Zhodani Equipment

Zhodani Weapons and Armour
By: Craig Cook

Zhodani Battle Dress TL14
Volume 0.20kl Weight 0.3037 ton with cloak; 0.3033 ton standard.

Armour Value 16 Material Bonded Superdense 0.60cm0.126ton
Power Plant :Fusion 0.1 MW0.100kl0.1000ton
Grav Power :0.03 MW0.042kl0.042ton
Holo Face Plate0.0001MW0.01kl0.0002
Life Support Type C 4UHP 48 hrs integral0.0035
Tanks 4 * UHP0.0042kl0.002
Fuel Water0.100 kl0.100
Camouflage option integral
Ablative Cloak option AV22.0kl0.004
TL14 Battle Computer Model 30.001MW0.002kl0.002

Description: Powered and enhanced personal protective armour generally available only to the elite troops of the Zhodani Consulate Army and Guard elite shock trooper units. the integral exoskeleton & servo-powered joints effectively double the strength of the wearer and give unlimited endurance for combat purposes. The suit is capable of powered flight from orbit if necessary (although only in free fall mode rather than accelerated reentry) using the grav unit with a maximum speed of 300kph. à la Boba Fett. Of course the trooper could use a 25kg Grav Re-entry kit to make a safe(virtually invisible ) planetary drop.

Battle Dress Endurance 200 hours Range Cruising 40 000km Max 60 000km
(but spending 200 hours straight in one of these units would send nearly anyone but the most fanatical mad) Fire Control Ignore 3 diff mods. Integral Machine Gun Penetration 2-2 Damage 2 Short Range 20m Power 0.001MW ROF 5/10
Magazine 1000rd 9*25mm 22gram SDtip slug (super dense)
Integral Laser Nil Pen Nil Dam(possible blinding and burns) SR 300m Power 0.04MW ROF S/A

Fusion Gun Man Portable TL 14 ( FGMP-14) Pen 1/2- 1- 4 Dam 13
Ammo PFC Vol 0.00024 kl Mass 1.94kg
Pulse 1.2MJ 1 fusion pulse per round for up to 200 rounds before reloading is necessary.
Of course parts of the weapon would become quite hot with this sort of treatment (hot enough to burn unprotected objects within about 5 m.

Magazine 4 (5.1 cm *10.2cm Pulse Fusion Cartridges)
Weight 17.072kg Short Range 60m
Weapon Weight 4.8kg Basic Optic Sights Back pack Support Equipment Weight 9.6kg (Cooling N2 Sys.&Recoil), Gravitic compensators 2.4kg

Basic Stock
Total weapon Weight 33.7kg when grav comp is switched off. Total Volume 0.06485kl including cooling system and homopolar generator which makes it a fairly hefty weapon.
With the grav comp on the grav powered trooper is effectively able to attack on the first strike rank (RQ TeHe) of the combat round with a surprise DM of +2 which effectively cancels the entire bulk of the suit. This gives the powered trooper a total Attack DM of +7 (3 for the battle comp. 3 for the fire control & 1 for the laser RF sight). This would make an average target like a large aeroplane an easy target at the extreme range of the weapon of approx. 0.5km or 480m provided it was approx stationary or moving with a fixed vector . This is approx. the weapon in book 4 Mercs.This weapon would be very difficult to break. (Sabotage? A highly skilled individual BIG BOOM!!)

Plasma Gun Man Portable TL13 PGMP-13 Pen 1-2-10 Dam 10
Ammo 4.7 PPC Vol 0.00024kl Mass 1.92kg
Pulse 0.8MJ 1 plasma pulse per round for up to 100 rounds before reloading is necessary.
Mag 10 (4.76cm*9.5cm PPC) Weight 35.33kg Short Range 24m
Weapon Weight 3.2kg Backpack Weight 8.8kg grav comp.
Total weapon Weight 47.33kg this would require 3 normal unpowered troops to lug it around without gravitic compensation.
Total Volume 0.0475kl including cooling sys and hpg.

A note on penetration:
To Penetrate armour; Multiply the targets armour protection by the weapons penetration (at a specific range)and subtract the result from the weapons damage value.
If the result is positive the shot penetrates, the number of points left is the number of damage dice for personnel or the number of points damage to vehicles.
If the result is negative or zero the shot fails to penetrate.

