Ianic WriteUp


Michael Koehne (kraehe@bakunin.north.de)

* A0.Intro
* A1.Events
* A2.Commerce
* Characters
+ C1.Captain
+ C2.Chief
+ C3.Steward
+ P1.Passenger
+ P2.Passenger
+ P3.Passenger

This scenario was first played at "14te Bremer Spielertage" at 22 Sep
96 in Oslebshausen Bremen Germany Terra Sol Solomani Rim.

Many thanks to the people on TML especially to :
* Timothy Collinson tc@library.solent.ac.uk for translation
* Peter L. Berghold peterb@superlink.net for the bounty hunter
* Michael.Barry Michael.Barry@finance.ausgovfinance.telememo.au for
the Disciplines of the Bright Way.
* Boyd Schneider HomeBoyd@msn.com for the Ianic idea (he really
wanted to sell water ;-)



This scenario is intended for game conventions. It should be played
with the predefined characters. It takes place in the Spinward
Marches, subsector K - Lunion, not far from the border worlds. Date:

The scenario involves three crew and three passengers of the Windfall
(a 40 year old, 200 ton Jayhawk far trader). Various encounters and
trading opportunites will lead them to Ianic where they may get
involved in the first Jonkeereen rebellion. See "The Regency

The scenario can unfold in several different ways as each character
has his or her own goals. A lot of groups will not get to Ianic in the
4-6 hours of normal convention scenarios but they should at least
arrive on Sharrip.

Six players are required: 3 for the crew and 3 for the passengers.
Establish how old the players are and assign them appropriate
characters. Ten minutes will be needed for each of them for the
briefing, the character description and the rules.

Each PC should choose a name and fill in the right hand side of the
character sheet with what they want to take on the trip.

The bounty hunter has an Imperial Licence for a laser pistol and, of
course, has his own weapon. The captain could have weapons in the
ship's locker and should decide what freight is being carried. Inform
the captain that taking fertilisers to Ianic will bring 2kCr per
displacement ton due to handling. Inform the stowaway passenger to
hide as long as she wants.

You also need 2 tables, they should stand side by side, one for the
passengers and one for the crew. So if a crew member (e.g. the stuard)
wants to enter the passenger staterooms she should change the table,
and vice versa.

Start the scenario with the crew on board, and the passengers
arriving. Two scenes give the crew an opportunity to learn about ship
combat rules. The first is a fat trader on a collision course. The
second is a meteor storm while the referee should fake the wear value
role of the thusters. You should make all sensor rolls uncertain to
make this interesting.

The *main* fight will be at Ianic against a Fast Courier. The Ine
Givar psionic will befuddle the sensor crew for two rounds (one hour)
to make such a David and Goliath battle possible.

At Ianic the players need to arrive on the planet quickly as there is
also a Cruiser in the system. The Jonkeereen will hide the Windfall
underground so the players can help their revolution. (Double
Adventure 6: Night of Conquest can be used for this.) They will also
have to refuel at one of the gas giants and certainly have to leave
the Imperium.


Strouden 2327 A745988-D N Hi In 920 Im

Strouden in one of the main worlds of the Lunion subsector, and has an
excellent starport. Ling Standard Products is building tech level 13
warships near the frontier with the border worlds. The fast industrial
growth caused an environmental disaster, so the atmosphere is now
tainted and life is expensive here.

Sensors/Average : 1000T freighter - trade - arriving
Astrogation/Average : he is on a collision course

As you leave Strouden, you see a 1000dt freighter crossing your
intended course, you have to change course and recalculate jump. If
you communicate with them, they won't answer.


Sharrip 2325 C575101-A Lo Ni 503 Im

Sensors/Diffcult : Free Trader - Trade and Transport - to Capton

You see a 200t ship very far away leaving the system.

Sharrip belongs to the Al Morrib Line. Nobody lives on the surface as
a deadly virus exists on the planet. The planet has an obital starport
with a small crew of 50 people. Four of the crew are happy to be
leaving for a vacation on Strouden, the rest start unpacking brand new

Departure :
Ship.Eng/Easy: The thrusters get hot and need repair
Sensors/Easy: One big meteor crossing flightpath
Astrogation/Difficult: the metror will be 2 kms away
Sensors/Difficult: it's not just one big one - its lots and
lots of little ones!

