Name    Hex    UPP        TradeClass  Alg. Base Zone  GG
PYLKAH  0404   E463977-9  Hi   Na                     G 

Pylkah is a High-population, balkanized word. The gravity is low the air is breathable. This could have been a nice place to live, but the water content is a bit low, and there is a constant risk of war between the numerous countries, and some of these have nuclear capability. Pylkah imports lots of weapons from Urnian to equip their armies.

The three major powers at Pylkah (Pyllos, Nordicia and Amarutios) each have one type E starport. (It is also possible to land at large airports in other countries.) The Imperium is trying to improve their influence over Pylkah, and is now helping the largest country (Pyllos) to build a class C starport.

Most of Pylkah is desert, and most countries are centred around the two small oceans. The wildlife of Pylkah is interesting, with a mix of vertebrates and highly evolved invertebrates. There is also a semi-intelligent creature, that have been used as slave-labour, but that is outlawed now.

Starport E Frontier installation
Size 4 4000 miles (6400 km)
Atmosphere 6 Standard
Hydrographics 3 30% water
Population 9 3 000 000 000
Government 7 Balkanization
Law Level 7 see book 3, page 11
Tech Level 9 ca. 1990-2000

Other Data:
Tradeclass: High Population
Cargo: E-9 Hi Cr6900
Average Temperature: 18 C

PYLKAH Adventure Hooks

The Spy

A person that introduces herself as a representative of a minor republic wants to buy a middle passage on the PCs ship. She is willing to pay Cr. 50,000 extra if the PCs will fly (at low altitude) over a restricted area 100 km from the starport, so that she can take some photos. Dangers will involve avoiding the local COACC forces, and running the risk of being banned from that country’s starport.

She wants to be dropped off for 10 minutes in the restricted area to set up some spying device.

She wants to be dropped off for 10 minutes in the restricted area to set up a bomb…


(For PCs with military background)
The PCs are contacted by a representative of a minor kingdom that need help to train their elite troops. The kingdom has acquired some hi-tech weapons systems, and they don’t have the expertise to do the training themselves, and they cannot trust someone from another country.

Some possible complications…
The king is not very popular, and the elite troops wants to start a revolution

The elite troops is used to crush a peasant revolt.

The kingdom might go to war.

The Pycoons

Pycoons are the most intelligent life form indigenous to Pylkah. Pycoons have been used as slave labour, doing simple household work and farming and mining, but that was outlawed in most countries a hundred years ago. Some military forces still use them as mine clearers. Pycoons have not been classified as semi-intelligent, but some scientists say they should be.

A group of scientist wants to hire the PCs to join them on an expedition to look for and study pycoons in the wild. The PCs can work as drivers, camera crew, hunters or body guards (or anything else that can be useful)
Use the Pylkah Animal Encounter Tables when looking for the Pycoons.

Maybe someone wants to stop the scientist from finding out more about the pycoons. This could be someone, or an organization, or some minor country’s military that uses pycoons as slave labour.

Maybe there could be some trouble with the Nomads.

The Silver Bugs

If the PCs are very poor, let them hear about the Silver Bugs.

Silver Bugs have a silvery skin. For this they have nearly been hunted to extinction. On the black-market a dead animal is worth Cr. 2,000 and a living one, Cr. 10,000.
Use the Pylkah Animal Encounter Tables when looking for the Silver Bugs.

Unless someone has Streetwise skill, locating a buyer of the skins will be quite difficult, and may lead to trouble with the local police, environmentalists and animal rights activists.

The Nomads

The Nomads are a people who travels the wastelands of Pylkah in small groups on the back of their Hoftas.
Sometimes they get into conflicts with landowners over water rights and feeding rights for their Hoftas.
Most governments are on the Nomads side in this conflict, and say that the Nomads have the rights to the wastelands, because they were there first.

The PCs are contacted by a group of landowners who wants to drive the Nomads of their lands. The landowners don’t want anyone to be killed. They just want the PCs to fly with their ship over the nomads to scare their Hoftas. When the Hoftas are running loose, the landowners and PCs can kill them.
Problems with this plan are:
It is politically incorrect. The PCs might have trouble with local authorities.
The Nomads will defend themselves. (The usually have carbines.)

The PCs are asked to help the Nomads.
This could evolve into an epic Dune-Type adventure…

Isodecahedron map of Pylkah
Isodecahedron map of Pylkah

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