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Urnian Subsector

@SUB-SECTOR: Urnian SECTOR: Foreven
#PlanetName   Loc. UPP Code   B   Notes         Z  PBG Al LRX *
#----------   ---- ---------  - --------------- -  --- -- --- -
Dinpholasy    2532 B988676-9    Ag Ni Ri        A  1 5 Av
LUNE          2537 C4409A6-A    De Hi In        A  1 3 Na
Ronu          2632 E534440-3    Ni Po              4 2 Av
Lela          2634 C310400-A    Ni                 9 2 Na
Suspe         2731 B8C6311-C  J Fl Lo Ni           9 4 Av
Capshobem     2736 D78A100-6    Lo Ni Wa           2 3 Na
Nosafo        2739 E320213-6    De Lo Ni Po        3 0 Na
Nanno         2740 D500456-9    Ni Va              5 4 Na
URNIAN        2833 B9779AC-A  N Hi In Cp           5 3 Cs
PYLKAH        2834 E463977-9    Hi                 3 5 Na
Nato          2835 E795230-5    Lo Ni           A  1 0 Na
Okunpamsk     2836 C300201-9    Lo Ni Va           3 2 Na
Ipmokyng      2838 C739878-9                       3 4 Na
Udika         2934 C659322-8    Lo Ni              9 5 Na
Ovdyo         2935 C422425-C    Ni Po              8 5 Cs
Kutadis       2937 E668214-2    Lo Ni           A  1 4 Na
Cinboshabo    2938 C422685-B  S Na Ni Po           8 4 Cs
Tenynti       2940 C130151-B    De Lo Ni Po        1 4 Na
Vapchy        3034 B847320-7    Lo Ni              3 4 Na
Gotylu        3035 E688699-2    Ag Ni Ri        A  9 4 Na
Novoterre     3037 C765877-5  S Ri              R  8 4 Cs
Benoncra      3131 B628567-9  S Ni                 2 3 Cs
Lorapa        3134 C140864-6  S De Po              6 4 Cs
Mainap        3135 E363400-5    Ni                 8 3 Na
Shofrete      3232 X73A863-5    Wa              R  3 1 Cs
Taupi         3236 E6A4447-4    Fl Ni           A  2 2 Na
Ake           3238 D5356AA-8    Ni                 1 1 Cs

Urnian subsector is just outside the Imperium. There are very important trade routes from Five Sisters subsector to the Kamrati League and then further to the Zhodani Consulate, and also the other way.

Three worlds in the subsector is under Avalar Consulate control. This portion of the Avalar Consulate is the former Kamrati League. All other worlds are either Non-Aligned or Client-States to the Imperium.

All the profitable trade in this subsector also attracts pirates, but even though this area of space is outside the Imperium, the Imperial Navy patrols the major trade routes. This is done both to keep the trade routes free of pirates, and to show force against the Zhodani. The Imperiums most spinward navalbase is located at URNIAN.

The total population in Urnian subsector is 11 billion. (5 billion at URNIAN) The highest TL is C at Suspe and Ovdyo. (year ca. 1100)

N = Imperial Navy
S = Imperial Scout
J = Avalar Navy

Na = Non-aligned
Cs = Imperial Client State
Av = Avalar Consulate

Urnian Subsector


Urnian Subsector. Created using post function at Traveller Map.
Urnian Subsector

Urnian Urnian

Urnian Subsector | Old Map using the Berka Mapping System (that is also used in the Universe program).
Urnian Subsector Galactic


Urnian Subsector | Output from Galactic program
Urnian Subsector


Urnian Subsector created using Cosmographer-3

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  1. Says there is a trade route but not one of the many identical maps seems to bother giving a visual clue. Doesn’t even have the words on which worlds on the text.

  2. No route has been added to the map since there are so many alternative ways to get from the right side of the map to the upper left.

    The planet Urnian would probably be on such a route.

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