Rull Subsector

#PlanetName   Loc. UPP Code   B   Notes         Z  PBG Al LRX *
#----------   ---- ---------  - --------------- -  --- -- --- -
Bender        0131 E452564-8    Ni Po              404 Mn
Konnel        0135 A6A3300-C    Fl Lo Ni           523 Mn
Pinkel        0136 C668664-7    Ag Ni Ri           502 Mn
Junnice       0232 B301110-8  M Ic Lo Ni Va        522 Mn
Kelly         0235 E444767-7    Ag                 503 Mn
Cauchon       0236 A110466-D    Ni              A  924 Mn
Esker         0239 B99A747-9    Wa                 823 Na
Thorhault     0332 B785577-6    Ag Ni              412 Mn
Baldur        0335 B425555-A    Ni                 715 Mn
Cale          0336 X330321-4    De Lo Ni Po     R  604 Mn
Guam Go       0431 B651699-8    Ni Po              805 Mn
Spirit        0436 B739769-A                       114 Mn
Mossip        0437 A736363-D  M Lo Ni              204 Mn
Aren-Karu     0439 B78566A-A    Ag Ni Ri           204 Na
Rull          0538 A00089D-A    Cp As              304 Mn
Bail          0633 C8A5101-B    Fl Lo Ni           305 Mn
Mape          0634 B554363-A  M Lo Ni              224 Mn
Maru          0639 A73A774-A    Wa                 713 Na
Forget        0732 C457451-6    Ni                 201 Mn
Foop          0734 CA89540-7  M Ni                 610 Mn
Connaught     0735 C4846AA-6    Ag Ni              102 Mn
Ripost        0837 D344863-2                       604 Mn
Ventnor       0839 C212379-6    Ic Lo Ni           112 Na
Ovant         0840 E577200-6    Lo Ni           A  920 Na

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Most systems in Rull Subsector are part of the Mnemosyne Principality. Mnemosyne Principality is a confederation of planets that is allied with the Zhodani. However they do not embrace zhodani politics in the same way as the Avalars do, and the citizens are often suspicious against the use of psionics. The majority of the population of the Mnemosyne Principality is of solomani origin. (But not in this subsector.)

In the rimward (lower) end of the subsector there are some independent worlds. The standard jump-2 route from the Avalar Consulate to the Mnemosyne Principality goes through the independent worlds of Ventnor and Maru.

The Capital of the Mnemosyne Principality is in the Far Frontiers (Afachtiabr) Sector, and Rull subsector can be described as the Mnemosyne backyard. The capital of Rull subsector is the Rull asteroid system. There are only four Mnemosyne naval bases, set on worlds with low population. There was a fifth at Cauchon, but that was destroyed in a mutiny a few years ago. The mutiny was crushed, and the world was set under the direct control of Mossip.

The total population of Rull Subsector is only 1.2 billion. Half of that population are Ripostians (a minor non-human race) that live on the low tech world of Ripost. The highest Tech Level is 13, and can be found at Cauchon and Mossip.

Rull SS Galactic

This Subsector was mappad by Dylan Lee.
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