The referee should manage to fake the wear value roll of the thrusters
so the ship can not maneuver. PCs will need to destroy the meteors.
You should start your clock running and remember that lasers recycle
every three minutes. You should roll 2d6 for the number of small
meteors that are *really* on a collision course. Any of them need a
difficult sensor roll to lock on to in the first 15 minutes and an
average roll in the last 6 minutes. Every meteor has a 10% chance of
actually hitting the ship in a random location. (Thus, the situation
is not as dangerous as it should seem to the players). Ensure that all
sensor rolls are uncertain, e.g. by asking whether it is even or odd
and rolling a hidden die. There should be only one sensor attempt per
minute, leaving the players with a feeling of uncertainty,
helplessness and fear.


Lunion 2124 A995984-D A Hi In Cp 810 Im

Arrival :
Sensors/Easy :
: Free Trader - Trade and Transport - to Lunion
Seeker - Busines to Lunion
Scout - orbiting
Patrol Cruiser orbiting

Lunion is the capital of subsector K of the Spinward Marches. Ling
Standard is also building warships here. Like Strouden, Lunion has a
tainted atmosphere because of an environmental disaster. Two ships are
orbiting and two others are arriving. The captain will need to use
communications and admin skills to avoid long orbit times.

A lot of people on Lunion are talking about the civil war at Ianic,
that Ianic has been declared a red zone and that it is forbidden to
land there.

The (illegal) freight to Ianic is quite normal, but the passengers are
not. They are Ine Givar trying to help the Jonkeereen rebellion with
their psionic skills.

Departure : If they plot a course to Ianic the patrol cruiser will
follow, so they have to make a dangerous jump from 10 diameters.


Ianic 1924 E360697-5 Ni Ri De 924 Im

Arrival : Fast Courier - Quarantine orbiting planet
Two fighters - patrol from AS2 to GG3
Cruiser - refuelling orbiting GG3

Ianic has a normal atmosphere, but no water. Normally the water is
shipped by a modular cutter from the asteroid belts. The warships have
recently shot these down and are now blocking the planet's downport in
the hope that the Jonkeereen capitulate. The cargo bay full of water
and fertiliser (which are really nuclear pumped x-ray warheads for
planetary defence missiles), would certainly make the war more

If they manage to break the blockade, (one of the Ine Givar will
befuddle the sensor crew of the Fast Courier) the PCs will be heroes,
but they will have to leave the Imperium.

Probably 1822, 1721, 1522 is their best route to the border worlds.


Windfall - Monthly payment calculation

Credit rate 71 kCr per month
Chief salary 2 kCr per month
Steward salary 1 kCr per month
Maintenance 5 kCr per month
Fuel 2 kCr per jump
Starport fees 1 kCr per jump
Life Support (crew) 6 kCr per jump
97 kCr per month

Freight max 57 kCr per jump (1 kCr per displacement ton)
Passengers max 18 kCr per jump (5 kCr per middle passage
-2 kCr for life support)


Strouden 2327 A745988-D N Hi In 920 Im

Freight to Sharrip : 18 t mg Entertainment Equip
Freight to Lunion : 16 t mg Aromatics
11 t mg Clothing
11 t pr Textiles
13 t pr Petrochemicals
13 t in Data Records
15 t nr Raw Hydrocarbons
2 Passengers
Freight to Ianic : 12 t pr Fertilisers (Fla,Exp)

Cargo purchase 3


Sharrip 2325 C575101-A Lo Ni 503 Im

Freight to Lunion : 4 Passengers

Cargo sale 7 (from Strouden)
purchase 7


Lunion 2124 A995984-D A Hi In Cp 810 Im

Cargo sale 8 (from Strouden)
7 (from Sharrip)
purchase 3

NB: Ianic is a now a Red Zone world and official
freight is not allowed, departures Spinwards are forbidden!

Freight to Ianic 5 t Precious Metal
7 t Alcoholic Beverage
5 t Biosamples (Fra, Per)
Cargo to Ianic 10 t Natural Curiosities
6 Passengers


Ianic 1924 E360697-5 Ni Ri De 924 Im

Cargo sale 9 (from Lunion)
6 (from Sharrip)
purchase 10



Two weeks ago you purchased the Windfall. As it is known that a
Jayhawk will not operate on the usual 1kCr per displacement ton, you
are searching for a good trade route and found Ianic, a
non-industrial, rich, desert planet with a population of nearly 9
million. Water will fetch a price of 10kCr per ton. So it would be
possible to pay for the Windfall (57 dt cargo hold) in just a few

Flight plan :

Strouden 2327 A745988-D N Hi In 920 Im
Sharrip 2325 C575101-A Lo Ni 503 Im
Lunion 2124 A995984-D A Hi In Cp 810 Im
Ianic 1924 E360697-5 Ni Ri De 924 Im

To keep your finances in the black, you hare hoping for passengers and
have refitted the staterooms and the bridge section.

