Animals on Pylkah

Desert 10+  PYLKAH (E463977-9)
28 Sand Sharks800kg16/11jack19Claws & TeethA7 F5 S1
32 Mega Wasps1kg4/0none5*StingerA3 F3 S2
413 Montys3kg3/5jack1TeethA4 F3 S2
51 Flying Gatherer3kg5/6none1ThrasherA8 F4 S3
613 Flying Grazers1kg2/0none3Claws & TeethF6 A4 S2
714 Panzer Goats25kg10/7cloth+15HornsF6 A7 S2
86 Land-mines1kg6/0poison*1TeethF7 A4 S1
91 Desert Wolf50kg17/9none6teeth+1A0 F9 S4
10Event: Sandstorm, The PC’s are delays one day.
116 Desert Wolves50kg17/9none6teeth+1A0 F9 S4
121 Flying Siren1kg2/0none1*StingerA0 F4 S1
Arid 9+  PYLKAH (E463977-9)
22 Pyzzards1kg4/0none3TeethA7 F4 S3
32 Pycoons25kg11/7none10Claws & TeethA7 F3 S2
41 Monty3kg3/5jack1TeethA4 F3 S2
56 Hunters12kg10/8none5Claws & TeethA2 F5 S1
610 Panzer Goats25kg10/7cloth+15HornsF6 A7 S2
713 Silver Bugs1kg6/0reflec2TeethF2 A5 S2
85 Land-mines1kg6/0poison*1TeethF7 A4 S1
913 Desert Wolves50kg17/9none6Teeth+1A0 F9 S4
10Event: Lots of pyzzards circling at the horizon
111 Trapper25kg8/8none7*as PikeA0 F8 S1
127 Desert Wolves50kg17/9none6Teeth+1A0 F9 S4
Broken 8+  PYLKAH (E463977-9)
25 Hijackers12kg8/11none2ClawsA6 F4 S1
38 Flying Eaters1kg2/0none5Claws & TeethA3 F5 S2
43 Montys3kg3/5jack1TeethA4 F3 S2
51 Pycoon25kg11/7none10Claws & TeethA7 F3 S2
64 Intermittents200kg19/7none9Hooves & HornsF8 A6 S2
75 Filters50kg19/8mesh3TeethF8 A0 S0
81 Silver Bug1kg6/0reflec2TeethF2 A5 S2
910 Desert Wolves50kg17/9none6teeth+1A0 F9 S4
10Event: Ambush! The PCs are ambushed by a small group of nomads with Carbines
112 Killers1kg1/0none1*StingerA3 F6 S2
121 Pouncer50kg14/5jack11*as PikeA0 F0 S1
Steppe 7+  PYLKAH (E463977-9)
22 Barkers200kg15/10none7TeethA6 F4 S2
31 Steppe Bear1600kg18/11jack14ClawsA7 F6 S1
415 Barkers200kg15/10none7TeethA6 F4 S2
51 Steppe Bear1600kg18/11jack14ClawsA7 F6 S1
65 Wild Hoftas1600kg24/12jack28Hooves & HornsF5 A4 S2
76 Pylkoloops50kg17/3smell**9HornsF2 A4 S2
82 Pylkoloops50kg17/3smell**9HornsF2 A4 S2
94 Urgytas3200kg18/6poison*26Claws+1 & Teeth+1A0 F8 S2
10Event: Stampede, 200 Wild Hoftas are running towards the PCs
111 Living Carcass800kg30/12jack18Claws+1 & Teeth+1A0 F5 S0
1212 Flying Chasers1kg2/0none2StingerA0 F7 S3

*The animal uses a poison. If a person is affected, add an injury of 1 each minute until unconscious, thereafter add an injury of 1D each hour until treated, unless there are other effects stated.
**The animal uses an other special type of defence or attack. (Other than poison.)

Description of some of the animals:

Barkers look like large Pit-Bulls.

Desert Wolves are chasers. They look like large, sand coloured wolves.

The Hofta
The Hofta

Hofta is a six legged beast of burden used by the steppe nomads of PYLKAH. Its colour is greenish and its weight is almost two tons. Its green colour comes from algae that lives symbiotically in their skin. The creature can also be found in freedom in herds of up to a thousand animals.

Land-mines, don’t step on these. Land-mines are peaceful animals with the size of a half (soccer) football. Their colour is black with a red cross to signal danger to other animals. On their backs are five poisonous spikes that can penetrate your sole. The only natural threat to land-mines are hoftas, whose tough hoves can crush the land-mines unaffected. There is also another animal who bears resemblance to the landmine, but which is not poisonous. But this animal is very rare. Due to the resemblance, other animals don’t attack it. The landmine poison are more powerful than normal, and does double damage. Landmine serum costs 800Cr/person.

Living Carcasses are sirens. They look like a large carcass, and also smell like that.

Mega Wasps are Flying Hunters. They don’t see humans as food but often attack anyway. They are poisonous. Serum costs 100Cr/person.

Montys are large bugs. They eat almost anything that doesn´t run away. They don’t see living humans as food. They are admired by the Steppe Nomads (who often leave their garbage for the Montys to eat) for their survival skills in arid environments. The Steppe Nomads often use their exo-skeleton as shoulder pads. Montys look like large wood-lice.

Panzer Goats are small grazers. They look like goats, except that they have very tough skin. Their meat is very good, and is sometimes also exported off-planet.

Pycoons are the most intelligent life-form indigenous to Pylkah. Pycoons have been used as slave labour, doing simple household work and farming and mining, but that was outlawed in most countries a hundred years ago. Some military forces still use them as mine clearers. Pycoons have not been classified as semi-intelligent, but some scientists say they should be.

Pylkoloops are not indigenous to Pylkah. They look like a small horse. It is not known when or from where it has been brought to Pylkah.

Pyzzards are Flying Carrion Eaters. They look like a mix of a bat and a vulture.

Sand Sharks are large Intimidators (800kg) living in the desert. They look like a large lion with a dorsal fin. The animal is sometimes found buried in the sand with only the fin sticking up.

Silver Bug
Silver Bug
lic: (CC BY-SA 3.0) : (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Silver Bugs have a silvery skin. For this they have nearly been hunted to extinction. On the black-market a dead animal is worth Cr2000 and a living one, Cr10000. However the animals are hard to catch, and if they are caught, even harder to keep alive.

Steppe-Bears look like a gigantic bear with long arms ending in long sharp claws.

Urgytas looks like a T. Rex with pointy poisonous spines on their backs. They are very dangerous.

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