LBB Front-Cover Gallery

This is a free gallery of submitted, suggested and actually used LBB covers.
You can generate Your own LBB covers using the LBB Rendering Machine.


First some LBB covers that are actually used on the web.

  • Supplement 93. I guess Craig Berry was first to put a LBB created with my “rendering machine” on the web. I am not sure what this is about, but it was the first one…
  • Adventure R1. This looks like it could be an interesting adventure by Rotwang. (Smelly shrimps…) Now where did that website go?
  • Journal…. Nice to see that also used the “rendering machine”.
  • Supplement GB1. George A. Boyett’s nice setting.
  • Campaign 23. Interesting setting from Tijolo Games.

Some ideas presented on the TML.

  • Supplement B. By Jens “Spacejens” Rydholm. Yes, this one would be needed…
  • Adventure 68. By Perry. What can I say… LOL!
  • Book 23. By Perry. (fnord)
  • Double Adventure 7. By Perry. What an evil one…
  • Special Supplement 4. By Perry. Don’t forget about the K’Kree BBQ and the female Aslan in comfy shoes…

One more from the TML.

  • Supplement 82b. By Jesse DeGraff. Who else…

One sent to me by mail.

  • Supplement 69. By Hal. Probably a good description of what Your PCs can do in the startown…

Three used as demo for the rendering machine.


Five LBB covers used at the Zhodani Base.

  • Adventure PO1. Very interesting “trade” adventure in three parts.
  • Supplement PO1. Foreven Sector by BeRKA, GypsyComet and Dylan Lee.
  • Supplement PO2. Generate and map random subsectors.
  • Supplement PO3. Web-based galactic atlas.
  • Double Adventure N1. Two short adventures by (evil referee) Nisse.

Link to Optima Font (active the 18:th of February 2018)

One opinion:
“I suggest we nominate this as one of the most enjoyable piece of Traveller Software.”
Tim Reynolds

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  1. Fantastic tool – using it with all of my Traveller development and writing. I am looking for an actual LBB page template to use in Google Docs… suppose I could create one by hand but wondering if such a thing exists? Thanks again for this great tool.

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