The Foreven Sector

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Below are the subsectors of the Foreven Sector. Select a subsector below to read more information. These subsectors were made as a fan based project by GypsyComet, Dylan Lee and BeRKA. Foreven Sector is a referee’s preserve.

The same information can also be found in the Zhodani Base Space Atlas.

Shivva Lieber Shial Massina
Pieplow Anika Mowbrey Fessor
Lassana Titan Xenough Reidain
Rull Harem Piah Urnian

Fun Stuff from Traveller Map

Big GIF Poster:

Foreven Big Map from Traveller Map

Printable version of the same map.

Foreven Map generated from Galactic DataSmall Map and Dot Map

I have also made a program that can generate a small map and a dot map based on the sector data.

To the right is my small map that was generated with the Foreven Sector data.

The dot map can be seen at my dotmap space Atlas.

Foreven GalacticGalactic Map

Using the mapping program called Galactic 2.4 by Jim Vassilakos, this map was made (with the help of GIMP to add the text).

Foreven status

The status of Foreven Sector is explained in a pdf document at Marc Millers FFE website.

BeRKA’s canon notes on Foreven

From Imperiallines #1:

  • All star positions and the borders.
  • AVALAR 1636 A75599C-C J Hi Cp 904 Av
  • Zdovesil 1212 A65588A-9 Z Cp 103 Zh
  • Hollis 2523 A370642-C A De Ni A 303 Cs

From Double Adventure 5. (Chamax Plague/Horde)

  • Alenzar 3229 C000414-9 As Ni 513 Cs
  • Raschev 3230 C8697C4-6 123 Cs

From LBB-7 Merchant Prince

  • Tlebria 1618

From Alien Module 5 (Droyne)

  • Droyne planets at approx. 0513, 3003.

From Alien Realms (The Deep Metal Adventure)

  • Parthinia

Parthinia is the home of the human minor race called The Issigur. It is said Parthinia is 6 weeks from Zhodani space. I placed it six jump-2s from the closest Zhodani planet. (3018)

WriteUps for planets in the Foreven Sector

Pete Gray has made some nice planet WriteUps (for TNE) that can be found in the BARD archive.

Pete has done even more WriteUps, that can be found at various places.

Adventure in the Foreven Sector

At the Amber Zone page, you can find adventures amber zones and patrons that can be used in the Foreven Sector. The entries of the annual The Zhodani Base 76 Patrons Writing Contest can also be found at that page.

Mnemosyne SourcebookMnemosyne Sourcebook

Dylan Lee wrote a sourcebook for the DSL Ironworks version of the Mnemosyne Principality in the Foreven Sector.

Download Sector files for Foreven

Download HES-file for Foreven Sector (for Heaven & Earth) (by David Smart)
Download SEC-file for Foreven Sector
Download MSEC-file for Foreven Sector for sec2pdf
Download XML-file with metadata for Foreven Sector
Download SEC-file for Foreven Sector T5 version (by Reaver)
Download XML-file with metadata for Foreven Sector T5 version (by Reaver)

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