Dawnworld WriteUp

DAWNWORLD E885000-0 Rob Dean (robdean@access.digex.net)

Dawnworld has remained uncolonized to the present due to a clus-
ter of related ecological factors. On a microlevel, most humans
experience an allergic reaction to common Dawnworld pollens. In
addition, in some regions, airborne spores exist that will sprout in
human lungs. Most plants use L-rotary sugars and are nutritionally
useless. The fauna in the planet's current epoch runs to dinosaur-
like creatures, the largest of which pose a threat to humans from
sheer size. In many of the smaller animal niches, cold blooded crea-
tures predominate, allowing for a much higher carnivore population
that would otherwise be the case. Perversely, while humans are poi-
sonous to native creatures, they also smell tasty.
There is currently (1107) a small exploratory colonization mis-
sion from Horosho established on a small island (10 by 20 miles),
working on various ways of keeping the large fauna away from human
habitations in a way that won't cause more problems. (Just shooting
them and leaving the carcasses to rot doesn't work well because many
of the medium to large scavengers will also attack live prey--i.e.

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