Double Adventure N1 "Missing Son"

By: Evil Referee "Nisse"


Missing Son

Originally, I set this game up on a planet with TL: 5. A low tech-level setting will make it easier for both the Characters and their opponents to avoid involvement from the local law enforcement agencies.

Useful skills:
Interrogation, Investigation, Streetwise, Weapon skills. Any skills that may assist in smuggling someone off planet.

The adventure deals with how the Characters try to find the missing son of an old friend.

An old friend of the Characters, Fitz Verlak, has settled down on a planet and started a shipping company, taking cargo and passengers to other worlds. Buissness wasn't doing so well so The old friend was more or less forced to get involved in smuggling controlled substances (somthing opiumlike) off the planet. He is working together with a local crime lord named Siang Nadong. Unfortunately the son of Verlak, Jurjen, meets and falls in love with Nadongs young wife Arlissa. They have an affair and decide to run away together. Jurjen is a Psionic, something that both he and his father has kept a secret. He uses his Psionic abilities to learn the code to Nadongs safe, and then steals from it the two ledgers Nadong uses to keep track of his illegal businesses. Jurjen and Arlissa are hoping that Nadong will leave them alone on threat of them handing the ledgers over to the law.

While leaving Nadongs villa the young lovers get involved in a firefight with Nadongs guards. Jurjen is hit rather bad, but he and Arlissa manages to escape to safety. They are now hiding from Nadongs hoods at a missionary station in the poor parts of town. Jurjen doesn't know of his fathers buissnesses dealings with Nadong, as he hasn't studied the ledgers yet. Nadong wants to have his ledgers back, and he wants his wife and her lover killed. Fitz Verlak just wants his son off the planet in one piece.

Fitz Verlak comes up with a plan: He will ask some of his old friends (the Characters) to find where Jurjen is hiding. He wont tell them about Nadong or his involvement with Nadongs drug smuggling. Fitz is hoping to make his son give him the ledgers, so that they can be safely returned to Nadong (without bloodshed). Then he hopes to be able to smuggle his son and Arlissa off planet, where they can be safe from Nadong. This is where the adventure starts!

The Characters are visiting Fitz Verlak, an old friend. At dinner the Fitz will reveal that his son is missing. He is hoping to get the Characters to find the missing son as a favour to an old friend. The thing is that his son is a Psionic, and he doesn't want the police involved because they might find this out. We all know what police do to Psionically gifted people, don't we?

The Characters will be told that Jurjen was very involved with charity work in the not so rich parts of town, and that the people there might know something. The Characters will have to spend some time asking the really poor and desperate about Jurjens whereabouts.

Eventually some particularly large criminals are going to make the Characters come with them, Nadong wishes to see them. Nadong will in very polite words explain to the Characters that it is in their own best intrests to give away Jurjens position once they have located him. He wont hesitate to injure a Character or two in order to get his message across. The Characters are then released.

Fitz Verlak is very helpful in explaining who Siang Nadong is, but he wont tell the Characters about his involvement. Officially he doesn't have any idea of how his son got involved with the likes of Nadong.

Pretty soon after their encounter with Nadong a missionary in the poor part of town will ask the Characters if they are the ones asking about a missing young man. She will make sure that the Characters are nice people with no intentions of hurting the young man before she tells them anything. Mentioning Jurjens father as their employer will certainly help at this stage.

When the missionary is sure about the Characters being the good guys, she will lead them to her mission. Jurjen is nursed there, although he is still in pretty bad shape from the firefight. Jurjens beloved Arlissa is also there. The two lovers will explain about the Ledgers and their plan to blackmail Nadong not to follow them.

Nadong has been keeping the Characters under close surveilance ever since they met. His gangsters have figured out that the mission is where Jurjen and Arlissa are hiding, so they will attack. They will force their way into the mission at gunpoint and try to kill Jurjen, Arlissa and the Characters and retrieve the ledgers. They will attack before the Characters has had any chance to study them. The Characters should be able to escape the gangsters with the ledgers and Jurjen and Arlissa.

What then happends is pretty much up to the Characters. First they need someplace to hide. They could always hide in some shabby hotel, or out in the bush. Nadong will expect the Characters to try to contact Fitz Verlak at some point, so he will patiently stake out and bug his house. Nadong will set a handsom reward on the characters heads, and Jurjens and Arlissas. It is only a matter of time untill Nadong will find and attack the Characters again.

Sending the ledgers to the police will put an old friend, Fitz, in prison, so the Characters will probably think twice before turning to that alternative. Another version is to smuggle Jurjen and Arlissa off planet. Unless the Characters has been identified by the local law enforcement agency they are of course wellcome to get to their spaceship and leave the planet. The problem is that they will have to dodge the gangsters that Nadong has stationed there to look for the Characters.

Fitz Verlak will of course be very embarrassed if and when the Characters confront him about the evidence in the ledgers of him being involved in smuggling drugs. Fitz will be very remorseful about his involvement with Nadong, and about drawing his son and the Characters into the mess they are in. He still believes that the best thing is if he returns the ledgers to Nadong. If the Characters have any other course of action in mind, then he will try to help as well as any father can help his son.

This is a very open ended adventure, because the Characters have such a lot of alternative courses to take from this point on. The Ref will just have to improvise and use what he knows about the NPC:s to estimate their actions. The adventure will probably end in one of two ways. There will either be some sort of showdown between the Characters and Nadong, or they will try to escape stealthily from the planet. Either ending is a good thrill.

Then what?
The Characters will have found an enemy for life in Siang Nadong. If he is still alive at the end of the adventure he will spend a large amount of his remaining days trying to make the people who took his wife (and put him in prison?) suffer. The Characters will probably have learned a lesson that crime and criminals are not always painted in black and white, theres not always a clear line between the good and the bad guys. If nothing else, the characters will probably collect some kind of reward for getting evidence enough to put Nadong behind bars.

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