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Tales from the Loop – Kickstarter

Simon Stålenhag is a talented artist. He has published one book with his images in Swedish. There are not only the images, there are interesting and fun stories as well. Veronica gave this book to me as a Christmas present.Ur Varselklotet
Now, the book is translated to English. A second book is also produced. Crowdfunding on Kickstarter is used. In just three hours, the project was funded.

Patreon, another crowdfunding idea

We have seen Traveller crowdfunding projects on both Kickstarter and on Indiegogo. Some have been successful and others have not.

Patreon is a new site for crowdfunding that works a bit different. At Patreon, the creator asks for a small amount for each thing the creator produces or a small amount for each month.

Patreon press image
Patreon Press Image

For Traveller fans there are now three creators (that I know of) that may be of interest. Steffon Worthington is creating maps. Mostly non Traveller maps. Erin Palette wants to be paid for each blog post. Some of her posts are about Traveller. Donavan Lambertus is creating ships and other stuff for his Foreven Traveller setting.

I support Donavan Lambertus since that gives me the most Traveller value for my money.

Traveller LIFTOFF RPG Crowdfunding

I really want a simple Traveller rule set with lots of pictures so that it would be easier to play Traveller with my son when he gets old enough. Traveller Liftoff may be exactly what I am looking for.

However it looks like this crowdfunding isn’t going to liftoff. 5 days to go and only €2,599 raised of the €100,000 goal. Was the goal too high? Are gamers tired of new Traveller rule sets or just of Traveller crowdfunding projects? Maybe gamers would have prefered if it was on Kickstarter instead of Indiegogo?

Just the rules (Beta-version) can be downloaded for free from 13Mann. I hope they give this another try. Maybe they could skip the box and only make a glossy book and find alternative ways to pay the artists (maybe based on sales). In a few years I will need this.