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1001 SubSectors – Create Random Traveller SubSector Maps!

Select the race You want Your subsector generated for. The rules for subsectors are a bit different depending on which race You select. The planet names will be in a common language use by that race. If You select a frontier, outer limit or barren settlement type, then the planets are not part of the standard empire for that race. For Vargr, only small empires exists, so this is what will be created. If You select Pocket-Empires, You will (usually) get two interstellar powers in the same subsector (just as I recommend if You want to create a popular subsector.) If you select Zork, you will get a subsector with planet names that are inspired by an intrepid space explorer in a very small ship (that usually crashes.)

Select which subsector of the sector You want to create. This will only affect the numbering of the planets.

Select what type of settlement this subsector will have. This will affect the starport quality, the population, and the tech-level. Zhodani is limited to tech-level 14 unless the settlement is Hub or Capital. The settlement value also restricts the population modifier for population-A worlds. It also affects the alignment code, especially for the Vargr race, and it also affects the name of the subsector and sector.

Atmosphere Fix:
If you select “NO”, then standard rules are used for atmosphere. If you select “YES” then my house rule for atmosphere and size is used.

Sector name:
Select if You want a random name for the sector, or if You want to determine the name yourself.

Subsector name:
Select if You want a random name for the subsector, or if You want to determine the name yourself.

Capital name:
Select if You want a random name for the subsector capital, or if You want to determine the name yourself.

Random Neighbours:
Select if You want a random names for the neighbouring subsectors, or if You want to determine the names yourself.

Select the stellar density for the subsector. Standard is 50% chance for each hex having a system. Look at the classic rule books for more info.

Send to TravellerMap.com:
Select your options for the map style and click “Send to TravellerMap.com” to send the random data to Traveller Map. The generated map opens in a new window.

Planet Types:
Planet Key

Hydrographics is calculated differently using different Traveller rule versions.
Four versions (Book-3, T4, T20, T5) use:
Hydrographics = 2d-7+atmosphere
Four versions (Book-6, MT, TNE, MgT) use:
Hydrographics = 2d-7+world size.

Select Background:
Select dark or light background or select one of the other ones with stars and nebulas. You can also select a transparent background so that you can add your own backgrounds.

Routes can be added in the editor.

Download Image:
Right-Click and select save as!

Launch Editor:
The editor is a very simple tool that lets you edit the subsector. You should read about how the Subsector Editor works and its limitations before getting too frustrated.

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26 thoughts on “Random Subsector Generator”

  1. Love the Settlement option. I am working a small spreadsheet project to do the same thing, do you have any guidelines for how the Barren through Capital levels specifically affect the UPPs? Thanks for any help.

  2. Is there an option to manually adjust some settings in the UPP? Or remove some caps (I was trying to create a Darrian Pocket-Empire but TL seems to be capped).

  3. What do the Barren, Outer Limit, Frontier, Backwater, Standard, Mature, Hub, and Capital Settlement options actually do? Is this from a published article somewhere or something of your own creation?

  4. The Settlement is my own creation. It changes the flat probability for a dice. No illegal values will be created.

    Frontier to Barren will also place the worlds outside the Imperium. (Except for Vargr and Pocket-Empire where only Barren is outside.)

  5. Can someone please link me to somewhere I can have the actual meanings of the Remarks? I mean. WTF is Lo???

  6. I see the base codes here seem to be from Classic, and Trade codes also. Not T5. Is that correct?

    I am guessing for Bases, N is Naval, S is Scout, 2 is both N&S, what is *, please? It appears on Solomani Sectors generated. Is it Solomani Naval & Scout?

  7. Hey there. I*m not sure if the comment section here is still active but thank you so much for this. I perhaps got a stupid question but is there a way to generate a empty set of space with correct hexes, subsector names, neighbours and such at 128px travellermap style? Trying to do an exploration focused game and I want the players to explore the hexes and have very little to no info of whats inside the sector they are going to.

  8. The rules for stars are quite different between different rule versions. Some of these rules doesn’t fit well with science. That is why I don’t add star classes in this generator.

  9. Hello, I know this is a stretch, but is there anyway to randomly spawn a whole sector at once rather than going subsector by subsector? Rather then having to remember all the subsector names and remember which of them go where every time I do a subsector

  10. No, there is no way of making a whole sector here.

    I have considered it, and I have written my own command-line program in Python, but there are many issues to consider before I could make it web-based.

  11. Might you be so kind as to list the Base Types available next to the Planet Types? I’ve found P,S,N for Pirate,Scout,Naval but I don’t know what the letter is for Research base (it’s not R) and I haven’t been able to get one to generate randomly.

  12. Research bases are not random. They are usually represented by a Greek letter. Add it yourself on the map you generate.

  13. I don’t know if you know this or not, but the bottom of your blue form (for both this page and the editor) is cut off in the Firefox Browser, so it can’t be used. If possible, could you fix this?

  14. It works on most screens using Firefox. Have you changed the zoom level? You could also open the frame (right click in the blue and select this frame – open in new tab) in a new window as a workaround.

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