Lassana Subsector

@SUB-SECTOR: Lassana SECTOR: Foreven
#PlanetName   Loc. UPP Code   B   Notes         Z  PBG Al LRX *
#----------   ---- ---------  - --------------- -  --- -- --- -
Canwell       0129 C430698-6    De Na Ni Po        400 Mn
Ablets        0130 C694568-7    Ag Ni              814 Mn
Penud         0223 X300000-0    Ba Lo Ni Va     R  023 Na
Syngok        0224 E7A1305-6    Fl Lo Ni           100 Na
Coolie        0226 C301410-8  M Ic Ni Va           510 Mn
Mospat        0227 C110446-A    Ni                 504 Mn
Ceysteni      0422 X100000-0    Ba Lo Ni Va     R  004 Na
Hallap        0424 C578322-7    Lo Ni              203 Na
Wanb          0426 C473388-8    Lo Ni              125 Mn
Meltrand      0526 B565779-8    Cp Ag Ri           103 Mn
Alista        0527 C57477A-6    Ag                 424 Mn
Ebsa          0623 E675464-5    Ni                 312 Na
San Soisva    0723 D37236A-7    Lo Ni              210 Na
Ghost         0730 E300310-6    Lo Ni Va           813 Mn
Logan         0822 B415430-9    Ic Ni              103 Na
White Hart    0825 C888732-6    Ag              A  103 Na

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Lassana subsector is a backwater subsector on the fringes of the Mnemosyne Principality. The total population is only 73 million. The highest population is 44 million at Alista. The highest Tech-Level is only 10 at Mospat. There is no type A starport.

Most systems in Lassana Subsector are part of the Mnemosyne Principality. Mnemosyne Principality is a confederation of planets that is allied with the Zhodani. However they do not embrace zhodani politics in the same way as the Avalars do, and the citizens are often suspicious against the use of psionics. The majority of the population of the Mnemosyne Principality is of solomani origin.

Lassana SS Galactic

This Mnemosyne systems and Logan (0822) in this Subsector was mappad by Dylan Lee.
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