Maps and Data

Library Data and Astrography

This library data section is not alphabetically ordered. Instead it is location ordered, so that You easier can find what is relevant for a specific planet.

Usingou Gvurrdon Tuglikki
Foreven Spinward Marches Deneb
The Beyond Trojan Reaches Reft Sector

GypsyComet, Dylan Lee and I have mapped the Foreven Sector. Foreven Sector is directly spinward (left) of the Spinward Marches.

The Space Atlas:

WARNING, Horizontal scrolling ahead!

Making your own subsector:

Check out the Random Subsector Generator.
Make as many Subsectors as you want…

If you make your own Subsector, Have a look at this post:
What makes a Subsector popular?

For the TML Landgrab, I have grabbed Cipango (Chronor 0705)

Four very good mapping programs are:

Some ATU Subsectors:

Some Blank Maps:

Other traveller sites with library and astrography data are:

Real astronomy maps (that doesn’t match the TU very well):

Terra Hex


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  1. Excellent new look and the Striker Video is killer. Thank you for all the great work you do to keep Traveller alive.

  2. Any idea how to get Universe these days? Not getting any response from BITS.

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