The Cipango System

Orbit       Name              UPP           Remarks
Primary     Cipango-Taiyoo    G2V      
 0          Zero-Belt         Y000000-0
 1          Himawari          HS00000-0
*2          Kusai             F596267-C     Research Lab. Farming.
*3          Cipango           A886865-C Z   Rich World
     2      Yubiwa-Ring       YR00000-0
    25      Tsuki-Shivva      F646668-C Z   Colony. Lab. Farming. Mil Base.
 4          Yon-Belt          G000268-C Z   Research Lab.
 5          Doitsu            H7A0167-B
    12      Bavaria-32        H100363-B
 7          Fukuzawa          Small GG
     8      F-8               HS00167-B
    11      F-11 prim         HS00000-0
    11      F-11 bis          HS00163-B Z

The Cipango system is not very impressive, but it still has three garden worlds.

In the inner habitable zone is Kusai that has a foul smelling atmosphere and dangerous wildlife. The climate is a bit too hot to be comfortable to humans, so it has not attracted a large population. It is also within the 100 diameters jump-limit from the sun, so it is rarely visited by interstellar traders.

Cipango itself has a large moon, Tsuki-Shivva that has been colonized. It is a fairly nice place that is a bit cooler than Cipango itself. Most of the new colonists from the Consulate has settled here.

The Cipango system is easily defended since it only has one gas giant, and one population centre. If an enemy (The Imperium) attacks the gas giant it will suffer heavy losses to all ships and SDB stationed there. The F-11 moons that orbits Fukuzawa with 60 degrees separation also has extensive sensor stations, that easily can detect an incoming fleet. If the enemy tries to attack the main world, it will instead meet a strong fleet, and it will not even know from what planet, Cipango or Tsuki-Shivva, that the meson fires are coming from. There are also ships and sensors in the Yubiwa-Ring. Reserves can also be hidden i the Yon-Belt and inside the 100 diameters jump-limit from the sun.

Cipango System

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