Starship Notorious

The Rio Class Auxiliary Transport is a TL-13 design used by the Pennsylvaani Confederation.

It is now considered obsolete, and most have been sold as surplus to Free Traders. Starship Notorious is one of those ships.

Starship Notorious - Rio Class

Notourios CounterAuxiliary Transport QT-52334E2-200000-50003-0 MCr326.2755 500ton
 batteries                            2   1  TL=13 Crew=10
 Fuel=170, EP=20, Agility=1, Emergency=3, Cargo=92

Using a custom 500-ton hull with armor rating 2, the Rio Class was an Auxiliary Transport. Now it is often used by Free Traders in the Pennsylvaani Confederation. It’s jump rate is 3, It’s maximum acceleration is 3G. Agility is 1, but emergency agility (when not using lasers is 3.) Fuel tankage of 170 tons supports the power plant and allows one jump-3. Adjacent to the bridge is a Model/5/fib computer. There are twelve staterooms but no low berths. There are two beam laser turrets installed; both count as six standard lasers. There is one missile turret that counts as a standard triple missile turret. There is one 20-ton Ship’s Boat. Cargo capacity is 92 tons. The hull is streamlined. The Rio Class has a crew of ten: Pilot, Navigator, three Engineers, Medic, Shuttle Pilot and three Gunners. The ship costs MCr 326.2755. (A surplus ship can cost from MCr 30 up to MCr 100.)

The ship is built using CT Book 5 Starships rules.

Starship Notorious

Notorious Deckplans

Starship Notorious

All art by Ian Stead.

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