Binges WriteUp

BINGES A800231-A Rob Dean (

Binges was colonized from Glisten in 1057 by a group of specula-
tors hoping to build the starport and cash in. However, their analy-
sis of traffic in the region was faulty, and the port has not pros-
pered. The planet has the dubious distinction in recent years of
being a flag-of-convenience homeport to a large number of disreputable
free traders. (Larger companies are not free enough from Imperial
restrictions to avail themselves of this service.)
During the Fifth Frontier War, the starport was opened to Collace
fleets, which nearly caused annexation of the planet after the war.
However, the owners of the port successfully appealed their case in
the Imperial Court at Trin, arguing that they had little choice in the
face of overwhelming force. Despite the outcome of the case, resent-
ment remains high among local Imperial officials at Glisten, and more
IGN ships than usual have been passing through the system.

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