Macene WriteUp

Macene System Dakin Burdick (

Macene is home to 90,000 belters, a classic breed. Individualistic,
responding poorly to authority, but always prepared for anything, the
residents of Macene and their asteroid settlements provide a natural
haven for the pirates that roam the backwater worlds of the Lanth-Rhylanor

Although Macene is essentially non-industrial, there are a few independent
contractors who maintain, service and upgrade the equipment most needed
by asteroid miners and other belters: ships, spacesuits, and mining
tools. Dzerba Dynamics is the largest of these concerns, and specializes
in the maintainence and refurbishing of starships, making them closely
linked to both pirate vessels and free traders. With a high technological
level and a low regard for the law, Dzerba often provides many modifications
of which Imperial authorities do not approve. That doesn't bother the
belters though. As long as the money flows and their visitors don't raise
too much hell, Qualish asteroid (the location of Dzerba's drydock) welcomes
all visitors. Qualish features a starport bar of legendary proportions,
where many of those visitors either are stripped of their extra credits,
or learn much of the shady underworld activities in the Spinward Marches.

Obviously, the Naval Base is present in this system to keep tabs on
illegal modifications and piratical activity, but they are have been
singularly unsuccessful on this score. In fact, the order imposed in local
space by the presence of the Navy has actually encouraged a more open
and free trade in contraband and rare commodities.

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