Tsarina WriteUp

TSARINA D120636-5 Rob Dean (robdean@access.digex.net)

Colonized in 697 from Glisten for exploitation of platinum group
metals. The ownership of the mining company came to be controlled by
three families by 726, and has remained so since. The colony is
totally dependent on imports of food and equipment--equipment of up to
TL9 is used, but there is no repair capability. The situation is
becoming unstable at present as Glisten social activists are engaging
in a propaganda campaign among the mineworkers. The workers them-
selves suffer from prolonged breeding among too small a breeding
stock, and have an substantially subnormal average IQ. They are also
extremely superstitious, and view the three families as ruling by
divine right, which has led to limited success thus far for the Glis-
ten social activists. "Stupid as a Tsarina miner" is a common turn of
phrase in the subsector.
Imports: Food, Parts, Heavy Equipment
Exports: Platinum group metals
Restrictions: Books, tapes, and other data media are severely
restricted, with import duties for approved items starting at 400% of
base value and going up.

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