You were lucky with the crew. As a stewardess you hired a medical
school graduate. She is young and agreed to a crew salary. The chief
is an old hand, took a quick look at the ship and said: "OK, I'll get
this beast flying."

13 A66898-C
Hobbies : Acrobatics 2, Archery 2, Piloting IG 2,
Streetwise 2
17 A76798-C
Flight Academy : Piloting IG, Space Vessels 4, Leadership 2,
Gun Combat, Spacehands, Spacetech 2, Technican 2, Explore
21 A76798-C
Wealthy Traveller : Determination, Perception, Economics,
Charm, Interaction, Explore, Animal Handling

25 A76798-B : Captain

Str A + Slug Rifle 1 = B
Archery 2 = C
Agl 7 + Acrobatics 2 = 9
Piloting IG 3 = A
Con 6 + Env. Suite 1 = 7
Riding 1 = 7
Int 7 + Streetwise 3 = A
Astrogation 1 = 8
Sensors 2 = 9
Survey 1 = 8
Psychology 1 = 8
Edu 9 + Ship's Eng. 1 = A
Ship's Laser 1 = A
Communications 1 = A
Computer 1 = A
Admin/Legal 1 = A
Chr 8 + Leadership 2 = A
Liason 2 = A
Recruting 1 = 9
Persuasion 1 = 9



You have been hired on whilst on Strouden and are happy that the
captain only asked about technical things. He seems to be a bit green.
The Windfall is not a wreck but it's not far off one. The power plant
has a wear value of at least 4 and the thrusters, jump drive and
contra-grav are not looking much better. The bridge section and
passenger staterooms were refitted recently, but the rest of the 40
year old Jayhawk needs a lot of rust chipping.

13 665676-5
Hobbies : Unarmed MA 2, Armed MA 2, Swimming 2,
Disguise 2
17 775676-5
Corsair : Spacehand 1, Gun Combat 2, Technican 2,
Space Tech 1, Interaction 1, Vice 1
21 775676-4
Corsair : Spacehand 1, Melee, Gun Combat 1, Technican 1,
Space Tech 1, Interaction 1, Vice 1, Charm 1
25 775676-3
Corsair : Spacehand 1, Technician 1, Space vessel 1, Charm 1
29 775676-2
Prisoner: Economics 2, Crime 1, Vice 1, Str +1, Edu +1

33 874686-3 : Chief

Str 8 + Unarmed MA 3 = B
Armed MA 2 = A
Laser Rifle 2 = A
Agl 7 + Laser Pistol 1 = 8
Con 5 + Swimming 2 = 7
Vacc Suit 2 = 7
Z-G Env. 1 = 6
Int 6 + Sensors 2 = 7
Gambling 1 = 7
Streetwise 2 = 7
Edu 8 + Computer 1 = 9
Electronics 1 = 9
Machinist 1 = 9
Ship's Eng. 1 = 9
Ship's Laser 2 = A
Chr 6 + Disguise 2 = 8
Interrogation 1 = 7
Recruiting 2 = 8
Bribery 1 = 7
Admin/Legal 1 = 7
Marketing 1 = 7
Instruction 1 = 7



Strouden is a nasty planet. Ling Standard is building ships here and
caused an environmental disaster. Now 9 million people are suffering
as a result. Leaving has been your dream for as long as you can
remember. You went to school and have now been hired on as crew on a
far trader. The captain is the same age as you but comes from a noble
family. You have caught a glimpse of the chief engineer, a man in his
mid-thirties who looks very tough.

14 376858-6
Hobbies: Acrobatics 2, Persuasion 2, Music 2, Streetwise 2

17 386858-6
Undergrad : Biology 1, Chemistry 1, Xeno-Biology 1, Computer 1,
Admin/Legal 1
Hobbies : Sensors 1/Piloting 0 (Computer game)

21 386868-6
Med.School: Computer 1, Diagnosis 2, Trauma Aid 2, Surgery 2,
Observation 1
Hobbies : Piloting 1,Gunnery 0 (Computer game)

25 386868-6 - Steward der Windfall

Str 3 +
Agl 8 + Acrobatics 2 = A
Music 2 = A
Piloting 1 = 9
Con 6 +
Int 8 + Observation 1 = 9
Streetwise 2 = A
Sensors 1 = 9
Edu 6 + Biology 1 = 7
Chemistry 1 = 7
Xeno Bio 1 = 7
Computer 2 = 8
Admin/Legal 1 = 7
Medical DTS 2 = 8
Gunnery 0 = 6
Chr 8 + Persuasion 2 = A



Anyway, things being what they were there wasn't much work for a
ex-Marine Colonel who had seen lots of action to do.

