Fessor Subsector

Name        Hex      UPP        TradeClass     Alg. Base Zone  GG
Lanei       0107   B502565-B    Ic,Ni,Va       Zc     Z        G
Lorelei     0108   C668742-7    Ag,Ri          Na          A   G
Rematen     0110   AAB5500-D    Fl,Ni          Zc     X
Okopivo     0201   C340564-7    De,Ni,Po       Na              G
Orval       0203   E765674-5    Ag,Ni,Ri       Na          A   G
Nilestart   0204   D66475A-6    Ag,Ri          Zc     X
Cigura      0205   E676500-4    Ag,Ni          Zc              G
Blukjere    0206   B7658DG-7    -              Na          A   G
Roopolaty   0302   C65667A-9    Ag,Ni          Na          A   G
Cadabibado  0305   B855598-B    Ag,Ni          Na              G
Esia'dria   0401   C564789-8    Ag,Ri          Zh     Z        G
Agnasti     0402   C100433-D    Ni,Va          Na          A
FESSOR      0404   B510999-D    Hi,In,Na,Cp    Cs     S
Ynotpu      0410   B322569-A    Ni,Po          Zc
Ecahesa     0510   D410555-B    Ni             Na              G
Askadero    0603   B747221-A    Lo,Ni          Cs     N        G
Apinanto    0604   E431432-6    Ni,Po          Na              G
Pynchan     0605   C656795-9    Ag             Na          A   G
Parthinia   0608   C694655-C    Ag,Ni          Na
Gwydion     0610   C442535-9    Ni,Po          Na              G
Ugenie      0701   X597000-0    Ba,Lo,Ni       Na          R   G
Lanilre     0705   C333472-8    Ni,Po          Na              G
Malefolge   0706   B787699-7    Ag,Ni,Ri       Na          A   G
Wadanga     0709   C438131-8    Lo,Ni          Na              G
Koskepoc    0802   B769758-A    Ri             Na              G
Saphi       0804   B470689-C    De,Ni          Cs              G
Calo        0805   D56A755-9    Ri,Wa          Na              G
Elindu      0807   E764300-4    Lo,Ni          Na          A   G

Fessor subsector is between the two large empires, The 3:rd Imperium and The Zhodani Consulate. (But a bit closer to the Zhodani Consulate.) Both empires try to economically, and otherwise influence the different worlds. The population of the subsector is mostly of solomani origin, and is often more pro-imperium than pro-zhodani. But the total population isn't very large. Just below 3 billion. (2.4 billion at the Imperium controlled planet of Fessor.) The tech-level isn't very high either, since this subsector has been seen as a battlespace for the next frontier war, one has not been really interested to invest too much, and Fessor subsector has become a backwater subsector.

In this subsector there are many rich and agricultural worlds, but this hasn't helped this subsector much. Religion is a strong force in Fessor Subsector, and this have kept some worlds at a lower tech-level than they otherwise would have.

Fessor SS Hi-Res (50k) Wait for it to load!

In Alien Realms (Deep Metal) it is said Parthinia is 6 weeks from zhodani space. It is here placed six jump-2s from the closest zhodani (not just zhodani client) planet. Deep Metal is about a zhodani diplomatic/trading mission, trying to get a mining contract at Parthinia. Parthinia is also home of the human minor race called The Issigur.

From JTAS 21 (Homesteader's Stand) is the planet of Lorelei. This adventure is about a religious cult, that have fled from the religious dictatorship of Blukjere, two parsecs away. These refugees have now turned bad, and are terrorising a peaceful farm valley...

Aces & Eights must be one of my favourite Amber Zone adventures. (From JTAS 14) This adventure starts out as a gambling investigation on a luxury liner. It is said that the luxury liner will pass the planet of Malefolge...

At Gwydion the free trader Themis has crashed. An adventure about the investigation of the crash is found in JTAS 16 (Last flight of the Themis).

Rebel leader Enoc su-Krang has hired a number of mercenary contingents to take over the government at Pynchan. In JTAS 7 (Pursue and Destroy) the events of a small mercenary group is played. (Here it is recommended that, Mercenary and Azhanti High Lightning rules are used, but I would suggest Striker rules.)

On Orval there is a brotherhood of monks that brew a very good beer. They can be quite violent when defending their brewing secrets.

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