(1-2-4) ( short:medium – long – extreme)
A Zhodani Guard shoots at an Imperial Scout wearing TL12 Armoured HE Vacc Suit AV5 at 50m or long-range while on the surface of Zhodane while wearing TL14 Battle Dress and armed with the PGMP. He has the element of surprise and squarely hits him in the chest. (2*5)-10 = 0 . The shot fails to penetrate but the Scout takes 3 Concussion hits (1/3 for plasma;1/2 for fusion) requiring him to roll 3 dice against his strength to avoid falling over from the impact. He can now react if he makes his throw. Al be it with a negative DM for getting hit.

A small technical note:
Each shot only requires a small amount of the stored gases in the round. These gases are excited tremendously and focused gravitically. The homopolar generator stored in the back pack actually stores an enormous amount of energy which is able to be transferred to the gases in the magnetic bottle of the firing chamber. These excited molecules randomly hit molecules of air in their path thus transferring their collisional and heat energy thus the short-range of the weapon.

For Naval Combat specialists:

Combat Armour TL14 AV 16 Weight 18 kg Vol 0.042kl Price Cr ~ 25 000
Holo Faceplate, Life Support UHP 4 tanks 48hrs
Camouflage integral, Battery Power, Shock Absorbing joints,
Fire Control ignore 3 Difficulty Modifiers even better with battle comp.
Unpowered armour usually provided to elite Commando units on extended missions.

Trooper Armour TL11 AV 3 Weight 22 kg Vol0.042kl Price Cr 20 – 33 000
Image Enhancing faceplate TL 13 Radio TL11 range 30 km, (depending on functionality and availability)
Camouflage integral, 1-4 Oxygen Tanks, 6hrs-48hrs PLSS
Shock Absorbing joints, Grav Pack , Battery Power Pack 0.06kW-hr
note the grav pack itself weighs about 25 kg when switched off with enough fuel for 16hrs continuous usage. Range of 8200km. Basic Vacc Suit with small battery to power imaging and radio for 6 hrs usage.

Combat Armour TL12 AV 4 Weight 4kg Vol0.042kl Price Cr 25 000
Image Enhancing faceplate TL 13
Camouflage integral, No extras combat environment suit protective body armour consisting of helm,Torso sections, two arms, two gauntlets, two legs and two sure grip boots. Slightly more advanced personal protective armour. Basic life support, PLSS optional, chill cans optional.

For Army specialists:

Zhodani Armour Trooper Model TL 11 Weight 6kg Vol0.042kl Price Cr 20 000
Clamshell Helmet, Aural sensors, Image enhancing Faceplate, Commo 30km Standard body armour no fancy extras AV3.
Overlapping plates for flexibility, Hi Dexterity gloves, Shock absorbing joints,
Sure-grip soled boots. Camouflage optional Cr 1800

Zhodani Armour Officer Model TL 12 Weight 6kg Vol0.042kl Price Cr 30 000+
A helmet mounted radio has 5 channels & 50 km range AV 3 Command Combat Armour as it is known provides basic protection against enemy fire while allowing direction of troops under battle conditions.

Zhodani Armour Guards Model TL13 AV2 Weight 4 kg Vol 0.042kl Price Cr50 000
Reflec Quality Armour but very light weight. Holo control, has a gel pack on arm and right buttocks regions to allow subdermal injection. Special palms are removable to allow contact of palms for psionic adepts. Otherwise like trooper model.
This is the armour worn by the majority of psionically active personnel in the Zhodani sphere of influence. As such I feel this sort of armour could only be described as difficult to hit due to the nature of its owner.

Zhodani Noble Armour TL14 AV 2 Weight 4 kg Vol 0.042kl Price Cr 100 000
Armour produced with high attention to detail and quality of finish otherwise similar to guards armour. The armour is not powered but is constructed of light weight alloys and plastics to form an airtight seal. A helmet, front and back torso units, two arms, two gauntlets, two legs and two boots comprise a unit. Joints are fully articulated and shock protected to about 100kph at 1 G or 10m/s/s for about 2.3 secs. Image enhancing Faceplate allows a battle comp or a weapon to be smart sighted to the suit.
Communicator allows contact with radios to a range of 100 km.
Backpack and Belt connectors allows carrying a variety of tools and equipment

Zhodani Ablative Cloak TL12-14 AV 2-5 Weight 4kg Vol 2.0kl Constructed from ablative cloth which can absorb the impact from bullets , absorb laser fire by ablating part of its surface and conceal body or surface heat from armour. The cloak is usually worn with Noble Armour.

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