You visited the office of a local bank and did some discreet
inquiries. Yes, they said, they paid 0.75% of the principal on the
loan for ships recovered. Yes, we keep lists of skipped ships with
holographs of their skippers... Oh.. but you need to have a private
investigator's license.

Of course you had one, so now you've got the list of skipped ships.
You've heard rumours that a well known pirate has recently hired on
the Windfall, a 40 year old Jayhawk, and you think this would be worth
investigating. It would be interesting to compare the serial numbers
of some of the more expensive items such as the power plant, jump
drive, thrusters, contra-grav, computers and weapons.

13 895566-8
Hobbies : Music 2, Piloting IG 2, Streetwise 2,
Computer 2
17 895566-8
Mil.Academy : Determination, Engineer, Interaction, Social
Science, Space Tech, Techican 2, Gun Combat 2, Sword,
Melee, Spacehand, Heavy Weapon, Acrobat, Personal Transport
21 895576-8
Marines : Gun Combat, Spacehand, Heavy Weapons, Tactics,
Determination, Charm, Personal Transport
25 895576-9
Marines : Spacehand, Tactics, Heavy Weapons, Personal Transport
29 895576-A
Bounty Hunter : Gun Combat, Melee, Determination 2,
Perception 2, Spacehand

33 885566-A - Bounty Hunter

Str 8 + Laser Rifle 1 = 9
Sword 2 = A
Unarmed MA 1 = 9
Energy Artillery 3 = B
Agl 8 + Piloting IG 2 = A
Laser Pistol 3 = B
Stealth 1 = 9
Grav Belt 2 = A
Con 5 + Env. Suite 2 = 7
Z-G Environment 2 = 7
Parachute 1 = 6
Int 5 + Streetwise 3 = 8
History 1 = 6
Tactics 2 = 7
Investigation 1 = 6
Observation 1 = 6
Edu 7 + Computer 2 = 9
Construction 1 = 8
RCV Operation 1 = 8
Electronics 1 = 8
Communications 1 = 8
Chr 6 + Music 2 = 8
Leadership 3 = 9
Solomani 1 = 7
Persuasion 1 = 7



The *Disciples of the Bright Way* are a sect that believe their deity
exists in jumpspace, and communicates directly with people while they
are in jump. They call the sight of J-space *The Face of the Deity*
and have a secret combination of drugs and meditation practices that
reduce (but not eliminate!) the insanity impact of viewing J-space.

They are generally not dangerous, but their disturbing practice of
shooting up drugs and staring out of an open porthole into J-space
during the week of a jump means that most captains will refuse to
allow them on board under *any* circumstances.

However, the Disciples will pay an *obscene* amount of money for
passage on a ship, and since they don't care about bodily comforts
they are quite happy to bunk two to a stateroom under middle passage
conditions, and pay up to Cr25,000 each for their 'pilgrimage'.

You are a noble count so you don't need to worry about money. You
haven't asked the captain yet to be allowed a place in front of the
porthole in the air lock.

13 837496-E
Hobbies : History 2, Env.Suite 2, Unarmed MA 2, Astrogation 2

17 837496-E
Str 8 + Unarmed MA 2 = A
Agl 3
Con 7 + Env. Suite 2 = 9
Int 4
Edu 9 + Astrogation 2 = B
+ History 2 = B



You have run away from home, ended up at the downport and hidden
inside a container going to Lunion. You have heard that the ship will
go to Ianic - a desert planet populated by Jonkeereen.

" Deneb 1324 Jonkeer : The inhabitants of the world, the Jonkeereen
are geneered humans, created by Imperial Ministery of Colonization of
Desert Environments.

Jonkeereen are tall, thin and dark skinned, with protective membrans
shielding thier eyes and ears. More important than these cosmetic
differences are sophisticated changes to their metabolism that allow
them to survive in the temperature extremes of the dry desert

Jonkeer's live at Spinwards 2215, 1924, 3123, 0533, 1736, 1836, Deneb
0701, 2717, 1524, and 1433. "

13 6B4468-A
Hobbies : Act/Bluff 2, Piloting Glider 2, Grav Belt 2
Xeno-Biology 2

17 6B4458-A

Str 6 +
Agl B + Piloting Glider 2 = D
Grav Belt 2 = D
Con 4
Int 4
Edu 6 + Xeno Biology 2 = 8
Chr 8 + Act/Bluff 2 = A

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