Piah Subsector

Name        Hex      UPP        TradeClass     Alg. Base Zone  GG
Wepwaci     0104   B79889D-B    -              Av     J        G
TEWUPO      0108   A748ACA-D    Hi,In,"Cp"     Av     J        G
Lypkytan    0109   A8A1662-A    Fl,Ni          Av              G
Eroda       0203   B897894-9    -              Av     J        G
HINATANPYL  0204   C3009BB-9    Hi,In,Na,Va    Av         A    G
Epepazap    0210   A886752-A    Ag,Ri          Av              G
Weepo       0306   A95788C-B    -              Av     J   A    G
Estyske     0308   A410699-D    Na,Ni          Av     J        G
Tapsa-64    0410   B300113-C    Lo,Ni,Va       Av     J        G
Piah        0505   C000212-A    As,Lo,Ni       Na              G
Opib        0506   X749000-0    Ba,Lo,Ni       Na         R    G
Otargh      0507   E550344-6    De,Lo,Ni,Po    Na              G
Merghy      0601   C543685-8    Ni,Po          Av              G
Ukardi      0606   D765211-6    Lo,Ni          Na              -
Tindad      0607   X7B0000-0    Ba,De,Lo,Ni    Na         R    -
Iptete      0704   E381776-3    Ri             Na         A    G
Shortcut    0705   B360730-B    De             Na         A    G
Kulse       0801   CAC37AB-A    Fl             Av     J        G
Ronsk       0803   C7A5430-A    Fl,Ni          Na         A    G
Bestala     0806   E343666-7    Ni,Po          Na              G

Piah Subsector is named after the very bright star Piah.

Half of this subsector is within the Avalar Consulate, and the other half is Non-Aligned.

The Capital of this subsector is TEWOPU, a 24 billion population Industrial World with a TechLevel of 13. TEWUPO is also part of the Avalar Main. A jump-1 route connecting 13 worlds. Lypkytan and Epepazap is also on the Avalar Main.

The only other world with TechLevel 13 is Estyske, but most of the worlds within the Avalar Consulate has quite a high TechLevel.

The total population of Piah Subsector is 27 billions.

Two of the worlds in Avalar Space is former Kamrathi League worlds. These are Kulse and Merghy. Many of the worlds outside the control of the Avalar Consulate are very wild, and has been classified as Amber Zones. Only experienced traders take the shortcut through these worlds from Urnian subsector to the heart of the Avalar Consulate. The normal route is via the old Kamrathi League, which is coreward (above) from this subsector.

The Avalars are also in a low scale conflict with the world called Shortcut. The Avalars say that this is a world that supports piracy, but the ruling council of traders at Shortcut denies this. The Avalar Navy sometimes raid Shortcut, but this usually have an opposite effect with increased piracy in this subsector...

At Weepo the Avalars have a Naval and Trading base that inspects almost every ship that enters the system. This is done to prevent smuggling, and the spreading of piracy into the Avalar Consulate.

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The Purple border at the bottom of the map is the border of the Katanga Empire in the Beyond Sector. The Katanga Empire is a small interstellar state of only four worlds. In the old Paranoia version of the Beyond Sector, the subsector rimward of (below) Piah is called "Die Weltbund". This version is now scrapped in favor of the DGP version.
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