Xenough Subsector

Name        Hex      UPP        TradeClass     Alg. Base Zone  GG
Sypot       0104   C9B15AE-7    Fl,Ni          Av              G
Lubote      0105   A7B4344-C    Fl,Lo,Ni       Av     J        G
Koshadi     0106   C6976BB-4    Ag,Ni          Av              G
Torinsk     0108   A0007AE-D    As,Na          Av     J        G
Mahir       0109   B41089D-C    Na             Av              G
Onohemu     0202   C244345-7    Lo,Ni          Na              G
XENOUGH     0208   A560A8A-D    De,Hi,Cp       Av     J        G
Tepenke     0306   A64887B-9    -              Av     J        G
Dibelon     0307   C778786-9    Ag             Av              G
Debagu      0401   C8B5665-5    Fl,Ni          Na              G
Notaneja    0402   C647589-6    Ag,Ni          Na              G
Tubadeja    0403   C8C0522-7    De,Ni          Na              G
Sizapooma   0501   B530530-B    De,Ni,Po       Zc     Z        G
Bava World  0503   X220000-0    Ba,De,Lo,Ni,Po Na          R   G
Nesturgi    0508   C699687-9    Ni             Av              G
Daba        0605   X357000-0    Ba,Lo,Ni       Na          R   G
Lador       0610   C683685-6    Ni,Ri          Av              G
Dengvin     0705   E666775-2    Ag,Ri          Na              G
Asyrog      0706   D48768A-3    Ag,Ni,Ri       Na              G
Manifesto   0708   C000343-B    As,Lo,Ni       Av              G
Anipaso     0802   CAD8665-8    Fl,Ni          Cs              G
Podse       0803   D200269-9    Lo,Ni,Va       Cs              G
Kahitse     0807   C583732-8    -              Av              -
LENIN       0808   A766A86-D    Hi             Av     J        G
TUNMOPOSU   0809   A647975-C    Hi,In          Av              G
Rantatte    0810   A3328B9-A    Na,Po          Av              -

The Rimward (lower) part of Xenough Subsector is a part of the Avalar Consulate. The Coreward (upper) part is mostly low-tech Non-Aligned worlds. The Trailing (right) part of the Avalar worlds, from Nesturgi and trailing (to the right) were part of the former Kamrati League.

Tunmoposu is the Akras homeworld. Lenin with a population of 35 billion, was the capital of the Kamrati League. The population of Lenin is 45% Akras, 45% are Solomani (Human) descendants and there are 10% other sophonts (mostly human).

Sizapooma is a Zhodani Client State, and has a Zhodani Base. Anipaso and Podse are Imperial Client States, ruled from the Hollis system in the Reidain subsector.

The Capital of this subsector, Xenough (pop 25 billion) profits a lot from the proximity to the Torinsk-Belt and the Mahir system where valuable ores (Lanthanium, Iridium, Zuccai Crystals, etc...) are mined and to the closeness of the former Kamrati League with its fine trading traditions. The high law-level at Torinsk and Mahir is mostly to protect its valuable resources.

The standard jump-2 trade route from the Kamrati League into the Avalar Consulate, and further into Zhodani space goes through the two worlds of Nesturgi and Dibelon. These two worlds have not been able to profit from this and have only got a type C starport and a tech-level of 9.

The total population of Xenough Subsector is almost 70 billion. The Highest TL is D at Torinsk, Xenough and Lenin. (Year ca. 1100)

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