Massina Subsector

@SUB-SECTOR: Massina SECTOR: Foreven
$3108 3204 0 0 13
$3204 0103 1 0 13
$3108 2807 0 0 13
$2807 2607 0 0 13
$3204 2905 0 0 13
$2905 2602 0 0 13
$2710 2607 0 0 13
$2710 2811 0 1 13
$2602 2304 -1 0 13
#PlanetName   Loc. UPP Code   B   Notes         Z  PBG Al LRX *
#----------   ---- ---------  - --------------- -  --- -- --- -
STABLSTIAIQL  2501 C100A8A-C    Hi In Na           304 Zh
Aba           2502 E623646-7    Na Ni Po        A  923 Zh
Zhebronzebl   2505 A246442-A    Ni                 604 Zh
KLOIABR       2602 C87A967-A  Z Hi In Wa           920 Zh
Bivreble      2603 C887588-5    Ag Ni              700 Zh
Azesiatl      2607 C223333-B  Z Lo Ni Po           615 Zh
Stiviaz       2608 X776000-0    Ba Lo Ni        R  002 Zh
Idlzhatl      2610 X757000-0    Ba Lo Ni        R  004 Zh
Inshzdans     2710 B100445-E  X Ni Va              214 Zh
Siablibriats  2805 C8B669A-9    Fl Ni              802 Zh
Prafniedr     2807 B200100-9  Z Lo Ni              134 Zh
Siapriao      2808 E778452-8    Ni                 500 Zh
Pliakrdla     2905 A9C6474-D  X Fl Ni              913 Zh
Yim           2907 E547423-5    Ni                 805 Zh
Zdiiel        2910 E672310-6    Lo Ni              814 Zh
Rayarkfost    3003 B4657X9-9    Ag Ri           R  623 Dr
Brimatij      3006 DAB5552-8    Fl Ni              725 Zh
Tiens Parde   3107 B664651-6    Ag Ni Ri           602 Zh
Nianshse      3108 C648358-6  Z Lo Ni              312 Zh
Zde'dier      3201 C200534-7    Ni                 202 Zh
Iasha         3204 C431411-B  Z Ni Po              414 Zh
Jdiaiekl      3205 C333654-8    Na Ni Po           513 Zh
Bri'zdapienz  3206 C300743-8    Na Va              614 Zh

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Subsector description and mapping by: James Kundert a.k.a. GypsyComet

Massina subsector contains 23 worlds, all of which are within the Zhodani Consulate. The population of the sector is approximately 39.6 billion, primarily concentrated on two worlds.

The highest population in the subsector is 30 billion at Stablstiaiql (2501). The subsector has one other High Population world, Kloiabr (2602). The highest tech level is 14 at Inshzdans (2710).

The subsector has three worlds capable of starship construction (Zhebronzebl 2505, Stiviaz 2608, and Pliakrdla 2905), but all lack the necessary industrial might and population base to be true shipbuilding powers. Of the three, Pliakrdla has the highest tech level (13), but most of its limited capacity is spent on its own needs.

Despite being a border region with both the Imperium and the worlds of Foreven, Massina is a fairly sleepy subsector, especially when compared to Zdiadlevepra (Ziafrplians P) to coreward. With two exceptions (Iasha and Zde'dier; both annexed by the Imperium briefly before the First Frontier War), all of the worlds have been part of the Zhodani Consulate for two thousand years without interruption. The two industrial powerhouses of the subsector (Stablstiaiql and Kloiabr) are really part of the industrial and commercial community of Zdiadlevepra subsector. Nonetheless, Kloiabr dominates Massina's economy due to its being governed (and taxed) by Zhebronzebl (2505), which does much of its business in Massina and Shial. Much of the commerce in Massina goes through one of these two worlds eventually.

One noticeable difference in Massina subsector can be seen in its interstellar shipping. Unlike the insulated environment of the Consular core, ships here are subject to outside predation. While violence is rare and the Consular Navy is in strong evidence, all ships registered in Massina are permitted to mount weapons. Most of Massina's ships are built in Zdiadlevepra (which has the same provisions).

James Kundert
August 30, 1998

Massina SS Galactic

There are two differences in this version of Massina SS compared to the version at GypsyComets site.
First the planet called Iblpiash (2810) was removed because this planet doesn't exist in the DGP dotmap.
Second, the planet Nel Stiad (3003) was renamed to Rayarkfost and made a Droyne planet, as indicated in Alien Module 5 (Droyne).

The communications route from Errere (0103) in Chronor SS is ending up in an empty space hex in this map. The direction of this route has now been changed, and it now goes to Iasha (3204).
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