Orange Submarine

The Yellow Submarine Class Auxiliary Transport is a TL-13 design that was used by the Pennsylvaani Confederation.

It is now considered obsolete, and the 30 remaining have been sold as surplus. Some are used as yachts, some as passenger liners. The Orange Submarine is a ship in this class that was sold to ethically challenged merchants.

Orange Submarine

Orange Submarine CounterAuxiliary Transport QT-32334C2-000000-40000-0 MCr209.8171 300ton
 batteries                            3      TL=13 Crew=8
 Fuel=114, EP=12, Agility=1, Emergency=3, Cargo=30

Using a custom 300-ton hull, the Yellow Submarine Class was an Auxiliary Transport. It’s jump rate is 3, It’s maximum acceleration is 3G. Agility is 1, but emergency agility (when not using lasers is 3.) Fuel tankage of 114 tons supports the power plant for eight weeks and allows one jump-3. Adjacent to the bridge is a Model/3/fib computer. There are 16 staterooms but no low berths. There are three beam laser turrets installed; one with two lasers installed and the two other with three. Cargo capacity is 30 tons. The hull is streamlined. The Yellow Submarine Class has a crew of eight: Pilot, Navigator, two Engineers, Medic and three Gunners. The ship costs MCr 204.8171. (A surplus ship can cost from MCr 20 up to MCr 60.)


Orange Submarine in Space
All spaceship art by Ian Stead.



Images of the crew generated with Artflow:

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