Mowbrey Subsector

@SUB-SECTOR: Mowbrey SECTOR: Foreven
$1815 1612 -1 0 13
$1815 1618 -1 0 13
$1920 1618 -1 0 13
$1920 2121 0 1 13
$2320 2121 0 1 13
$2320 2517 1 0 13
$2320 2520 1 0 13
#PlanetName   Loc. UPP Code   B   Notes         Z  PBG Al LRX *
#----------   ---- ---------  - --------------- -  --- -- --- -
Retlkasrnz    1712 D8AA87A-7    Fl Wa              4 1 Zh
New Keento    1813 C879758-9                       2 0 Na
Fonda         1815 B400784-B  X Na Va Cp           2 4 Zc
Cotalu        1816 C633552-7    Ni Po              9 3 Na
Eronirabo     1817 B5528CD-9    Po                 7 3 Na
Gatina        1915 C765876-7    Ag Ri           A  1 0 Na
Lalumostu     1920 C53576B-9  X                    2 4 Zc
Sturray       2017 C7A9215-A    Fl Lo Ni           2 0 Na
Tasijopze     2113 X543000-0    Ba Lo Ni Po     R  0 3 Na
Purfyr        2211 C867645-A    Ag Ni Ri           6 2 Na
Ranther       2214 D539598-5    Ni                 8 3 Na
Lajachi       2311 E222750-6    Na Po              2 3 Na
Robebi        2320 B9988AB-9  Z                    8 4 Zc
Ibrolelis     2412 C110667-B    Na Ni              6 0 Na
Cocta         2415 C5677BA-A    Ag              A  2 4 Na
Dedei         2420 D526332-5    Lo Ni              1 5 Zc

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Mowbrey subsector is a divided subsector. In the middle there is a jump-3 gap (The Mowbrey Rift). The spinward worlds are more culturally and politically associated with Anika subsector, and the trailing worlds more with the worlds of Fessor subsector.

The total population of the 16 worlds of Mowbrey subsector is only 2.3 billion, with the highest population of 860 billion at Robebi. The highest tech-level is only 11 at Fonda and Ibrolelis. This is really a backwater subsector...

Jason Mowbrey was a legendary Free Trader Captain and Independent Explorer, which have given his name to this subsector. In the year 355 (234 years before the first frontier war) he was the first one to cross what is known as The Mowbrey Rift. Five years later he disappeared, and there are still numerous tales and rumours about what really happened.

Mowbrey SS Galactic

The planet Ranther is renowned for its gigantic trees. General Construction are testing its new logging ATV here. In an AmberZone adventure from JTAS 6 (LoggerHeads) one of the logging ATVs are out of control.

Sturrey is a mining planet, exporting rare earths and light metal dredged from the seabed. In an AmberZone adventure from JTAS 22 (The Thing in the Depths) a dredge is believed sunk, and also a search boat has vanished.

Castica and Handor are two small countries on the balkanized world of Gatina. They have invested in a common Fire Brigade for large industrial accidents. The AmberZone adventure from JTAS 18 (Chariots of Fire) is about this Fire Brigade.

Purfyr is off the main trade routes, but occasionally visited by merchant ships trading for gourmet foods, wines and pharmaceutical plant extracts. An AmberZone adventure about this world can be found in JTAS 16 (The Day of the Glow).

Sternmetal Horizons have sent an undercover prospecting/survey team to Cocta. When the team was returning by a tourist steamer, it was attacked by terrorists. An AmberZone adventure from JTAS 3 (The Ship in the Lake) is about the recovery of the prospecting report.
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