4103-A  N Lo Ni Fl           220 Im M0 VI
        Vueegmala     1433 C629034-8    Lo Ni              903 Im M2 V M6 D
        Tromiishur    1434 B626769-C                       224 Im M0 V M7 D
        SHUPIN        1439 D959966-8    Hi                 204 Im M4 IV
        Ovchek        1440 A635213-E  N Lo Ni              900 Im M6 V M9 D
        Oneria        1531 B787477-D  S Ni                 605 Im M2 V
        Polygamy      1532 A549679-A  N Ni                 800 Im K3 V
        Sinerhk       1534 B656634-A  A Ag Ni              304 Im G1 V M6 D M2 D
        Here          1539 B443775-D    Po                 103 Im K4 V
        Chiras        1540 E555320-5    Lo Ni              303 Im M0 V
        Zinzan        1637 C23365A-B    Na Ni Po           904 Im K3 V
        Budeeshou     1638 A597476-F  W Ni                 104 Im G2 V
        Llest         1640 C78A200-9  S Lo Ni Wa           503 Im M6 V
        Highest  tech  level  =  F,  Sharim,  Sidur  Ishki,  Budeeshou; Highest
        population  = 9,  Shiiki  (8.14  billion), Shupin  (2.56 billion),Sidur
        Ishki (1.88  billion),Sharim (1.73 billion);  Total population =  15.33

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