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IMTU - Pirates
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IMTU - Jump Tonnage
IMTU - Hivers
IMTU - Heresy
IMTU - Drop Tanks
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IMTU - Gearheadedness
IMTU - Vargr
How does piracy work IYTU (In Your Traveller Universe)?

  What about the Centaurs IYTU (In Your Traveller Universe)?

  What about Jump Torpedoes IYTU (In Your Traveller Universe)?

  What about Hivers IYTU (In Your Traveller Universe)?

  What about Heresy IYTU (In Your Traveller Universe)?

  What about Drop Tanks (and tankless systems) IYTU (In Your Traveller Universe)?

  What about the Solomani IYTU (In Your Traveller Universe)?

  What about Gearheadedness IYTU (In Your Traveller Universe)?   What about the Vargr IYTU (In Your Traveller Universe)?

pi++: 12.75%

pi+: 55.88%

pi: 24.51%

pi-: 3.92%

pi--: 2.94%

Total Votes: 102

kk++: 8.82%

kk+: 7.84%

kk: 35.29%

kk-: 32.35%

kk--: 15.69%

Total Votes: 102

jt++: 11.88%

jt+: 23.76%

jt: 26.73%

jt-: 13.86%

jt--: 23.76%

Total Votes: 101

hi++: 11.88%

hi+: 29.70%

hi: 35.64%

hi-: 10.89%

hi--: 11.88%

Total Votes: 101

he++: 23.53%

he+: 51.96%

he: 15.69%

he-: 7.84%

he--: 0.98%

Total Votes: 102

ta++: 30.39%

ta+: 21.57%

ta: 19.61%

ta-: 18.63%

ta--: 9.80%

Total Votes: 102

so++: 17.82%

so+: 22.77%

so: 43.56%

so-: 9.90%

so--: 5.94%

Total Votes: 101

ge++: 19.23%

ge+: 42.31%

ge: 32.69%

ge-: 4.81%

ge--: 0.96%

Total Votes: 104

va++: 35.34%

va+: 33.62%

va: 23.28%

va-: 6.03%

va--: 1.72%

Total Votes: 116

IMTU codes for Piracy:

pi++   Piracy exists and is rampant. Anyone may commit piracy. Ship tracking and ID are uncommon.

pi+   Piracy exists. Antipiracy is mostly political or economic, and is inadequate. Transponders may be changed or masked, or are not widespread or sufficient.

pi   Piracy only exists in the vacuum of government or corporate morals.

pi-   Piracy is not sustainable.

pi--   Piracy is impossible.

IMTU codes for the K'kree:

kk++   I like K'kree roasted over a spit with BBQ sauce. (i.e. We use K'kree in every game, and sometimes we have K'kree PCs.)

kk+   I like K'kree only if the meat is mixed into a haggis. (i.e. We often use the K'kree in our games.)

kk   K'kree have a funny aftertaste... (i.e. We sometimes use K'kree in our games.)

kk-   K'kree smell funny. (i.e. We only use the K'kree as background material.)

kk--   All K'kree should be catapulted into the sun. (i.e. I hate my little pony! The K'kree doesn't exist IMTU.)


IMTU codes for Jump Tonnage:

jt++   Jump torpedoes are not only canonical (Adventure 4), but absolutely necessary for survival as we know it.

jt+   Jump boats are do-able, economical in many cases, and cool.

jt   Jumpships under 100t might exist in experimental form --
but there are various problems with the design.

jt-   Jumpships under 100t are too small, or they open too big a can of worms.

jt--   Small jumpships destroy Traveller.

IMTU codes for the Hivers:

hi++   Hivers are the Puppeteers from _Tales of Known Space_. Fun! (i.e. We use Hivers in every game, and sometimes we have Hiver PCs.)

hi+   Hivers are convincingly alien. (i.e. We often use the Hivers in our games.)

hi   Hivers are okay. (i.e. We sometimes use Hivers in our games.)

hi-   I have some problems with Hivers. (i.e. We only use the Hivers as background material.)

hi--   All Hivers should be ground into haggis. (i.e. Sophont starfish - Yeah Right! The Hivers don't exist IMTU.)

IMTU codes for the Heresy:

he++   The technological devices, social structures, and related background material IMTU require careful and detailed analysis to prove any link with Traveller whatsoever.

he+   I'll diverge from canon when someone makes a convincing argument, or where canon is clearly broken.

he   The material is fine as it is.

he-   Divergence from published background is just asking for trouble. There's no way a single GM can achieve the scope and consistency of the canon background, and trying to tweak "just one thing" inevitably leads to contradictions.

he--   Marc Miller said it, I believe it, and that settles it.

IMTU codes for Drop Tanks:

ta++   Starships only really need fuel for maneuver.

ta+   "Tankless" systems are often used by large corporations.

ta   Drop tank-assisted jumps are usable at TL14+.

ta-   Drop tank-assisted jumps are expensive and dangerous.

ta--   Drop tank-assisted jumps should be banned.

IMTU codes for the Solomani:

so++   The heirs of the galaxy. (i.e. We use the Solomani in every game, and sometimes we have Solomani PCs.)

so+   Basically a bunch of great guys. (i.e. We often use the Solomani in our games.)

so   You know how humans are... (i.e. We sometimes use the Solomani in our games.)

so-   A bunch of bad eggs. Rabble. Trash. (i.e. We only use the Solomani as background material.)

so--   Should be targetted for termination. (i.e. Terran Nazis - No Way! The Solomani don't exist IMTU.)

IMTU codes for Gearheadedness:

ge++   Intricacy to the subatomic level, please!

ge+   Details === Color

ge   Some detail gives me the flexibility I need for the game.

ge-   Too many rules and steps stifles me.

ge--   Ack! Must we try to explain everything?

IMTU codes for the Vargr:

va++   The Vargr Corsairs are the Klingons of Traveller! (i.e. We use Vargr in every game, and sometimes we have Vargr PCs.)

va+   I am a dog person. (i.e. We often use the Vargr in our games.)

va   The Vargr have a bad breath. (i.e. We sometimes use Vargr in our games.)

va-   Dogs in space, Pigs in space... (i.e. We only use the Vargr as background material.)

va--   Nice furcoat Captain! (i.e. Uplifted wolfs - Yeah Right! The Vargr don't exist IMTU.)

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