Subsector Editor and Mapper

Edit Your Traveller SubSectors and create Maps!

Select Background:
Select dark or light background or select one of the other ones with stars and nebulas. You can also select a transparent background so that you can add your own backgrounds.

Select names for the neighbouring subsectors. (Enter a space if you want a blank name.)

Subsector Data:
It is important to keep the old sec format for your subsector. The guide at the top will help you. Do not remove the guide!

To add a route, just add a line and start with the word “route”. Then add the starting hex number and the destination hex number separated with a space.

The route must start in the subsector. The destination may be outside the subsector. For adjacent sectors, just continue counting. (On the right side 33, 34 etc.) On the left side and the top, the number cannot be lower than 00. (No negative numbers.)

Route colours can be added by adding RBG values (separated by spaces) after the route. The default is green.

Download Image:
Right-Click and select save as!


7 thoughts on “Subsector Editor and Mapper”

  1. Okay, I know how to do that, for sure. was wondering if you have it coded. Thanks for your site over the years, This is a very useful tool, better then the older one.
    Long Live the Emperor.

  2. Is there a way to set the colour of the polity? Like red for Imperial space, blue for Zhodani space, etc?

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