LBB Front-Cover Gallery

This is a free gallery of submitted, suggested and actually used LBB covers.
You can generate Your own LBB covers using the LBB Rendering Machine.

Sup-93 Adv-R1 Journal Sup-GB1 Camp-23

First some LBB covers that are actually used on the web.

  • Supplement 93. I guess Craig Berry was first to put a LBB created with my “rendering machine” on the web. I am not sure what this is about, but it was the first one…
  • Adventure R1. This looks like it could be an interesting adventure by Rotwang. (Smelly shrimps…) Now where did that website go?
  • Journal…. Nice to see that also used the “rendering machine”.
  • Supplement GB1. George A. Boyett’s nice setting.
  • Campaign 23. Interesting setting from Tijolo Games.
Sup-B Adv-68 Book-23 DA-7 SS-4

Some ideas presented on the TML.

  • Supplement B. By Jens “Spacejens” Rydholm. Yes, this one would be needed…
  • Adventure 68. By Perry. What can I say… LOL!
  • Book 23. By Perry. (fnord)
  • Double Adventure 7. By Perry. What an evil one…
  • Special Supplement 4. By Perry. Don’t forget about the K’Kree BBQ and the female Aslan in comfy shoes…
Sup-82b Sup-69 Adv-42 HH-1 ST

One more from the TML.

  • Supplement 82b. By Jesse DeGraff. Who else…

One sent to me by mail.

  • Supplement 69. By Hal. Probably a good description of what Your PCs can do in the startown…

Three used as demo for the rendering machine.

Adv-PO1 Sup-PO1 Sup-PO2 Sup-PO3 Adv-PO2

Five LBB covers used at the Zhodani Base.

  • Adventure PO1. Very interesting “trade” adventure in three parts.
  • Supplement PO1. Foreven Sector by BeRKA, GypsyComet and Dylan Lee.
  • Supplement PO2. Generate and map random subsectors.
  • Supplement PO3. Web-based galactic atlas.
  • Double Adventure N1. Two short adventures by (evil referee) Nisse.

Link to Optima Font (active the 18:th of February 2018)

One opinion:
“I suggest we nominate this as one of the most enjoyable piece of Traveller Software.”
Tim Reynolds

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  1. Fantastic tool – using it with all of my Traveller development and writing. I am looking for an actual LBB page template to use in Google Docs… suppose I could create one by hand but wondering if such a thing exists? Thanks again for this great tool.

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