Titan Subsector

@SUB-SECTOR: Titan SECTOR: Foreven
#PlanetName   Loc. UPP Code   B   Notes         Z  PBG Al LRX *
#----------   ---- ---------  - --------------- -  --- -- --- -
Highbury      0926 B566879-9    Ri                 2 3 Na
Garbo         0930 B211512-9    Ic Ni              1 4 Na
Anfield       1026 C8B9101-B    Fl Lo Ni           6 4 Na
Solochov      1124 C335797-A  J                    1 4 Av
Trafford      1126 C574651-6    Ag Ni           A  7 3 Na
PASTERNAK     1224 D573944-5    Hi In              2 3 Av
Bunin         1325 D202200-7    Ic Lo Ni Va        8 3 Av
Unaski        1329 E2007AB-8    Na Va           A  4 1 Av
Ninox         1330 D130897-7    De Na Po           5 4 Av
Telypo        1422 C65658B-5    Ag Ni           A  6 0 Av
Totashev      1423 C587544-8    Ag Ni           A  1 2 Av
Bamse         1426 B000897-B  J As Na              1 3 Av
Evaberi       1427 C302868-7    Ic Na Va           2 4 Av
Spokes        1428 B40086A-7    Na Va              115 Av
TITAN         1429 A642ABA-D  J Hi In Po Cp        2 3 Av
Nordstrom     1523 DADA511-8    Fl Ni Wa           4 0 Av
Pudimon       1528 C41076A-7    Na                 4 3 Av
Naphopi       1622 A458744-D  J Ag                 4 1 Av
HEPRING       1628 B6789AD-C  J Hi In           A  6 3 Av
Robalin       1630 B969898-B  J Ri                 2 4 Av

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If you come from the Zhodani Consulate, Titan subsector is the entrance to the Avalar Consulate. The traderoute from zhodani space first goes to the planet Naphopi and then further in different ways into the Avalar Consulate. The Zhodani has helped Naphopi to build a good starport and raised the planets tech-level. Naphopi is now a high tech agricultural world that produces lots of nice exotic and gene manipulated foodstuffs.

Further rimward is the Titan Industrial Cluster, with the industrial worlds of Titan and Hepring. Other worlds in this cluster are mineral rich. In this cluster is also the high population world Xenough in Xenough Subsector. Most worlds in this cluster has quite a high law-level to protect its resources. Four worlds in the subsector are independent. The others are part of the Avalar Consulate.

The total population of Titan subsector is 32 billion, (25 billion at Titan) and the highest tech-level is 13 at Titan and Naphopi.

Titan SS Galactic

The Planet Spokes (1428) is from another version of the Foreven sector by Dylan Lee.
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