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Unit Gallery

The 1188:th Infantry Lift Brigade a.k.a. Aces and Eights was a unit described in an Amber Zone adventure in JTAS-14 by John M. Ford. It was destroyed in a battle at Malefolge in Foreven Sector. Rumor says that they were destroyed in a biowar attack by their supposed local allies, and that a MCr20 payroll was delivered just before the sneak attack...

Cipango Colonial
Cipango Colonial Armored Lift Cavalry is a tough unit although it only is equiped with tech level 12 equipment. But Cipango is usually defended by a lot more than this unit...

The color values goes from 0 to 255. 0 is the darkest. 255 is the brightest. Mix red, green and blue to the color You want for the background.

If You select a predified color, then any other color selection will be discarded.

You can tile the counters in a 5x5 sheet if You want. If You select the Yes++ option, then the Unit ID will be incremented for each counter. (This will only work if the unit ID only have numbers and letters in it.)

To Save the Unit Counters, rightclick and select "Save Image As" and select to save the Unit Counters as a gif-file. (This is basically how to do it, but it may differ with different browsers.)

  • Select 2 ratings to produce FFW style units with a combat value and a tech level.
  • Select 3 ratings to produce a more traditional looking unit counter. These 3 ratings could represent Attack, Defence and Movement values.

    For rating values You can use 1c for 100 etc...

    Selecting "Grav Unit" will put a horizontal line under the unit, just like the Grav (or Lift) units in FFW.

    Selecting "Imperial Sunburst" will only work if you have selected "Imperial Marine" as Predifined Color.

    If You need a hexagon map then You can use the QuickHex to produce one.

    Unit types:


    Unit Symbols, by Major Tom Mouat, UK Army.

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    The program is written in perl using the GD module from boutell.

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