Anika Subsector

@SUB-SECTOR: Anika SECTOR: Foreven
$1212 1012 0 0 13
$1212 1314 0 0 13
$1314 1612 0 0 13
$1412 1212 0 0 13
$1412 1612 0 0 13
$1212 1312 0 0 13
$1612 1815 1 0 13
$1618 1815 1 0 13
$1618 1920 1 0 13
$1012 0712 -1 0 13
$1312 1412 0 0 13
$1212 0910 0 -1 13
#PlanetName   Loc. UPP Code   B   Notes         Z  PBG Al LRX *
#----------   ---- ---------  - --------------- -  --- -- --- -
Stradl        0911 X8B1000-0    Ba Fl Lo Ni     R  010 Zh
Ora'shtivl    0914 C661646-7    Ri Ni           A  503 Zh
Chabriaezh    0915 B895630-A    Ag Ni              921 Zh
Roia          0919 C573873-7                       401 Na
Il Ser        1012 B537458-7  Z Ni                 111 Zh
Shrdrplibrie  1016 B402487-C    Ic Ni Va           101 Zh
Rafra         1111 E330885-6    De Na Po           524 Zh
Ebriapl       1112 C000854-A    As Na              922 Zh
Azhshinti     1115 A777784-A    Ag                 504 Zh
Zdovesil      1212 A65588A-9  Z Cp                 103 Zh
Vla Mev       1214 C557134-8    Lo Ni              213 Zh
Dla'zevl      1216 E360787-4    De Ri              920 Zh
Belt Maginum  1218 B000888-B    As                 423 Na
Oriaj A'      1312 A474332-B  Y Lo Ni              213 Zh
Dashiietl     1314 A210525-E  Z Ni                 811 Zh
Iazbreliep    1316 C535769-6    Po                 803 Zh
Clamp         1317 D553231-3    Lo Ni Po           700 Na
Hamagast      1319 E6458BE-2                    A  701 Na
Edaj          1411 A573795-C                       224 Zh
Enjiaim       1412 B446567-C  Z Ag Ni              804 Zh
Ile Danse     1416 A56A756-B    Ri Wa              404 Na
Kormorant     1419 C6A4554-8    Fl Ni              900 Na
Jaliaia       1519 C754320-7    Lo Ni              312 Na
Tlivsiqlal    1612 B443754-A  Z Po                 202 Zh
Battle        1617 X210000-0    Ba Lo Ni        R  024 Na
Tlebria       1618 A889614-D  X Ni                 825 Zc
Gohrost       1619 X110000-0    Ba Lo Ni        R  023 Na
Yanagh        1620 C236545-7    Ni                 910 Na

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Subsector description and mapping by: James Kundert a.k.a. GypsyComet

Anika subsector contains 28 worlds, 17 of which are within the Zhodani Consulate. The remaining eleven are "independant" worlds sandwiched between the Zhodani Consulate and the Avalar Consulate.

The highest population in the subsector is 900 million at Ebriapl (1112). The highest tech level is 14 at Dashiietl (1314). The subsector lacks any High Population worlds, giving it the feel of a backwater region to those used to the presence of such worlds driving events around them. While the most populated world is in the Zhodani half of the subsector, the Zhodani and Independant populations are evenly matched overall at about 1.5 billion each.

Five of the subsector's seven A-starports are in Zhodani territory. The sixth, at Ile Danse (1416) is only at TL11 and poses no threat to either the Zhodani or the Avalar. The starship yards of Ile Danse are minor compared to the craftyards of Belt Maginum (1218), and the Consulate carefully cultivates enough distrust between the two worlds to keep their strengths seperated for the most part.

Despite protestations to the contrary by all parties, the Zhodani effectively control the entire region economically if not politically. With no great industrial powerhouses present, the region's economy is ruled by the three agricultural worlds, all in Zhodani space.

Hamagast (1319) is home to the H'Mag, a minor race vaguely reminiscent of Terra's Secretary Bird (a long-legged African raptor) known for their "enthusiastic" Police and Customs Officers, who take great pleasure in making up rules and enforcing them with truncheon or bribe (or both, if the bribe isn't large enough). This and other "charming" racial traits have conspired against any technological rise being made available to the H'Mag by the Belt Maginites OR the Zhodani.

James Kundert
April 16, 1998

Anika SS Galactic

There is one difference in this version of Anika SS compared to the version at GypsyComets site.
The planet called Tare (1618) was renamed to Tlebria as indicated in LBB-7 Merchant Prince. Tlebria is the homeport of Iadria Vlovl, a Zhodani Sector-Wide Merchant Company that provides transport between major Zhodani worlds and has extended this service to high population non-Zhodani Worlds in the sector. The company specialises in cargo (rather than passenger) transport. Iadria Vlovl enjoys a Zhodani military subsidy, and its ships are armed.
Iadria Vlovl has chosen not to have its homeport in Zhodani Space for the same reasons that many of Earth's shipping companies are located in Panama or Liberia. At Tlebria it is also conveniently located on the trade route between the Avalar Consulate and the Zhodani Consulate.

The Planet Zdovesil (1212) is from Imperial Lines #1.
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