Name        Hex      UPP        TradeClass     Alg. Base Zone  GG
Ronu        0202   E543440-3    Ni,Po          Av              G
Ronu is one of the three worlds in the Urnian subsector that is under Avalar Consulate rule. Ronu is also a former Kamrati League world.

Ronu is a lowtech jungleworld, and home of the Ronuian Brainsucker. The water on this world is not in large oceans. Ronu is instead dotted with small and deep (fault) lakes, (like the Bajkal, Malawi or Tanganyika lake) that keep this warm world at high humidity. The seismic activity is also high, and there are often quakes. Most mountain chains have many active volcanos. It is the sulfur from these volcanos that makes the atmosphere tainted.

Even though the local law level is "zero" and you can carry any gun you like, the hunting of the Brainsuckers is strictly regulated.

Most of the population is concentrated around the starport. Most buildings at Ronu is made out of wood. At the starport some warehouses is made of (imported) corrugated sheet. The main transportation on the planet is by a beast of burden called snot-runners. Snot-runners are common on frontier worlds in the Avalar Consulate.

StarportEFrontier Installation
Size55000 miles (8000 km)
Atmosphere4Thin, tainted
Hydrographics332% water
Population440 000
Government4Representative Democracy
Law Level0see book 3, page 11
Tech Level3ca. 1700-1860

Standard Data:
Tradeclass: Non-Industrial, Poor
Cargo: E-3 Ni, Po Cr7300
Average Temperature: 33 C
More Data:
Ronuian SmallCargo
Ronuian Adventure Hooks

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