Reidain Subsector

Name        Hex      UPP        TradeClass     Alg. Base Zone  GG
Hollis      0103   A370642-C    De,Ni          Cs     A    A   G
Ryanbiwul   0107   C778310-8    Lo,Ni          Av     J        G
Ontsi       0108   C775555-9    Ag,Ni          Av              G
Gitts       0203   A202535-D    Ic,Ni,Va       Na              G
Boygahe     0208   E400797-6    Na,Va          Av              G
Syl         0304   B510874-C    Na             Na              G
Taypikacho  0401   B583876-7    Ri             Zc              G
Genape      0402   A7A2678-C    Fl,Ni          Zc     Z        G
Orynphant   0409   E54369A-3    Ni,Po          Av         A    G
Attbegasu   0503   C9A3203-C    Fl,Lo,Ni       Na
Jadrin      0504   C140566-C    De,Ni,Po       Na              G
REIDAIN     0505   C9EA97B-D    Fl,Hi,Wa,"Cp"  Na              G
Lenskansi   0506   B120663-D    De,Na,Ni,Po    Na              G
Danalipa    0507   A400754-D    Na,Va          Cs     A   A    
Isheydkoka  0601   B373300-D    Lo,Ni          Zc     Z        G
Gijisapo    0701   E150220-6    De,Lo,Ni,Po    Na              G
Inpota      0704   A665337-D    Lo,Ni          Dc     D        G
Sowponanho  0706   X796877-4    -              Na         R    G
Tadasvena   0801   C455125-8    Lo,Ni          Na              G
Lopiengeta  0807   D868365-4    Lo,Ni          Cs     S   A    G
Alenzar     0809   C000414-9    As,Ni          Cs              G
Rashev      0810   C8697C4-6    -              Cs              G

This is a high tension subsector between the two large empires, The 3:rd Imperium and The Zhodani Consulate, and the two local powers, The Darrians and the Avalars. The Imperium have a forward base at Hollis.

In the middle of this is a strange world that have kept its independence. This is Reidain, an ellipsoid waterworld with a 2 billion population. Reidain also controls two of its neighbour systems.

Since this is a high tension subsector, many of the worlds have a high tech-level. The highest TL is D at six different worlds. Five worlds have TL C. Reidain have benefited from this and also risen its TL to D.

The Avalars control four systems in this subsector. These systems were part of the former Kamrati League. The TL of these four systems is not very high. There is a jump-3 gap to the rest of the subsector, and therefore only limited contact. The Avalars have a defensive and trading base at Ryanbiwul.

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The Alenzar and Raschev systems appeared in Double Adventure 5. (Chamax Plague/Horde) More about the bugs on Raschev and Striker units meeting them can be found in JTAS No. 17.
Hollis is from Imperial Lines #1.
The name for the subsector is Reidain at the full color map of the Spinward Marches that came with the Deluxe Edition. In Imperial Lines #1 it is called Reidan.
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