Double Adventure N1 "Framed!"

By: Evil Referee "Nisse"



Travellers are traders and have their own spaceship.

Useful skills:
Forensics, Interrogation, Intrusion, Investigation, Streetwise, Weapon skills.

The adventure centres around two planetwide Mega Companies; Dorian Enterprises and Haas industries. It can be set on almost any planet with a market economy.

The two Mega Companies are competing for the same market, the planet. One of the marketing executives of Dorian Enterprises comes up with an idea of how to discredit Haas Industries and at the same time boost their own popularity. The plan goes as follows: Dorian Enterprises makes it look as if Haas Industries has framed some innocent traders to make it look as if they and Dorian Enterprises has been involved in smuggling weapons off planet. By making it look as if Dorian Enterprises helped the traders in finding proof that they had been framed by Haas Industries and using the media to turn the traders into heroes, Dorian Enterprises can make a fortune on merchandize movie- scripts and books. The positive attention and publicity from the media alone is priceless. Not to mention the negative publicity that Haas Industries will aquire.

The PR-executive frames some traders (the Characters) to make it look as if the traders and Dorian Enterprises are involved in smuggling weapons off planet. The Characters may have purchased a cargo of electronics, but instead Dorian Enterprises makes sure that the cargo delivered from the Characters broker is one with weapons. Then they send in an anonymous tip to the starport authorities about the Caracters smuggling weapons. The Characters are arrested for smuggling and Dorian Enterprises fall under investigation on similar allegations. Dorian Enterprises offers to pay for the Characters bail on condition that they investigate the smuggling frame. The excuse is that it wouldn't look good if Dorian Enterprises had their own men investigating the matter. They will however send along some sort of camera/recording team or robot do document the investigations for PR-purposes (true!!!).

The PR-executive will plant leads that suggests that the broker the traders hired was a notorious fraud named Derman Fedik (it could be something so simple as strands of DNA- testable hair at the brokers office). If the Characters cant think of where to start their investigation, or ever get stuck while investigating, the PR-executive is not above helping them along with suggestions and friendly advice ("Have you checked the brokers office?", "DNA- testing the piece of hair you found will identify the broker who set you up."). Investigations in the underworld will provide the characters with an adress where Fedik may be found. The PR- executive has made it clear that it is best (for reasons of PR) if the Characters are involved in every step of the investigation, that is that they bring in the guilty parties themselves insted of going to the police. The Characters will enter Fediks shabby appartment and try to arrest him.

Haas Industries has not been sitting idle in this affair. They have heard of the Characters outspoken goal since they left jail: to find evidence against Haas Industries that will prove the characters innocense. Haas Industries guess that the entire smuggling affair is a plot orchestrated by Dorian Enterprises. Haas Industries is determined not to be implicated in any crime, especially one that they had nothing to do with in the first place. Therefore a team of "Security Experts" are sent in to follow and survey the Characters movements. This team has orders to erase any evidence, true or false, of Haas Industries involvement in any criminal activity. Haas Industries have no idea that they are in fact helping Dorian Enterprises along. Now it will really look as if they are trying to hide something!

First a member of the Security Expert team will offer the characters a bribe if they cancel their investigations. The Characters wont be offered a handsom amount of money but quite enough to make a fair bribe. If (and hopefully since) bribing won't work, the Security Expert will threaten the Characters, telling them to call off the investigation. When the Characters find the location of Fediks apartment and enter it, the Security Experts will strike to eliminate the characters and Fedik. A firefight will ensue between the Security Experts and the Characters. Make sure that the Security Experts behave as an elite striketeam with military routines and I guarantee you some really scared Characters.

After the firefight Fedik will be most willing to confess that he was payed by some men claiming to work for Haas Industries to frame the Characters and Dorian Enterprises for smuggling. His confession and The attack of the Sercurity Experts working for Haas Industries will probably be enough to free the Characters and Dorian Enterprises from any charges against them. The Caracters will probably be helped by the local police forces in this part of the adventure, as the firefight will certainly attract their attention. The Characters will most likly be convinced that they really were set up by Haas Industries.

The media will go crazy about the "Dorian-Haas affair" and proclame the Characters heroes. Dorian Enterprises will also reward the Characters with a large amount of money. Books will be written and the movie industry is outbidding themselves for the movierights of the adventure. In short, the Characters have become planet wide celebrities.

Haas Industries will have to pay a high fine and probably more than a little money to the Characters as compensation for trying to kill them. The companys reputation will be permanently dammaged by the entire affair.

Then what?
The Characters are not going to have any financial problems fore some time. Haas Industries could decide to plot some kind of revenge on the Characters. The Characters could get suspicious of Dorian Enterprises because it was too easy to solve the case. The spin offs from this adventure are uncountable.

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