Name      Hex    UPP        TradeClass     Alg. Base Zone  GG
URNIAN    0403   B9779AC-A  Hi,In,"Cp"     Cs   A          G

URNIAN, the most important world of Urnian subsector. It is a trade center on the trade route from the Imperium to the Kamrati league. It is also an industrial world, and its most important industry is all sorts of military products.

Urnian is ruled by the popular and good-looking dictator Leila Utsukushi. The Utsukushi family has ruled this world for almost two centuries now. It was Hermann Utsukushi, (Leila’s Grandfather) that tightened the bands to the Imperium, and made Urnian a Client State. The Utsukushi family have benefited a lot from this. But other noble families were not always so happy. The ones that protested were eliminated. The Law Level of Urnian is still very high, and you are not allowed to say something bad about the ruling family.

The industry has polluted the air, and filtermasks must be worn outside. The air is breathable for short periods, but 24 hours without filtermask will cause permanent lung damage.

There is a hat parade once a year where the ruling class and the ultra rich families parade with a pet brain-sucker (a rare animal from Ronu) on their heads.

Starport B Good quality installation
Size 9 9000 miles (14400 km)
Atmosphere 7 Standard, tainted
Hydrographics 7 70% water
Population 9 5 000 000 000
Government A Charismatic Dictator
Law Level C see book 3, page 11
Tech Level A Interstellar community

Other Data:
Tradeclass: Hi-Pop, Industrial
Cargo: B-A In, Hi Cr3000
Average Temperature: 25 C


Planet  SP-TL  TradeClass  Price  Avail  D6   Qty.     Type
URNIAN   B-A    In, Hi     Cr3000   4+   1    D6*10    Steel
                                         2    D6*5     Grain
                                         3+   D6*10    Weapon Systems

Export rules: none
                                sell DM     duty/law        penalty
Import rules: Drugs               +5       not allowed     2D6 years
              Luxury Goods        +3          100%         fine 10*val
              Military Products   -2      50% Controlled   fine 5*val

URNIAN Small Cargo:

URNIAN Small Cargo: Advanced Combat Rifles (6 Rifles)
              Lots: 2D6-2 of 50kg
             Value: Cr6000/lot
              Type: Military, Weapons
      Availability: 4+
  Special Handling: None

1-3 No problems.
4-6 Very strict control that the weapons aren't resold
    at URNIAN. This will delay the PCs 2 days.

URNIAN Adventure Hooks

The Assassin
The PCs are hired as bodyguards by a noble family. They suspect that a rival noble family has hired an assassin to kill the head of the family at the annual (brain-sucker) hat parade. The hat parade is something that the adults of the noble family must attend. Otherwise they will lose some status in the eyes of the public and the other noble families, and they will be seen as cowards. The PCs will have to check the crowds carefully to see if they can spot the assassin…

It might be the PCs that are hired as the assassins.

The Local Police
The PCs are arrested by the local police for wearing the wrong type of clothing on this day. Wearing such clothing on this day is an offense against the ruling Utsukushi family.
Or they could be arrested for any other minor offense.
A local noble will eventually hire a lawyer that will help them get out, but now they are in debt to the noble…
The noble says he will ask them for a favor sometime…

The PCs are contacted by a tall black dressed man in a starport bar.
“You look like some honest offworlders that might help me” he says.
The tall man has eight tons of cargo that he wants to put on the PCs ship. Four tons of weapons, and four tons of grain. The PCs must switch the stickers on the cargoes, and deliver the weapons to a warehouse on the Naasirka controlled (insystem) moon Sapphiro. Then the PCs can jump out of the system.
The four tons of grain the PCs can sell anywhere.
On the return to Urnian, the PCs have to stop at Sapphiro to pick up a cargo of four tons of ore, and deliver this to a warehouse at the main starport at Urnian. This cargo is the original cargo with the weapons, but with a new address. The PCs will be paid Cr. 40,000 (plus the four tons of grain) for this simple job. But there are risks…
Smuggling weapons to terrorists is a major crime at Urnian…

Dragon Hunt
The PCs are invited (as guest, bodyguards, alpinists, hunters or whatever) to a dragon hunt held by a fat noble in his mountain estate. The noble wants to mount the dragons head in his game room. There are only a few of the dragons left, living on the mountain tops.
The hunt will be done in nice weather in a g-carrier with a light laser mount. The noble will himself take the shot. The PCs and maybe others will get down on the mountain, or glacier to look for the kill, cut of its head and then get back to the pickup point. The dragon head must not be damaged, or the noble will have the PCs punished.
It will be difficult to carry it in this terrain. Also, the weather might change…
Except for being on a mountain top, there can be other dangerous situations that the PCs will have to deal with. There can be an environmentalist group that wants to stop the hunt, and they might attack the PCs or the pickup g-carrier. Then the PCs have to get down to the castle by themselves… and maybe face punishment…

A noble family had a story similar to that of the ravens at the Tower of London. (The tradition says that as long as there are dragons at the family castle, the family will remain powerful.) This family had to modify the story, and build a castle in the mountains when the lowland dragons became extinct. Now a rival noble family, or a rebel group wants to kill the dragons at the noble families mountain estate, to embarrass the family and/or takeover the estate. Now the PCs just have to shot at all dragons they see… The dangers are the noble family air force, and the police, but maybe also environmentalists.

The PCs can join the environmentalists as they attack the hunters…

The Environmentalists
The PCs sit in a starport bar. When they complain about having to wear filtermask due to the pollution, a woman in a purple suit approaches them. She say they look like honest offworders, that understands the pollution problem, and ask them if they will help to do something about it.
The woman’s environmentalist group plans a greenpeace type action, which she knows will be stopped brutally by the police. She wants the PCs to document this and smuggle the vid-chip to the press in the Imperium (or to the Avalars).

She wants the PCs to use their spaceship to drop the environmentalists off on the roof of a chemical factory…

She wants the PCs to take a more active part in a more violent action…

Isodecahedron Map of Urnian:
Isodecahedron map of Urnian

Map of triangle 12 (Zoom to Capital):
Map of triangle 12 (Zoom to Capital)

Map of hex 21 of triangle 12 (More Zoom):
Map of hex 21 of triangle 12 (More Zoom)

Urnian J-6 Map:

Urnian is located between Avalar and Imperial Space in Urnian Subsector. Other important planets close to Urnian are:

Name          UPP     
LUNE        C4409A6-A
PYLKAH      E463977-9

Urnian J-6 Map

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